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Gravity Falls Domez are collectable figures made by Zag Toys.


Domez are detailed mini-figurines mounted within their own individual dome shaped display cases that are both connectable and stackable. This way you can create a fun and unique way to show off your collection.

The figures are sold in a blind bag containing a random Gravity Falls figure.

The first series of Gravity Falls figures were released in March 2017 and the second series (with new character designs) was released in June 2018. The series was both for sale in Retail shops and areas of April 2020 still available in online shops. Both series are discontinued as of July 2019.

Series 1

The first series was released in March 2017. The displays are recognizable because the figures are in a light brown colored display case.

The first release was announced on the 2016 comic-con at the stand of Zag Toys. The Domez figures were officially licensed by Disney in late 2016 and in March 2017 the first boxes were sold online and in shops around the US, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and Portugal.

This first series contains 8 different characters to collect: Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, Soos, Wendy, Waddles, Barfing Gnome, and Bill Cipher.

Series 2

In March 2018 Zag Toys announced a second series with new Gravity Falls figurines more based on the 2nd season of the series. In June 2018 they were released and available online and in stores in the US, Canada and Brazil.

This series contains 9 collectable figures including 2 chase variants with limited production. This series is recognizable by the green-colored display cases.

The characters in this release to collect are: Dipper (with Journal 3), Mabel (green sweater with strawberry), Grunkle Stan (with the 8 ball cane), Soos (with letter and labcoat as seen in the short: Mailbox), Wendy (warrior outfit from Weirdmageddon), Ford (with laser gun), Bill Cipher (with cane).

The 2 chase variants are Mabel (with the purple sweater and her name on it from the intro of the series) and Ford (resting his leg on a rock).


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