Gleeful's Auto Sale is an unreliable car dealership owned by Bud Gleeful, the father of Gideon Gleeful. It made its first appearance in the episode "Little Dipper." There were many cars seen in the car lot, yet the only noticeable one was the car Bud presented to a group of tourists. The car's hubcap fell off and a possum climbed out from the hood, to which Bud claimed that engine possums are no extra charge. The auto sale appears to be located behind the Gleeful residence and next to the Tent of Telepathy. The Gleeful's Auto Sale's cars are presumably all lemons.

Notable customers

Customers seen at the auto sale include Old Man McGucket, who is the first one to make an offer to buy the used car Bud was trying to sell in "Little Dipper." Then the rest of the customers begin throwing their money towards Bud. Reginald is seen in the crowd as well, along with other attendees of the Tent of Telepathy.


The auto sale appears to have a fairly massive inventory of used cars. These cars appear to be new compared to the look of their design, despite the one shown in the introduction of the auto sale. A large green balloon shaped like a dollar sign with wings is shown to be tied to a pole, which a then small Dipper and Mabel had used to ride to the Mystery Shack.


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