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"Goat and a Pig" is a song in "The Love God". During the song, a photo montage of Waddles' and Gompers' wedding day is shown.


Goat and a pig
A couple of livestock, livin' the life, stuck together in harmony
A pig and a goat, showing the world that a pig and a goat can be family

Love so strong, love so big, such a beautiful

Goat and a pig
Bound in matrimony now and forever
Shopping for groceries and buying a condo and filing their taxes together
Goat and a pig, goooooat and a pig!


  • It's partly a parody of "This Will Be" by Natalie Cole.
  • The song was written by well-known composer and song-writer Neil Cicierega, who is also the older brother of storyboard artist Emmy Cicierega.[2]


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