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"Government Agency"[1] is a segment in "Old Man" McGucket's Conspiracy Corner Marathon.


Old Man McGucket claims that government agents (Agent Powers and Agent Trigger) are always watching everyone. He points out several places in town where he has seen them, including Mabel's puppet show, the Northwest Fest and Gravity Malls when he shops for buckets. He explains that a beaver stole his old one, and then the beaver in question (also a puppet) shows up. McGucket tells the beaver that it knows what it did. He then wonders where else the agents may have appeared that he didn't notice, and suggests some other locations, including the Gravity Falls Swap Meet, the Woodstick Festival, "behind that tapestry at the Northwest Mansion," Globnar, Hoo-Ha Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboree, youth soccer games and go-cart tracks.

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  • This aired during the showing of "Society of the Blind Eye."
  • McGucket uses the Gravity Falls Swap Meet scene in "Little Gift Shop of Horrors" as an example, but this is something Stan may have made up, so it might not have actually occurred.[2]
  • McGucket was correct about all of the sightings up until Globnar and after.


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