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Glove Story: A Sock Opera is a sock puppet rock opera written, performed, and produced by Mabel, Dipper, Candy and Grenda. The plot is about Mabel meeting Gabe Bensen. It premiered at Theatre Time Theater.


Mabel is a girl who has "almost everything." At the Mystery Shack, Mabel is surrounded by her friends and family, when Gabe appears. Mabel is immediately smitten with him. However, he must leave to fight in a war involving a giant tentacled creature.

He eventually returns disabled, in a wheelchair, but this matters little to Mabel. She and Gabe kiss passionately. They are to be wed by Stan with Waddles as the ring bearer.

A grand finale involving pyrotechnics was originally planned.


S2e4 wedding

The wedding.

While trying to charm Gabe after meeting him at the library, Mabel fabricates a story about a puppet show she's producing to impress him. She enlists Wendy, Soos, Dipper, Candy, and Grenda to help her create the show within five days.

Using sock puppets, the show begins with Mabel at the Mystery Shack surrounded by her friends and her having "almost everything." Gabe then appears and Mabel is smitten with him. However, he must leave to fight in a war. He returns disabled, shown in a wheelchair. Mabel and Gabe kiss passionately. Eventually they are to be wed by Stan with Waddles as the ring bearer. The show is cut short by Mabel and Bill Cipher (inhabiting Dipper's body) crashing upon the set from above. The show would have ended with a pyrotechnics scene, but Mabel used them to defeat Bill.

S2e4 aftermath

The performance is ruined.

The show premiered at The Theatre Time Theater. A couple dozen townspeople attended the performance. The audience loved the performance but left angry because of the disruption at the end.


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