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The Gravity Falls Pool is the public pool of Gravity Falls, Oregon. The opening week coincided with the hottest day of the summer (110°F).[1] The pool is often crowded. It is a hotspot during warm weather, as many residents of Gravity Falls come over to relax.


The Pines and Soos at the pool.

In "The Deep End," Dipper, Mabel, Stan and Soos go there to escape the extreme summer heat. Mabel meets a merman named Mermando who is trapped there and agrees to help return him to his family in the ocean, even if it means sacrificing her chances at romance with him. When Dipper knows that Wendy is working at the pool as a lifeguard, he volunteers to be her assistant in order to spend time with her. The pool fence is brutally damaged when Mabel tries to help her new friend escape. As a result, Dipper is fired and Mermando escapes to the ocean. Soon after, Wendy is revealed to have been fired for taking too many snacks. Afterward, Mermando sends Mabel letters in bottles, which end up in the pool.


The pool itself is large and rectangular, and it has a diving board. There are lounge chairs surrounding it, as well as a concession stand, a bathroom, and a supply shack. It has a "Pool Jail" for people who break the rules, and "solitary confinement" (the pool drain) under the concrete with classic jail cell bars, nearly underwater. The entire pool area is enclosed with a chain link fence.


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