Gravity Falls Pop! Vinyls are a variation of a brand of Funko Pop! Vinyls to be released in the May/June period of 2017. They will consist of approximately six different Gravity Falls Pop! Vinyls consisting of four individual characters, two of which will have a chase (a followup design of the same character) which will also be available which will be the Bill Cipher and Dipper Pines. 


There are seven individual Gravity Falls Pop! Vinyls that came out consisting of the main characters in the television series.

Dipper Pines

Available in two different variations, the regular or the 'chase' version.

The regular version consists of Dipper wearing his usual blue and white Pine tree hat, his red shirt and blue jacket as well as sneakers with white socks and carrying the Journal 3 in his right arm.

The chase version consists of the same features and is based on Dipper's appearance as a spirit in "Sock Opera."

Mabel Pines

Available in two variations: the regular consists of Mabel wearing her most well-known sweater with the rainbow shooting star, a purple skirt, white socks and black shoes. A Hot Topic exclusive version has Mabel covered in unicorn blood in her torn sweater from "The Last Mabelcorn."

Grunkle Stan

This consists of Stan wearing his Fez, square glasses, and tuxedo with his bow tie and shoes.

Bill Cipher

Available in two variations, the regular and the chase version.

The regular version has Bill Cipher in his usual yellow color, top hat, bow tie and black arms and legs.

The Chase version has Bill Cipher with a black body and white eye.


Release dates have been set officially by Funko for the May/June period of 2017 and will be available on the Funko Pop! Vinyl website, as well as most comic-book companies or websites or stores that sell Pop! Vinyls.

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