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[[Category:Season 2 places]]
[[Category:Season 2 places]]
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[[Category:Recurring places]]

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The Gravity Falls Museum of History is a museum detailing the history of the town of Gravity Falls. It shows various statue pieces from throughout the town's history, and has free admission on Pioneer Day. In addition to its recreational service, the museum is also the headquarters of the sinister Blind Eye Society.


In "Irrational Treasure," during Pioneer Day, Dipper and Mabel follow a mysterious map found inside of Journal 3 to the museum, hoping to discover the town's true founder. They discover a piece of abstract art in the same shape of their map, and upon lying upside down on a bench, Mabel inadvertantly discovers it is, in actuality, depicting an angel statue located in the town's cemetery.

The twins (along with Soos and Wendy) return to the museum in "Society of the Blind Eye," on the hunt to learn the fate of Old Man McGucket.


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