The Gnome forest[1] is a hidden area of the Gravity Falls Forest that is home to the gnomes. There are also fungi, moss, trees, and fireflies residing within this forest.


Season 1

S1e1 gnomes tying mabel down

The gnomes capture Mabel.

In "Tourist Trapped," after the gnomes (who had disguised themselves as a teenage boy named "Norman"), reveal their true identity to Mabel Pines and propose to her, they feel the need to kidnap her and take her back to the forest when she states that she can't marry a group of gnomes. Soon, Dipper Pines, believing "Norman" to be a zombie, comes to his sister's aid and frees her from the gnomes' clutches, and the two head home in the Mystery Cart. The gnomes, however, wish to retrieve Mabel and crown her as their queen, and they assemble into a single, giant monster and chase the twins, pursuing them all the way back to the Mystery Shack. The forest later appears in the end credits.

Dipper and Mabel return to the forest in "Gideon Rises," where they convince Jeff, the leader of the gnomes, to assist them in retrieving the deed to the Mystery Shack stolen by Gideon Gleeful. After turning on the twins due to Gideon's pig whistle, the gnomes retreat back into the forest.

Season 2

In "Sock Opera" Bill shows Dipper the scene from "Tourist Trapped" where Dipper and Mabel escape the gnomes in the Mystery Cart.


Gnome forest 1

A part of the forest.

The forest is accessible via a steep slope. It contains various plants, predominantly trees, and moss fungi, notably mushrooms. Stones and puddles can be seen on the ground. The ground also has various levels and is largely covered by grass and mushrooms.


Season 1

Season 2



  • The gnome forest was drawn and inked by Sean Jimenez, and painted by Elle Michalka. Art director Ian Worrel helped design the location.[1]
  • The location serves as the fourth level in the online game "Fright Night."
  • In the online game "PinesQuest," the gnome forest appears as a section of the game, referred to as the "gnome woods," and features a large abundance of gnomes. Dipper and Mabel travel there to rescue Blendin Blandin, who possesses knowledge of "the Programmer."


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