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Gravity Falls: Fright Night is a game on the Disney Channel website where the player collects oddities for the Mystery Shack, with the option of playing as Dipper or Mabel.



Grunkle Stan has run out of oddities for the Mystery Shack, so Dipper and Mabel have to go out and find some.

How to play:[]

  1. Choose your character
  2. Choose your location (Mystery Shack, Forest, Crystal Caverns, Lake)
  3. Use your right or left arrow keys to move
  4. Use your up arrow to jump
  5. Use your down arrow to drop
  6. Use your space bar to use the flashlight to stun foes, light up mushrooms, etc.






FN Cryptogram

"Brx duh wkh juhdwhvw pbvwhub kxqwhu!"

After completing the game, under the wheel there is a cryptogram that reads, "Brx duh wkh juhdwhvw pbvwhub kxqwhu!" Once decoded, it reads, "You are the greatest mystery hunter!"

As you flip between screens, for the briefest moment you see the cryptogram, "VWDQ LV QRW EKDW KH VHHPV" on both pages of the journal. Once decoded, it reads, "Stan is not what he seems."


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