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This page is for Gobblewonker, the creature. For the robot, see Gobblewonker robot.

The Gobblewonker[1] is a legendary lake monster that is thought to live at the bottom of Lake Gravity Falls. In the episode "The Legend of the Gobblewonker", Dipper, Mabel and Soos embark on a mission to get proof of the legendary lake monster in order to win $1000 for the monster photo contest.


The Gobblewonker is first seen when Grunkle Stan takes Dipper and Mabel to Gravity Falls Lake for some "family bonding time". Old Man McGucket runs into the pier, warning everyone that he's seen the Gravity Falls Gobblewonker, to which the gathered crowd reacts with skepticism since McGucket also says that he has "proof this time". After Dipper, Mabel and Soos are chased by the monster into a cave, where it crashes and short-circuits, they discover that the "Gobblewonker" they saw is actually a robot built by Old Man McGucket, who often creates extremely dangerous and destructive robots when he feels neglected or upset. The Gobblewonker robot in particular was due to being neglected and ignored by his son. However, it is revealed that the lake does house a real Gobblewonker, which is shown swallowing Dipper's dropped camera while swimming at the bottom of the lake at the end of the episode.

In "Society of the Blind Eye," when the memories removed from McGucket are played back, the recording of "day 273" of the memory gun experiment features him saying that he saw "something big" at the lake. It's likely that he saw the real Gobblewonker, which explains the resemblance between the monster and the robot replica that the old man created years later.


The Gobblewonker has a long neck and green, scaly skin. Its eyes are dark green and its lower jaw overlaps its upper jaw. It has two tusks along with other sharp teeth, and its head has two fish hooks stuck on it: one on its nostril and one just above its eye. It has short legs with webbed feet, and its tail has a fin. It has a long mane that runs all the way down its back.


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  • The Gobblewonker is based on the many legendary lake monsters often reported by eyewitnesses in several countries but never proven, such as the Loch Ness Monster and the Ogopogo.


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