Franz is the leader of the Dutchman Lilliputtians of the 18th hole at Ye Royal Discount Putt Hutt mini-golf course.


In "The Golf War," Franz and the other Lilliputtians were discovered by Dipper and Mabel. After explaining what they were and the purpose they served there, Mabel told him and the other Dutch Lilliputtians about her rival Pacifica. Right away he understood about rivalry, seeing how every Lilliputtian faction were rivals. After all the Lilliputtian factions battled, they all competed to help Mabel beat Pacifica, with whichever faction supporting her the best getting the golden sticker from Mabel which they all were eager to have.

After seeing that the Miner Lilliputtians might apparently win, Franz and his fellow Dutch Lilliputtians kidnapped Pacifica, intending to kill her, thus "solving" Mabel's rival problem. However, Mabel didn't accept this and ate the golden sticker. In spite of this, all the Lilliputtians banded together to "cut her open to get the sticker." In the end Mabel saved Pacifica, and she, Pacifica and Dipper escaped, much to the dismay of Franz and the Lilliputtians.

As the Pines family drove home, Franz was shown to have somehow climbed onto the back of their car, clinging to the license plate. He vows revenge against Dipper and Mabel, but is flung off when the car hits a pothole, and lands headfirst into a sand trap.

In "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls," Franz, along with some other Lilliputtians, is among the various people and creatures of Gravity Falls hiding out in the Mystery Shack.


Franz has a rather cheery attitude. Like the other Dutch Lilliputtians, he loves singing, so much he would get saddened when others wouldn't listen, as shown when Mabel and Dipper politely turned down the offer of a song. Though nice, he shows a bad side towards the Pirate Lilliputtians, being enemies.

However, he is dangerously competitive and will resort to any method to win or to receive a reward.


Franz appearance

Franz wears Dutch-styled clothing, including clogs. He also has bowl cut blonde hair and indigo skin. Like the other Lilliputtians, he has a head that resembles a golf ball.


Season 2


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