Footbot is a football playing robot created by Stan Pines whose primary appearance is in Stan's story in "Bottomless Pit!."


Season 1

In "Bottomless Pit!," when Stan, Dipper, Mabel and Soos were falling in the bottomless pit, they told stories to pass time.

Footbot makes his appearance in Stan's story, "Grunkle Stan Wins the Football Bowl." In it, he helps Grunkle Stan win the football bowl. He was thanked by him for creating him as Stan was being congratulated by the football players. He then joins Stan as he and the rest laugh while planes fly by.

Season 2

The Footbot in the story appears to have been based on a project Stan made for the New Jersey Science Fair while he was in school. This can be seen in "A Tale of Two Stans." When Stan's brother, Ford, is presenting his invention to the judges, what looks like a prototype of Footbot is on the table next to him.


Footbot appearance
Footbot has a square head with two yellow headlights for eyes and a crooked antenna pointing down. He has a pair of grey legs with feet customized for football playing. He has a grey color scheme, and a red letter "F" in his chest.

The proto-Footbot from "A Tale of Two Stans" appears to be a toaster with a football taped to the top.


Season 1

Season 2


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  • Alex Hirsch stated in "Between The Pines" that Stanley has had the dream of building Footbot for a long time.

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