Gravity Falls Season 1 - Soundtrack Excerpts Vol. 1 is the first album of the series released by Brad Breeck available to listen to for free on SoundCloud. It contains excerpts of production music used during Season 1.


Track listing

No. Title For Episode Length
1."GF E102 Little Dipper FINDING The CRYSTALs""Little Dipper"0:47
2."Gravity Falls E102 (Little Dipper) Gideon's Theme""Little Dipper"0:29
3."GF E103 MUSIC 1.v2 01144302""Headhunters"0:27
4."GF E103 MUSIC 1.v201015104""Headhunters"0:17
5."GF E104 Inconveniencing 80s Horror""The Inconveniencing"1:20
6."GF E104 Mabel Smile Dip Trip DANCE RAVE""The Inconveniencing"0:17
7."GF E104 GroceryHaunt""The Inconveniencing"0:34
8."GF E107 GNOME CHASE""Tourist Trapped"0:49
9."GF E107 Tourist Trapped Intro Montage""Tourist Trapped"1:17
10."GF E107 EndOut""Tourist Trapped"0:44
11."GF E109 Time TRaveler's Pig Mabel Sad""The Time Traveler's Pig"1:00
12."GF E110 Irrational Treasure CAVE SNEAK""Irrational Treasure"0:51
13."GF E111 Fight Fighters Final Battle""Fight Fighters"1:51
14."GF E111 Fight Fighters Soliloquy""Fight Fighters"0:19
15."GF E112 EndTriumph""The Deep End"0:32
16."GF E120 Dreamscaperers BILL CYPHER""Dreamscaperers"1:10
17."GF E120 Dreamscaperers Brain Battle""Dreamscaperers"1:03
18."GF E120 Dreamscaperers END THEME MOODY MAGICAL""Dreamscaperers"0:36
19."GF E121 Big Chase""Gideon Rises"3:11
20."GF E121 Finale MIX Mast 01""Gideon Rises"1:20
21."GF E121 Gideon Rises BACK BABY""Gideon Rises"0:36
22."GF E121 Gideon Rises END CREDITS""Gideon Rises"0:30
23."GF E122 DinoCaveMystery""Land Before Swine"1:32
24."Gravity Falls Mabel's Theme Longer""Tourist Trapped"0:25

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