The Globnar tributes are individuals primarily from the year 207̃012 sentenced to compete in Globnar.

S2e8 portal reference

Competitor with Green Hair and Competitor with Green Visor are both seen in this shot.

S2e8 monster eats competitor

Competitor with Metal Arm. Background Competitors.

S2e8 two competitors battle

Competitor with Facial Hair and Competitor with Long Hair and Purple Epaulets.

S2e8 globnar

The stadium.

S2e8 disintegrated

Bald Vaporized Competitor.

S2e8 winner

Victorious Competitor.


When Blendin invokes Globnar against Dipper and Mabel in "Blendin's Game," the tributes are shown battling in various events throughout the stadium, including age-changing fights, battles with creatures, etc. When one of the tributes emerges victorious, knocking his opponent to the ground, he then shows off his time wish before erasing his opponent from existence.

Members (The pictures of them are labeled on the right)

Competitor with Green Hair - One female competitor was set on fire.

Competitor with Green Visor - This competitor was sent through some sort of vortex.

Competitor with Metal Arm - This competitor was seen throwing a spear at a monster, but ended up getting eaten.

Competitor with Facial Hair - This competitor's back was seen as he battled another. He wielded a metal stick with things attached to the side.

Competitor with Long Hair and Purple Epaulets - This competitor was seen holding a metal stick with things attached to the side.

Competitor Turned Young - One competitor was turned into a baby in a fight with another.

Competitor Turned Old - One competitor was turned into an old man in a fight with another.

Bald Vaporized Competitor - This competitor was beaten by another, and, after showing off his time wish, that opponent duly executed this competitor, even after the man begged for mercy.

Victorious Competitor - This competitor emerged victorious in a fight with another, and duly erased his opponent from existence.

Background Tributes - Some tributes were seen in the background fighting.


Season 2

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