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Grady Mecc[1] is a pioneer man from the 1800s, who traveled along the Oregon Trail with his wife Fertilia, and their six children.


Early Life

Grady traveled the Oregon Trail around 1862,[2] presumably to the recently founded Gravity Falls, Oregon. He and his wife Fertilia Mecc, were later credited with creating the high-five.

Season 1

During Dipper and Mabel's excursions through time in "The Time Traveler's Pig," they accidentally fall into the Mecc's covered wagon during their traversal of the Oregon Trail, where Grady mistakes them as the children of his heavily pregnant wife.


He has a brown mustache, a simple hat, short brown hair, sideburns, and brown clothes.


Season 1



"By Trembley! Fertilia, it seems you've given birth to two more children!"
—Grady Mecc[source]


  • Fertilia and Grady Mecc's last name is an allusion to MECC, the developers of the video game The Oregon Trail.


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