The Gideon-bot[1] was a robot built by Old Man McGucket for Gideon Gleeful. It was designed in Gideon's own image.


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The Gideon-bot's hand.

Its destruction was foreshadowed as it briefly flashed on Bill Cipher's body in "Dreamscaperers."

S1e20 Destroyed

The ruins of the destroyed Gideon-bot.

It made its first physical appearance in "Gideon Rises" after Gideon stole Journal 3 from Dipper, being constructed by Old Man McGucket. Later in the episode, after Gideon learns that there are three journals, not two, he uses the completed Gideon-bot to catch up to the bus Dipper and Mabel were on that was headed back to Piedmont, California. The Gideon-bot rips off the roof of the bus while Dipper and Mabel run onto a bridge in hopes of escaping. Gideon catches them and demands to know where Journal 1 is. Dipper is confused and doesn't know what he is talking about, so Gideon uses the Gideon-bot to pick them up, and it throws Dipper on top of a cliff. He then walks away with Mabel, planning to make her his queen. Dipper runs off of the cliff and breaks into the Gideon-bot through its eye. Gideon and Dipper fight, almost destroying the bridge and beating up the robot at the same time. Dipper defeats Gideon, but the Gideon-bot falls off the bridge. It crashes onto the ground and explodes into pieces.

The Gideon-Bot's left leg was later salvaged and made part of the Shacktron, a robotic warrior built out of the Mystery Shack before the final battle against Bill Cipher in "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls."


Gideonbot game

The Gideon-bot is a giant robot that is made to resemble Gideon. Its right half is unpainted, however. Its cheeks glow red, while its wrists, eyes, and ankles glow a bright yellow. Inside the machine is a control center where Gideon, by way of a motion-capture suit, is able to control the robot's movements.


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