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This page is for Fight Fighters (video game), the arcade game. For the episode, see Fight Fighters.

Fight Fighters is a fighting video game. With the use of a special code, a player can bring the character of his or her choice to life.[1]


Season 1

In the episode of the same name, Dipper and Wendy are seen playing the game at the arcade until Robbie confronts them and takes Dipper's place, saying that he's just "spending some time with his girlfriend." After the teen challenges Dipper to a fight for breaking his phone, Dipper brings Rumble McSkirmish to life to defend him, though his plan goes awry when Rumble tries to destroy Robbie.

Season 2

In "Soos and the Real Girl", Soos runs past a copy of a home version in the game store before spotting the sale bin. Later at Hoo Ha Owl's, .GIFfany briefly passes through the game while ruining Soos' date with Melody by using the robot animals, electrocuting that game's version of Rumble McSkirmish when he challenges her.

List of characters

Player Select screen.

  • Rumble McSkirmish (U.S.A.)
  • Dr. Karate (Japan)
  • Joe Zambique (Mozambique)
  • Czar-barian (Russia)
  • Admiral Big-Calves (United Kingdom)
  • Beastor (Brazil)
  • N-Buffalo (North Korea)
  • Suggessica (China)


Season 1

Season 2


  • Dr. Karate, Rumble McSkirmish's in-game opponent, shares a similar name to Mr. Karate from the SNK fighting game series.
  • N-Buffalo's name is a pun on M. Bison, the main antagonist of the Street Fighter series. His nationality and uniform are also references to how North Korea is a dictatorship.
  • Joe Zambique's name is a play on his country of origin's name, Mozambique.
    • Joe Zambique is also a spoof on Dee Jay from the Street Fighter games.
  • Beastor appears to be a similar character to Blanka, another character from the Street Fighter series.
  • Admiral Big-Calves seems to be mix of Guile and Cammy from the Street Fighter games.
  • Czar-Barian is a parody of the fictional Russian boxer Ivan Drago from Rocky IV. His name is also a portmanteau on "Czar" and "barbarian".
  • Suggesica is a spoof on Chun-Li from the Street Fighter games.
  • The character select screen is based on the one from Street Fighter II.
  • The sprites and graphics that appear in the game were made by Australian sprite artist Paul Robertson, who had also done work on such video games as Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game, and Fez.[2]


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