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Gravity Falls may refer to:

Series generalization[]

  1. Gravity Falls (TV series), the Disney Channel Original Series.
  2. "Gravity Falls Main Title Theme," the theme song of the series.
  3. Gravity Falls: International Versions, a guide to Gravity Falls in other countries.
  4. Gravity Falls: Broadcast List, a guide to the worldwide broadcasting of Gravity Falls.
  5. Gravity Falls special events, list of marathons and events concerning the series.


  1. Gravity Falls, Oregon, the location where the show takes place.
  2. Gravity Falls Forest, an area surrounding most of the town.
  3. Gravity Falls Gossiper, a newspaper publisher and building.
  4. Gravity Falls Civic Center and Buffet, the public building.
  5. Gravity Falls Junkyard, the town's local junkyard.
  6. Gravity Malls, a local shopping mall.
  7. Gravity Falls Museum of History, a museum detailing the history of the town.
  8. Gravity Falls Pool, a public pool in the town.
  9. Gravity Falls water tower, the water tower of the town.
  10. Gravity Falls Cemetery, a cemetery located in the town.
  11. Gravity Falls Maximum Security Prison, the state penitentiary.
  12. Gravity Falls Swap Meet, a flea market.
  13. Gravity Falls High School, a local school.
  14. Gravity Falls Library, a public library located in the town.
  15. Gravity Falls Police Department, the law enforcement team.
  16. Dusk 2 Dawn, an abandoned convenience store.


  1. Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets, the Gravity Falls Nintendo 3DS game.
  2. Gravity Falls: Six Strange Tales, the first DVD vol. release of season 1.
  3. Gravity Falls: Even Stranger, the second DVD vol. release of season 1.
  4. Gravity Falls apparel, a series of officially licensed clothing.
  5. Gravity Falls Vinylmation, variation of a brand of Vinylmations.
  6. Gravity Falls: Journal 3, the real-life version of Journal 3.
  7. Gravity Falls Funko Pop! Vinyls Figures


  1. Gravity Falls Public Access TV, the television network.