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"Fixin' It with Soos: Golf Cart"[1] is the 12th animated short of Gravity Falls to air between Season 1 and Season 2. It originally aired on February 1, 2014 on Disney Channel Russia, and it premiered on Disney XD on April 21, 2014.

Official overview

Soos fixes up the golf cart so that Dipper and Wendy can perform a stunt.[2]


After the opening, the short starts with Soos burning his hand with a solder. Wendy says she and Dipper were doing normal work with the golf cart and it ended up busted, they ask for Soos' help so they can finish their stunt. Soos agrees and makes special video effects with thunder, bats and lasers. They are then seen outside, wearing special outfit for the ocasion. Soos shows the "Awesomeometer" which Dipper and Wendy would rate from 1 to 10. Soos figures the cart's problem is with the fuel injector and fixes. The engine starts and Soos gets excited, then more video effects begin. After he is done, Soos shows the cart, now colored, reformed and nitrous boosted. The trio begin to drive the cart towards the stunt, however they go too fast and end up crashing in the Mystery Shack 's roof. The cart breaks and Stan shouts at Soos, demaning him to fix the roof. The short ends with Soos saying he makes his own economy.


Production notes

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Songs featured

Series continuity


  • This is the first Gravity Falls media in which Mabel does not appear.
  • Soos edits his Fixin' It with Soos series using a trial version of AutografixMT.
  • Soos' Awesomeometer says:
10. So Cool, It's Hot!
9. Eagle With Shades
8. So Smooooooth
7. Mo Betta Baby
6. That's More Like It
5. Good Job
4. That'll Do
3. I've Seen Better
2. Get Thee Hence
1. Not Cool, Bro


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