Globnar is described as gladiatorial time combat, is a contest used in the future for accused people to find justice and win a time wish.

The games

A person can invoke Globnar and specify who they want to combat in the games. The battle commences in the Globnar arena. The challenger and chosen combatant then fight in a series of games in a point based system. In the final game, not only do the competitors have to gain the most points, they also must get the time wish globe.

The winner of Globnar is granted a time wish by Time Baby; wherein they can wish for anything without the threat of a time paradox. The winner also determines the fate of the loser, including death.

Demonstrated games

  • Time race
  • Hot dog eating competition
  • Board game
  • Battle against a cyclocks.
  • Laser tag


In "Blendin's Game", time convict Blendin Blandin escapes from the Infinetentiary. While running away he stumbles on a barrel, and right before Lolph and Dundgren sentence him to the court, he invokes Globnar against Dipper and Mabel Pines from the 21st century. When Dipper and Mabel are about to commence the competition, Dipper steals Lolph's measuring-tape machine and, together with Mabel, travels back in time, accidentally overshooting his intended target time, instead traveling to Soos' early childhood and incidentally discovering why he hates celebrating his birthday, which is due to his father never visiting for his birthdays, even when promised.

Dipper, Mabel and Blendin then compete in Globnar, and in a close victory, the Pines twins win. The fate for Blendin decided by them is for his position as part of the time anomaly removal squadron to be restored and for him to be given "pretty hair." As for their wish, they decide to give it to Soos, expecting him to use it to see his dad. However, Soos decides instead to fix up Dipper and Mabel and get an infinitely-regenerating slice of pizza, realizing that his father was a "jerk" and that he would never have done all the twins did for him. He decides the twins are his real family and that his father can "take a hike."


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