Granny Sweetkin's Yarnball is "the world's biggest" ball of yarn, located in the attraction of the same name, near the Redwood Highway and owned by Granny Sweetkin.


Season 2

In "Roadside Attraction," the yarnball is the first stop of Stan's trip of revenge. While the gang is there, they tie one end of the yarnball to the RV's bumper, so that they unravel the ball as they leave. Granny Sweetkin herself turns out to be inside the yarnball, and when it unravels she swears to get Stan back for this act of sabotage.


  • The appearance of the yarnball is slightly different in near and distant view. Though the ball seems to consist of several different colors of yarn, when it is unraveled, the whole yarn is pink, just like the picture on the sign.

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