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Transcript.PNG This is a transcribed copy for the episode "Gideon Rises." Feel free to edit or add to this page as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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The episode opens with a shot of Gravity Falls. Suddenly, a dark shadow covers the entire town. The camera cuts to a wrecking ball destroying the Mystery Shack. Dipper suddenly wakes up and screams.
Dipper Pines I just had a horrible dream that Gideon stole the deed to the Mystery Shack, and kicked us out, and... we all had to move in with Soos' grandma?
Soos Ramirez That was no dream, dude.
Dipper (Screams)
Everyone wakes up.
Abuelita Shh. Por favor.
Dipper Uh, sorry, Abuelita.
Mabel Pines Oh, Soos, your grandma is so adorable! And her skin is old lady soft. (Touching her skin) Haaaahhh!
Stan Pines Mabel, quit being creepy! The news is finally on.
Shandra Jimenez (On the TV) In a movement that has all of Gravity Falls buzzing, child psychic Gideon Gleeful (shows a picture of a winking Gideon surrounded by a litter of playful puppies) has taken surprise ownership of the Mystery Shack, previously belonging to area shyster, Stanford Pines. (Shows a picture of Stan in a devil costume surrounded by fire)
Stan That picture's taken out of context.
Shandra Now that you have the shack, what exactly are you planning to do with it?
Gideon Gleeful I have a big announcement to make today, and I'd like to cordially invite all the good people of Gravity Falls to join me. Free admission to anyone who wears their Gideon pins! It's my face! (Winks)
Dipper I just can't believe Gideon beat us. Normally I'm able to save the day. This is all my fault.
Mabel Don't worry, Dipper. Looks like Mabel's going to have to be the hero of the family now. I'll defeat Gideon with my grappling hook!
Dipper Mabel, no offense, but that grappling hook has literally never helped us once.
Mabel Oh yeah? Jelly grab!
Mabel shoots her grappling hook at a jar of jelly, causing it to break and splatter jelly on the walls.
Abuelita I vacuum the walls now. (Starts vacuuming the wall)
Soos So you lost the Shack. Look on the bright side, dudes! Now you get to live here with me, Soos! Hey, anyone want to play race cars? They're out of batteries but we can make pretend. 
Soos spits out two pieces of food.
Soos Would that be a new low if I ate that? Haha I'm just kidding, I'm totally eating it!
Stan We gotta get the Shack back.
Cuts to theme song.
Gideon Hello, Gravity Falls!
Cuts to audiences and then cut to Toby Determined and Lazy Susan.
Lazy Susan Gideon is the psychic-est. He guessed the secret ingredient to my coffee omelette!
Toby Determined Somehow he knew about my horrifying secret birthmark!
Manly Dan I love that child psychic so much! (Squeezes Blubs and Durland)
Sheriff Blubs You're chokin' me!
Deputy Durland (Turning purple:) Grandma, is that you?
Camera pans to the Pines and Soos in their disguises.
Dipper We're in.
Mabel Just gonna say it, I don't know what we're doing here, but I'm loving these fake mustaches.
Soos If anyone asks, I'm not Soos. (Points to his hat that says "Not Soos")
Gideon Ladies and gentlemen! Today I am delighted to announce my plans for the former Mystery Shack. I give you... Gideonland!
The Pines and Soos What?!
Gideon We're gonna turn this dirty ol' shack into three square miles of Gideon-tertainment. And introducin' our new mascot, Lil' Gideon Jr.!
Bud Gleeful pulls off a cloak to reveal Waddles in a Gideon costume.
Gideon Boom, he's a pig!
Camera cuts to Mabel.
Mabel Waddles! You monster!
Stan All right, that's it! (Pulls off disguise)
The Pines push their way into the crowd and run up the stage.
Stan Listen up, people. Gideon's a fraud! This kid broke in and stole my property!
Mabel Arrest him, officers!
Dipper Yeah!
Gideon Such accusations! Mr. Pines, I recall you gave the property to me. Look, here's the deed right here! (He pulls the deed out of his shirt as he says this)
Camera cuts to Blubs and Durland.
Blubs Well that's all the proof I need to see.
Durland I love you, Lil' Gideon! Sing them funny songs!
Camera cuts to Gideon with two burly guards. Gideon snaps his fingers, and the guards get ready to kick the Pines off the stage. The first grabs a hold of Mabel.
Mabel Hey!
Dipper and Stan are grabbed by the two guards.
Gideon Now get off my property, old man! (Slaps a Gideon pin on Stan)
Stan I'll show you who's the old man! (His hearing aid acts up) Ow, my hearing aid! Ow!
The Pines get carried off the stage by the guards.
Gideon Thanks for visiting Gideonland, friends! Don't come back, I don't care for y'all.
Camera cuts to the Pines and Soos as they watch the ceremony through a chain-link fence then sigh as they lean on it. Dipper kicks a rock out of frustration.
Dipper Don't worry, guys. We'll get the shack back somehow.
Wendy appears.
Wendy Corduroy We better.
Dipper Wendy!
Wendy If I can't work at the Shack, my dad's gonna force me to move upstate to work at my cousin's logging camp.
Dipper What? You're leaving town? But we need you here!
Soos Yeah especially Dipper because of his giant crush on—
Dipper glares at Soos.
Soos calyptus trees! Ha! The kid loves eucalyptus trees! (Laughs nervously) Saved it!
There's a noise from the bushes.
Wendy Oh man, guys. Don't look now.
Robbie emerges from the bushes holding a boombox.
Robbie Take me back, Wendy! My arms are too skinny to keep holding this boombox forever!
Wendy (Mounts her bike) I was never here. (Rides away)
Robbie (Chases after her) Have you been getting my texts? Do I need to send you more texts? Wendy!
The scene crossfades to Soos' grandmother's home.
Abuelita This is not good. I cannot feed such a big family.
Mabel Where are we gonna stay, Dipper? (Camera pans out to reveal a suitcase filled with Mabel's sweaters) Where am I gonna put all my sweaters?
Dipper What's Stan gonna tell Mom and Dad?
Soos Mr. Pines will figure something out. He always does.
Camera zooms out then cuts to Stan on the phone with Dipper and Mabel's parents.
Stan Don't worry, your son and daughter are fine. Where're we staying? Uh, I put 'em up in this amazing four-star hotel!
A cockroach goes up in flames after touching a broken toaster wire.
Stan (Opens refrigerator) What, uh, sure we got— (shakes a near empty gallon of milk) —plenty to eat. (Closes the fridge) Relax, if I thought I couldn't take care of these kids, I'd send them back right away. Uh huh, you too. (Puts phone down)
Mabel (Offscreen:) Grunkle Stan, can we order pizza?
Stan checks his pockets only to discover they're empty. Camera cuts to a wider shot of the kitchen and Stan sighs.

Scene switches to the construction of Gideonland. Camera then cuts to a fireplace as a picture of the Pines from "The Legend of the Gobblewonker is thrown into it. Gideon is then shown laughing as he examines book 2. Meanwhile, Waddles attempts to climb out the window.

Gideon (Blows whistle) You! Back to your corner!
Waddles Scampers to the corner and starts cringing and shivering.
Bud Gleeful appears with his sad clown painting that Stan stole in The Hand That Rocks the Mabel.
Bud Gleeful I've been meaning to ask you boy. Shouldn't you be celebratin' Gideonland instead of stickin' your head in that there book all day?
Gideon Father, have I ever told you the true nature of this book?
The scene transitions to someone writing Journal 2.
Gideon (narrating) It was written many years ago by a brilliant unknown author who learned secrets too powerful for one man.
The Author is shown burying the book.
Gideon (narrating)

He hid his journals where he thought no one would ever find 'em.

The scene fades to the books Journal 1 and Journal 2 coming closer together with Gravity Falls on fire and Gideon in the background. After that it shows the six-fingered hand, but instead of it being gold, it portrays the universe.
Gideon (narrating) Because he knew that if the journals were ever bought together, they would unleash a gateway to unimaginable power.
The scene fades back to Gideon.
Gideon Codes and maps had led me to believe that the other book is buried somewhere on this very property, and I intend to find it!
Bud So that's why you wanted the Mystery Shack.
The scene shows Gideon with a shovel.
Gideon That's right, father, it's time to begin the search for the other journal!
The scene fades to Old Man McGucket working on the Gideon-bot, then fades to Dipper, Mabel and Soos.
Mabel Go red car!
Soos Go other red car!
Dipper This would be a lot more fun with batteries.
Soos moves the red car then it bumps the other red car out of its place.
Stan walks into the room and clears his throat
 Stan Kids, we've got to talk. Look I've been thinking and... I can't take care of you anymore. I don't have house or a job. The plan is, you're goin' home. Your bus leaves tomorrow, here are your tickets.
Dipper But Grunkle Stan, you can't give up!
Soos Yeah dude, look at these faces!
Soos begins nudging Mabel.
Soos Be cuter Mabel! Your summer depends on it!
Stan Look, I lost, okay? The best thing is for you to be with your parents. Sorry kids, Gideon won. (Places Dipper and Mabel's bus tickets on the table) Summer's over.
Soos Mr. Pines! RECONSIDER!! (Runs after him)
Dipper Mabel, that's enough. If Stan won't get our home back from Gideon, then we'll have to do it ourselves.
Mabel Gideon may have the upper hand, but we have something he doesn't.
Dipper (Holding out journal) The journal!
Mabel (Holding out grappling hook; Simultaneously:) A grappling hoo- oh. The Journal... Journal!
Cut to the outside of the now fenced-off Mystery Shack.
Dipper Alright, the bus to take us out of Gravity Falls comes at sundown. If we wanna stay in town we've got to get past those guards, make it through the fence, and get Gideon to hand over that deed.
Mabel Leave that to Mabel. Wa-chaw!
Mabel shoots the grappling hook. It hits a tree branch, then ricochets to Dipper. It hits him in the face.
Dipper Ah!
Dipper Now will you admit the grappling hook is useless?!
Mabel Nope!
Dipper Okay. What can we use to defeat Gideon? Let's see... Barf fairy?
Mabel Yeah!
Dipper Nope. Butternut Squash with a Human Face and Emotions?
Mabel Yeah!
Dipper Nope.
Mabel Whoa, what's this?
Dipper I stared at this page for hours. It seems like a blueprint to build some kind of strange futuristic super-weapon--
Mabel BORING! To defeat those guards we need some kind of army.
Dipper ... Wait a minute! An army! Mabel, that's it! The gnomes!
Mabel Uhh... (Nervously tugs her sweater's collar)

Cuts to the twins entering the forest.

Dipper I think this is their hiding spot.
Mabel I wonder what Gnomes do out here all alone in the forest?
Both Aaah!
They see Jeff bathing in squirrels.
Jeff Do do do... (sees them) Aah! This... this is normal. This is normal for gnomes. Scrub scrub. (Scrubs his armpit with a squirrel)
Dipper and Mabel Look at each other disgusted, and look back at Jeff.
Jeff Well, well, well. Look who came crawlin' back. Take five, Chris. (A squirrel jumps out of the tub) You guys keep doin' what you're doin'. So, changed your mind about marryin' me, did ya Mabel?
Mabel Ew, hardly. We need your help. And seriously, ew!
Jeff You want our help? After you left me at the alter? No dice!
Mabel But what if we were able to get you a new queen? One even more beautiful than me.
Dipper Her name's Gideon, and she has lovely white hair.
Jeff Whoa. Mature woman, huh? Hey Shmebulock, get my cologne!
Shmebulock (Comes in) Shmebulock!
Jeff Is Shmebulock all you can say?
Shmebulock (Pauses) Shmebulock...
Jeff It's a deal! (Shakes hands with Dipper)
Cuts to Greasy's Diner.
Stan Waiter, give me a glass of the strongest most expired apple cider you've got.
Soos Sure thing, Mr. Pines.
Stan (Looks up) Soos? What are you doing here?
Soos (Cleans glass) Since the Mystery Shack shut down, I've had to take on a bunch of part-time jobs. Grave digger, bus driver, really awesome cook... Hey, is the kitchen supposed to have that much fire in it? (The kitchen is in a sea of fire, so Soos runs into kitchen and puts out fire with extinguisher)
Stan (Sighs) You're a good man-child, Soos, but it's not lookin' good. This whole town loves Gideon and hates me. If only they knew how evil he really was!
Soos (Walks over to Stan, putting his hand on his shoulder) Hey, I'm here for you, dude.
Stan The entire lower half of your body is on fire.
Soos (Puts his hand on Stan's nose, then pats his arm as smoke emerges from his back) Shh, we're having a moment...
Cuts to construction at the Mystery Shack.

Where are you, Journal? (Gideon takes shovel and starts to dig) Where are you!

Bud Boy, I hate to interrupt you, but you have some guests.


Dipper Give us the deed to the shack, Gideon, or else.
Gideon Am I supposed to say, "Or else what?" Emphasizes well-built guards behind him
Mabel Yes, you are supposed to say that. (Yelling) Now!
Suddenly an army of gnomes surround Gideon; knock out and tie up guards.
Gideon (Gasps)

You're surrounded by an unstoppable gnome army, now give us back our deed and get off our property!


And let the marriage ceremony begin!

Gideon (Sighs) Very well. I suppose this deed belongs to—
Gideon pulls out a whistle and blows it and all the gnomes covers their ears.
Gideon Ha! What do you know! Works on gnomes too! (Gideon blows the whistle again)
Jeff Stop! We'll do anything! How can we serve you your majesty! (Bowing) The most beautiful girl we've ever seen!
Gideon I am not a girl!
Jeff Really? But your skin is so soft. You moisturize, or...
Gideon (Points at Dipper and Mabel) Subdue them!
The gnomes grunt and charge at Dipper and Mabel

I have to admit, kids, I am impressed by your creativity! How did you ever...

Dipper Let go! (Journal 3 falls out of Dippers pocket) Oh no!
Gideon No! Could it be? Is it? (Gideon runs up to Journal 3)
Gideon (Laughing) Of course! It all makes sense! (Dipper struggles to break free from the gnomes) The one place I'd never think to look! You had it the whole time! And to think I actually considered you a threat! (Gideon flicks Dipper's nose)
Dipper No! Give it back! (Dipper reaches for the journal)
Gideon Every victory you had was because of your precious book!
Dipper Give it back or I'll—
Gideon (Interrupting) Or you'll what, boy? You'll what? Huh? Huh? No muscles. No brains. Face it! You're nothin' without this! (Waves) Bye bye forever, y'all! (Whistles, and the gnomes carry Dipper and Mabel away)
The scene ends with Gideon holding 3, and Old Man McGucket working on the Gideon-bot.
Scene cuts to the gnomes running into the forest, Mabel pacing, and Dipper sitting on the floor.
Jeff Next time, do your own dirty work, come on boys! (The squirrels jump into Jeff's pants)
Dipper (Sighs) Well, that's it. Guess the bus should be here soon.
Mabel What? Dipper, don't give up! You always have a plan!
Dipper No! The journal always has a plan! Think about it, Mabel, Gideon was right. The only courageous or cool things I've ever done have been because of that journal. Without it, I can't help you, or Stan, or anyone.

There's gotta be something we can do?

Dipper What can we do?
The next scene starts with Dipper and Mabel boarding a bus, looking glum.
Announcer Bus 52, departing Gravity Falls, all aboard.

Dipper and Mabel walk to the back of the bus and look out the window to see Stan.

Stan Sorry kids, it's for the best.
The bus leaves with Wendy, Grunkle Stan, Grenda and Candy outside the window upset and waving at Dipper and Mabel as the bus departs.
Dipper Can't believe this is happening.
Camera pans across to a sign reading: Now leaving Gravity Falls. Scene cuts to the construction of GideonLand.
Gideon (Giggles) I've got it! I finally got it! (Running through the living room, exclaiming at Bud and Mrs. Gleeful) Get out!
Gideon It's finally mine! At last, I have journal number (places 3 on the table) three?! There are THREE of them? But where is journal number one? (Thumping table) I must have all three for the power to be unlocked! But where could I— Dipper! He must know where it is! He gave me the third one and kept the first for himself! (Rips out some of his hair) I can't let him leave Gravity Falls! (Grabs 2 and 3 and runs out of the Mystery Shack) You there! (Points at Old Man McGucket working on the Gideon-Bot) Is it ready?
Old Man McGucket He he he! Only one way to find out! (Pulls lever on Gideon-Bot and the robot glows)
Gideon runs inside the robot and is in his motion-sensor suit, he then punches his right hand, and the robot pushes the Gideonland sign into the ground. the Gideon-Bot walks away.
McGucket I've got a good feelin' about that kid!
Cut to Soos' house. Soos' grandma is vacuuming the curtains and Stan is sitting on the couch.
Stan Well Stan, this is it. Rock bottom. No friends, no family, stuck watching infomercials for whatever that is...
Bobby Renzobbi (on TV) Are you sick of piles of owls constantly blocking your drive way? Well then you gotta get owl trowel!
Stan (Picks up the Gideon pin) How did you do it, kid? Why are you always one step ahead? Maybe he really is psychic after... (His hearing aid acts up) Ah! My hearing aid! What keeps causing that? Wait a minute! That's it! I know Gideon's weakness!
Abuelita (Brings tea) Would Mr. Pines like a...
Stan kisses Soos' grandma and runs to the door.
Abuelita I go vacuum my face.
Cut to the Pines twins on the bus. Dipper is watching through the glass sadly.
Mabel Hey, Dipper, wanna play bus seat treasure hunt?
Dipper I'm not in the mood.
Mabel Aw, come on! (Lifts a seat) We got Canadian coins, gum that shaped like Ronald Reagan's head, ooh! Miscellaneous fluid stain?
Dipper Giant robot!
Mabel Yeah, a giant robot... Wait, what?
Dipper Look! (Points at the Gideon bot)
Gideon bot runs to the bus yelling.
Gideon Halt! I command you to halt!
Dipper and Mabel (Screams)
Dipper and Mabel runs to the bus driver.
Mabel Mr. Bus driver! There is a giant Gideon bot coming towards us!
Soos Oh hey, dudes!
Dipper and Mabel Soos!
Soos Don't worry guys. I've been a part-time bus driver for at least 40 minutes. One of these is probably a clutch... (Pulls the clutch) Hang on, dudes!
Gideon-bot tries to catch the bus.
Mabel Soos, look out!
Gideon-bot blocks the way with its hand. Soos turns the bus and smashes through a "Road Closed" sign. The Gideon-bot starts to climb up the mountain.
Dipper He already won! What does he want from us?
Gideon (Inside the bot) I got you in my sight!
Dipper Soos, cliff!
Soos breaks the bus right before the bus falls off the cliff. The wheel of the bus is not on the cliff so it can't move. The Gideon-bot comes right after and shakes the bus and tears off the ceiling of it, revealing there is only Soos.
Soos Okay. What's closest to our present situation. (Looking at the "Bus Emergency Manual") Raccoon in the engine or angry grandparent won't leave bus? (Pause) Proba-probably the second one.
The Gideon-bot turns itself finding the Pines twins on the bridge. The Pines twins run but soon find that the bridge had dead ends. The Gideon-bot jumps on the bridge.
Gideon Tell me! Where is Journal #1?!
Dipper and Mabel Journal #1?
Gideon Don't play games with me, boy!
The Gideon-bot drives the twins to the end and punches the cliff, causing rocks to fall on the twins.
Dipper I don't know what you're talking about! You took the only journal I ever had! What do you even want with these journals anyway?
The Gideon-bot takes the twins. Mabel resists.
Dipper (Hits the hand of the Gideon-bot) Let go of her!
Gideon Ha ha ha, you still think you're some kind of hero? (Throws Dipper away)
Dipper lands on the ground.
Gideon Once I find the final journal I'll rule this town! With you as my queen! (Laughs)
Mabel Dipper! Help me! HELP!
Gideon (In Dipper's mind) Face it kid, you're nothing without that journal. How are you gonna fight then? No muscles. No brains. What are you gonna do, huh? What are you gonna do!
Dipper sadly walks to the forest. But then, Dipper runs and jumps off the cliff breaking in the Gideon-bot, tackling Gideon.
Dipper Let go of my sister!
The Gideon-bot's head moves, showing that Dipper hit Gideon.
Gideon Never! I finally won this time!
It shows the Gideon-bot fighting, which is Gideon's movement inside. Gideon then tackles Dipper and punches him. Dipper stands up and blocks Gideon's punch. Then he makes Gideon's fist to punch himself. Then Dipper makes him punch a little stronger which makes the Gideon-bot's head turn around.
Mabel (Grabbing the thumb) Careful in there!
The bot wakes a bit then falls off the bridge. Dipper and Mabel falls off from the bot, screaming.
Soos Dudes! Nooooooooooo!
The bot falls on the ground and it causes an explosion big enough for everyone in the town to see. The Gideon-bot is broken, and its pieces are all around. Then something comes down from the top with a string. It was Dipper and Mabel, with her grappling hook.
Mabel GRAPPLING HOOK!!! Told you it will come in handy!
Mabel and Dipper land on the ground safely.
Dipper Mabel, that was amazing!
Mabel Not amazing as you defeating that robot!
Dipper Hey! My journal! (Picks up the journal)
The cops come and lots of people starts to gather around.
Man Is this the thing that exploded?
Woman What's going on?
Man 2 What is that? It's over here!
Gideon comes out from the Gideon-bot.
Deputy Durland (Runs to Gideon) Gideon! Oh, good heavens! What on earth happened here?
Gideon It was the Pines twins! They tried to attack me and blow up my statue with dynamites! Arrest 'em!
Dipper and Mabel What?
Dipper Officers, he's lying!
Sheriff Blubs Sorry kids, but we trust Gideon. And nothing short of a miracle would ever change our-
Stan comes in a car screaming.
Stan Wait! Wait! Stop everything! I've got somethin' to say!
Blubs Not this guy again.
Stan Just wait! Look! You guys all think Gideon is so perfect and honest, (mocking Gideon) "Oh! I could never tell a lie! I'm Gideon!"
Blubs He's more honest than you!
Durland Yeah! And he's psychic too!
Stan How's this for psychic? Bam! (Kicks the Gideon-bot; a panel falls off) Take a good look!
Inside of the bot there are many screens showing the Gravity Falls' people.
Lazy Susan Wait a minute, is that ME?
Lazy Susan (On TV) The secret ingredient to my coffee omelet is coffee!
Toby And me!
Doctor (On Tv) I can verify that that birthmark is indeed disgusting.
Toby (On TV) Hooray!
Crowd That's me! That's me!
Stan That's right, these pins are hidden cameras! And my hearing aid was picking up the feedback! Who's the fraud now? (Breaks the pin revealing there was a camera in the eye of it)
The people all flung their pins at the ground and stare at Gideon.
Durland Gideon, we gave you our trust...
Manly Dan You LIED to us!
Gideon Please, I... It's not what it looks like... What are you gonna do with me?
Durland Tyler?
The camera moves to Tyler, who is next to Gideon.
Tyler Get 'im... (Wipes tears) Get 'im!
Blubs Lil' Gideon, you are under arrest for conspiracy, fraud, and breaking our hearts. Durland, the tiny handcuffs.
Durland puts the tiny handcuffs on Gideon
Gideon Wha- no!
Stan Just one more thing.
Gideon Let go of me! Ow! Ow! Ow!
Stan I believe this belongs to me.
Gideon No! No! Watch the hair! You can't do this to me! Y'all are sheep! You need me! I'll be back! You'll hear from my lawyers!
Shandra There you have it. Local hero Stanford Pines has just exposed Li'l Gideon as a fraud. Anything you have to say to the town, Stanford?
Stan The Mystery Shack is back, baby!
Cut to the inside of the gift shop which is more successful than ever. Stan is taking money from customers.
Stan Ahaha! Oh, thank you, thank you!
Cut to the twins' attic bedroom, Mabel and Dipper are unpacking.
Mabel Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow. Hey, Grunkle Stan!
Stan Uh, you kiddos settlin' back in okay?
Mabel Yep! All of my favorite moldy spots on the ceiling are still there! Even you, Daryl.
Dipper Hey, Grunkle Stan, me and Mabel have been talking, And I think there's something we should finally tell you.
Dipper This is a journal I found in the woods. (Dipper hands Stan the journal to peruse) It talks about all the crazy stuff that goes on in Gravity Falls. Gideon nearly destroyed the whole town trying to find it. I don't know what it means, or who wrote it. But, after all we've been through, maybe you should finally know about it.
Stan solemnly closes the book.
Stan I'm glad you showed me this, Dipper... AHAHAHA! Now I know where you've been getting it all from! Spookums and monsters. This spooky book has been filling your head with crazy conspiracies!
Dipper But it's all real!
Stan Haha. You gotta quit readin' this fantasy nonsense for your own good. Although some of these would make great attractions! Can't come up with this stuff! Mind if I borrow this? (Stan gets up, taking the book with him and starts to leave)
Dipper Wait, no! Grunkle Stan!
Stan "Magic book." (Laughs) Ridiculous!
Dipper Stan, I need it!
Mabel Dipper, you don't need that book! Don't you see? On your own you defeated a giant robot with nothing but your bare hands! You're a hero whether you've got that journal or not!
Dipper Whoa. Thanks, Mabel. I still want it back though.
Mabel I'm sure you'll get it back. What would a boring old man like Stan want with that book anyway?
Soos (Shoots water guns at Dipper and Mabel and pops out of cardboard box) Soos-ed!
Dipper and Mabel get up and laughingly chase after Soos.
The camera pans down to the gift shop. Stan enters a code to enter the doorway behind the vending machine. He climbs down a set of stairs to an elevator. He opens a panel besides the elevator and inputs the alchemical symbols for "composition," "pulverize," "digestion," and "fusion" followed by the 'down' button. He enters and the elevator and goes to the third floor. Stan exits into a room filled with complex looking machines and sensors. He walks past them to a desk and switchboard. He opens the desk and pulls out a book, revealing it to be Journal #1.
Stan After all these years. 
Stan sets down his journal, Journal #2 (which he had swiped from Gideon when he picked up the deed to the Mystery Shack), and Journal #3.
Stan Finally, I have them all.
Stan puts together Journals 1, 2, and 3, revealing a complex image algorithm. He confers it as he presses buttons and switches. A machine beyond the glass of the switchboard lights up.
Stan It's working!
Stan rushes to the room with the machine and pushes a large lever in front of it. The machine crackles with large bursts of electricity sending beams of light in every direction, and finally turns on completely; a bright, white light emanating from it's central hole, blowing a steady stream of air at Stan. Stan stands proudly in front of it. His hands on his hips, and smiles in satisfaction.
Stan Here we go.
End credits.

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