This page is for Glass Shard Beach (landform), the natural formation. For other uses, see Glass Shard Beach (disambiguation).

Glass Shard Beach is a coastal waterfront in New Jersey, and the namesake for the town of Glass Shard Beach, New Jersey.


Ford Pines reminisces about Glass Shard Beach in an entry in Journal 3 for the Island Head Beast. He mentions that Lake Gravity Falls is his favorite place because it reminds him of his childhood in Glass Shard Beach.[1]

In "Blendin's Game," it appears when Blendin Blandin's camouflage suit malfunctions.

During the end credits of "Not What He Seems," Stan and Ford Pines are shown as children on a swing set by the shoreline.

In "A Tale of Two Stans", Stan and Ford are shown to frequent Glass Shard Beach as children, searching for buried treasure and swinging on a swing set. It in an abandoned cove of this beach that they find an abandoned ship.


Season 2


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