Line 391: Line 391:
![[Unnamed red capped man]]
![[Unnamed red capped man]]
|(''Walks up to NORT machine and screams upon seen Soos litterally inside the game'')
|(''Walks up to NORT machine and screams upon seeing Soos literally inside the game'')
Line 562: Line 562:
|Eh, beats just sittin' around here being old. ''(gets up)'' Waaiit a minute... you're not planning on taking me someplace super high up, are you?
|Eh, beats just sittin' around here being old. ''(gets up)'' Wait a minute... you're not planning on taking me someplace super high up, are you?
Line 571: Line 571:
|(''turns around to reveal the back of the sweater has crossed fingers. She pulls her hair out of it and puts it over)''
|(''turns around to reveal the back of the sweater has crossed fingers. She chuckles mischievously and pulls her hair out of it and puts it over)''
Line 604: Line 604:
|Wait, what?
|(Confused) wait, what?
Line 679: Line 679:
|''(Running)'' You don't have to do this! At least pace yourself...''(Starts to slow down)'' You might get a cramp- ''(Stops) ''Ah!
|''(Running)'' You don't have to do this! At least pace yourself...''(Starts to slow down as he gets a cramp in his side)'' You might get a cramp- ''(Stops) ''Ah!
Line 736: Line 736:
|''(with a death grip on the railing)'' Nope.
|''(with a death grip on the railing in a high-pitched voice)'' Nope.
Line 754: Line 754:
|(Screams in fright)

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Transcript This is a transcribed copy for the episode "Fight Fighters." Feel free to edit or add to this page as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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The episode opens to Soos showing Mabel and Stan around an arcade.
Soos This is it dudes, my favorite place in Gravity Falls. Everything I know, I learned right here. A frog taught me how to cross a street. When my house was haunted, I learned how to eat ghosts. And this thing taught me how to dance.
Old Man McGucket (Dancing on an out of order dancing machine) Woo-hoo-hoo! I've been jiggin' here for 7 days straight!
Mabel (picks up the plug to the dance machine) Uh, Soos?
Soos Let him have this.
Stan (walks to a new video game called "Insert Token!") Huh? (Stan inserts a coin).
Arcade game Congratulations! You win! (Stan smiles surprisingly, screen resumes saying: "Insert token!" Stan gets upset.)
Stan (Smiles surprisingly, when screen resumes saying: "Insert token!", he growls)
Cuts to Dipper and Wendy playing a game called Fight Fighters, with 'Rumble McSkirmish' and 'Dr. Karate' as player characters.
Dipper and Wendy Oh, oh, oh!
Dipper Watch out! Wow! Ooh, cutscene!
Dr. Karate HHNNGHHHH!!!!!!!
Arcade game Fight!
Rumble and Dr. Karate fight each other (in Dipper and Wendy's control).
Dipper Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Go! Go! (Wins)
Arcade game K.O! The winner: Rumble Mcskirmish!
Wendy What? You cheated.
Dipper (Imitating Rumble:) YOU TAKE THAT BAAAACK! Hahaha.
Arcade game Round 2!
Wendy I'm gonna punch the ref.
Arcade game Fight!
Dipper Let's gang up on him.
Rumble and Dr.Karate do all of the combo moves but don't hit each other.
Wendy Hohoho.
Robbie (Puts up a flyer nearby)
Dipper and Wendy Hahaha.
Robbie Wendy! What's up, babe? Yeah, just putting up some flyers for my band. I'm playing lead guitar. No biggie.
Dipper (Looks at poster) Are you wearing mascara?
Robbie Uh, it's eye-paint for men.
Wendy Hey Robbie, Dipper was just showing me this great game-
Robbie Ha, yeah, sweet, sweet. (To Dipper:) Hey, how about you sit this one out, ok champ?
Dipper But, we just started this round.
Robbie Woah, woah, hey! Relax man, I'm just trying to spend a little time with my girlfriend, alright?
Wendy It'll just be one round.
Arcade game Round 3! Fight!
Wendy (playing) So hey, I'm gonna go camping around with my dad so, I won't be around.
Robbie (playing) Oh, cool, cool, watch out! (puts his arm over Wendy's shoulder and glares at Dipper)
Arcade game Opponent sighted! Fight!
theme song.
Stan, Dipper, Mabel and Soos are playing poker at the Mystery Shack.
Mabel King me! (Reveals her hand which has 2 kings)
Stan, Soos, Dipper Aww! Come'on!
Stan It's not fair, she doesn't even know what we're playing!
Mabel Go fish?
Electric guitar starts playing outside the shack.
Soos Dude, I think I'm picking up a radio station inside my head.
Mabel  Try blinking to see if you can change the channel.
Soos (blinks)
Robbie (singing outside:) Weeendy!
Dipper Ugh, sounds like Robbie.
Stan Robbie? Is he that jerky twerp I see making goo-goo eyes at Wendy all the time?
Soos  He called me "Big Dude" once. I mean, I know I'm a big dude, but it kinda hurt.
Mabel  Should I sic Waddles on him again?
Waddles (Chews Mabel's sweater)
Mabel Whoa, easy tiger. 
Dipper (Gets up) I'll handle it. (leaves)
Stan, Mabel and Soos Ooooooh!
Stan Ha ha, conflict!
Robbie (Singing) Wendy! Wendy, Wendy! (talking normally:) Wendy! C'mon out, girl! C'mon down!
Dipper  You realize she's not here, right?
Robbie (scoffs) Yes! ...What?
Dipper She's out camping with her family today. (quietly:) And if you listened to her for once you'd know that.
Robbie What was that?!
Dipper I-just said she's not here.
Robbie No, no, no! You want to get into it, huh? Lets get into it, kid! You think I don't know what's been going on, huh? It's obvious you've got a thing for my girlfriend, don't you? Don't you?!
Dipper What? No! C'mon, man!
Robbie (sarcastically:) Yeah, I'm sure she's just DYING to ask out a 12-year old kid who wears the exact same shorts every day. Hey, here's an idea: (calling Wendy on phone)why don't I call her right now and see if she wants to go out on a date with you?
Dipper Hey! Look-Don't! You don't have to-
Robbie (mimicking Dipper:) Oh! Don't! Please, man! (holds up phone, normal voice:) What're you gonna do, huh? What, huh?
Wendy (on phone:)Hello?
Dipper (Smacks away Robbies phone, breaking it)
Robbie My phone!
Dipper I-I'll buy you a new one!
Robbie Oh no, you're not getting off that easy! (prepares to hit Dipper)
Stan Hey! I know a fight when I see one! Stay right there!
Robbie (Throws Dipper to the ground)
Robbie You. Me. Circle park. 3 o'clock. (walks away) We finish this.
Stan (arrives with popcorn) Awww, he's gone! I was just gonna call the boys over to place a few bets! (chews popcorn) The smart money's on Skinny Jeans.
Cut to the living room. Dipper is pacing.
Dipper What was I thinking?! I can't fight! I've never been in a fight before! Look at these noodle arms! (Waves arms)
Stan Just bonk him over the head! It's nature's snooze button!
Mabel Boys! Why can't you learn to hate each other in secret? Like girls do!
Stan (snickering) Sure, listen to your sister! Maybe you can share dresses too! Ahahaha, BOOM!
Dipper Maybe he'll just forget about it. Maybe it'll all blow over.
Soos I don't know, Dipper. Teenagers are dangerous, Those hormones turn them into like, killing machines!
Dipper R-Really?
Soos Oh yeah, dude. My cousin Reggie got in a fight with a teen once. The guy broke like, all his arms, all his legs, and I think, killed him or something, I don't know. Me and Reggie were just talking about it.
Dipper (Backing into corner) I can't stay here! What if Robbie comes back!? I gotta hide!!
Stan Look, kid. You got yourself a choice here. You can either go face him like a man, or you can hide indoors like a wimp. What'll it be?
Dipper (thinks, cut to him hiding under an arcade game, which Soos is playing)
Soos Wimp it is.
Dipper C'mon Soos, Robbie's twice my size. I mean, what will getting myself killed accomplish? I just need to hide here until 3 o'clock passes. (looks at watch. It is 11:29 and then 11:30) Uggggh, this day will never end!
Soos Relax, Dipper. Just try not to think about Robbie.
Dipper (looks up and sees dozens of posters for Robbie's band, all with their slogan: "You're dead!" and screams)
Scene then changes to the Mystery Shack, where on TV, Sassica berates a teenage girl.
Sassic Giiirl, why you 'ackin so cray-cray?
Crowd (Cheers)
TV Announcer "Why You Ackin' So Cray-Cray" will be back in a moment.
Mabel Ugh, poor Dipper. Hiding from Robbie, unable to face his fears. (Waddles oinks in agreement)
Stan (Walking in) Fears are for chumps. That's why I don't have any. (tries to reach an item on a shelf) Ugh, ugh!
Mabel  You want me to go get a ladder?
Stan We don't have one.
Mabel What??
Stan You know, studies show that keeping a ladder in the house is more dangerous than a loaded gun. That's why I own ten guns, in case someone maniac tries to sneak in with a ladder.
Mabel (Suspiciously) Grunkle Stan, why you ackin' so cray-cray?
Stan YOU'RE the one who's "ackin' cray-cray!" (leaving) I gotta go now.
Mabel Why would Grunkle Stan be so weirded out by ladders? Of course! I think he has a secret fear of heights! We'll have to test him to be sure! Or we could leave well enough alone... Nah! 
Soos (Plays NORT. He falls over) Man, I wonder what it would be like to go inside a video game for real! (drills his way into the arcade game itself) I should have thought of this years ago! (tries to squeeze in)
Dipper (playing "Fight Fighters") Stupid Robbie. Such a jerk!
Arcade Game Round 1! Fight!
Dipper (loses)
Arcade Game K.O! Continue?
Dipper (Sighs) That's easy for you to say, you have more than one life. Ugh, I wish one of these guys would fight Robbie for me. (goes to insert another coin, but drops it, and it rolls next to some writing on the machine) Huh? "To unleash ultimate power"? I do like things that are ultimate. (enters code) Back, back, hold, forward, back, forward, down, hold, quarter circle, forward, triple punch! (machine blacks out.) I guess it didn't work.(Screen flares to life) Uhhh Soos?
Dipper Uhhh... Rumble McSkirmish?
Rumble (Coming out of the game) KickkickkickkickKICK!
Dipper Whoa! You're real?
Dipper Ow! Your pixels are really sharp! Ugh!
Dipper Ow! Cooool!
Rumble (spots a change machine) CHANGE MACHINE! CHANGE ME INTO A POWERFUL WOLF!! HWAAAAH!!! (Smashes change machine)
Dipper With Rumble around, Robbie will be so scared, I won't even need to fight him. I've got the world's greatest fighter to be my bodyguard!
Rumble (flashes red) I need power ups!
Dipper This is so amazing! I gotta show Soos! (Looks around) Soos?
Unnamed red capped man (Walks up to NORT machine and screams upon seeing Soos literally inside the game)
Soos Help, I'm trapped in the game! It was cool in theory but in practice it was really boring.
Man AAAAAA!!! (Runs away)
Soos It's not just a game anymore!
Cut back to Mystery Shack
Mabel All right, Waddles. It's time to begin.. Operation Get Stan Over His Fear of Heights! I came up with that name. (Walks over to where Stan is sleeping on the couch) HAPPY GREAT-UNCLE'S DAY! (Wakes up Stan and hands him a present)
Stan Huh? Is it Great Uncle's Day?
Mabel Ha ha, yeah of course it's not a day I made up.
Stan (Opens the box and pulls out high heels) High heels? You shouldn't have. Seriously, wha what? What is this?
Mabel What's wrong? Are you saying these heels are TOO high? Do they make you uncomfortable? Hmm?
Stan Maybe.
Mabel Admit it! Admit you have a fear of heights!
Stan (fixing the television) What? That's why you bought me these? You should be ashamed of yourself! And on Great Uncle's Day no less. But no, I don't have a "fear of heights."
TV (starts working) We now return to World's Most Terrifying Skydiving!
Stan Ah! Ah! Turn it off! (trips over the dinosaur skull)So I have a fear of heights. Is that really so cray-cray?
Cuts to the kitchen
Rumble (Attacks fly) Hahahaha. Haha!
Dipper (checking the refridgerator) Well, we don't have any traditional power ups: turkey legs, pizza boxes, or gold rings. How about... half a taco?
Rumble Place it, on the floor. (Looks at it and it disappears, then reappears in his powerups menu)
Dipper I wish I could do that!
Rumble Now I must defeat the world's greatest fight-fighters. Take me to the Soviet Union!
Dipper That's gonna be tough...for a number of reasons. But I do know a fighter here in Gravity Falls.
Rumble Maximum Power?
Dipper (Shows Rumble the poster) His name is Robbie V. and he's kinda like my arch enemy.
Rumble Did he kill your father?
Dipper Well he's dating the girl I like and he posts a really annoying amount of status updates.
Rumble (crumples the poster) And then he killed your father!
Dipper Uh, sure. Anyway, I was hoping you could, y'know, scare him off for me so I don't have to fight the guy.
Rumble Hahaha! Your question makes my shoulders bounce! Fire ball! (Shoots a hadouken at the window, does the actions as he says them:) Uppercut! Downer-cut! Bowl of PUNCH! (Drinks and smashes a punch bowl)
Dipper So you'll protect me from Robbie?
Rumble Challenge accepted! Press start! (A start button appears)
Dipper (Presses it) Uh oh, I think I hear my uncle. Stay perfectly still! I said stay still.
Rumble (Rocking back and forth) This is as still as I can stay!
Cut to attic
Mabel How am I gonna get Grunkle Stan over his fear of heights?
Dipper (Walks in with Rumble) Hey Mabel. Have you met Rumble yet? He's my new bodyguard.
Rumble The child gave me a taco!
Mabel Wow! He's got a crazy voice! Here, say these words. (writes words on a piece of paper and hands them to Rumble)
Rumble (reading:) Effer...vescent! Apple..fritter! RIBOFLAVIN!!
Dipper Mabel, he's not a toy, he's a fighting machine. I'm gonna get him to defend me from Robbie.
Mabel Isn't that kinda like cheating?
Dipper I guess so. Well, I'll see you after the fight.
Rumble (Reading:) POOP! POOP AND BUTTS!
Cut to Dipper and Rumble out on Main street.
Rumble Tell me my opponents special moves.
Dipper Don't worry. As soon as he sees you, he's gonna wet his pants.
Rumble His wet pants will be no match FOR THIS! (picks up a metal pipe and whips it around)
Dipper Whoa! Where'd that came from?
Rumble I punched an oil drum!
Dipper Trust me, you won't need that. Just give him a good scare.
Rumble Yes... (picks up a sword) WITH THIS!!! (Swings it around)
Dipper This street has really dangerous litter.
Cut back to the Mystery Shack, Stan is drinking Pitt in the living room
Mabel (creeps up behind his chair) HEY GRUNKLE STAN!!
Stan (Does a spit take)
Mabel How would you like to go take a walk nowhere in particular while wearing a blindfold?
Stan Eh, beats just sittin' around here being old. (gets up) Wait a minute... you're not planning on taking me someplace super high up, are you?
Mabel Grunkle Stan! I would never!  (puts on scout's honor sweater) Scouts honor!
Stan Okay, let's go.
Mabel (turns around to reveal the back of the sweater has crossed fingers. She chuckles mischievously and pulls her hair out of it and puts it over)
Cut to Circle Park. Robbie is waiting. Three bells ring
Robbie (sees Dipper) Well, well, well! Look who decided to show up! I thought you chickened out. You ready to settle this like men?
Dipper Look dude, I don't think you want to fight me. Let's just call this thing off before someone gets hurt.
Robbie You scared, huh? Is that it?
Dipper Okay, dude! You asked for it! (Snaps his fingers)
Rumble (Comes out from the dark and assumes fighting pose)
Robbie Who's your friend? And why is he... blurry?
Dipper This happens to be the greatest warrior that ever lived!
Robbie Yeah, right! Hey Eye Patch, what did the kid promise you? More tape for your forearms? Ha ha ha!
Robbie (Confused) wait, what?
Dipper I'm giving you one last chance, back down, or this guy's gonna go nuts.
Robbie How 'bout YOU back down, kid?
Dipper You asked for it. Rumble? Go!
Robbie Ha ha ha! (Ducks Rumble's punch) What the? (Runs)
Rumble (picks him up)
Robbie WHOA! Hey! What's happening?
Dipper I didn't wanna have to do this, man, but you gave me no choice. Maybe now, if you-
Rumble HA HA! (Slams Robbie to the ground)
Dipper Whoa! Rumble! You can stop! I think Robbie's had enough-
Rumble RUMBLE... (throws Robbie high in the air) THROW!
Robbie (lands on metal bars) Hey! What the- THAT GUY'S CRAZY!
Rumble FIREBALL! (throws fireball. It hits the bars.)
Robbie (runs off)
Dipper What the heck was that?! You were only supposed to scare him, you almost killed him!
Rumble I WILL NOT REST UNTIL THE MAN WHO DISHONORED YOU IS DESTROYED!!! (punches Robbie's band poster and runs after him) AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGG! (jumps up and punches an electric pole) PUNCH!!
Dipper This isn't good. (arrives at Barrels and Crates Inc.) Something told me this would be his first stop.
Robbie (Runs out of the building and starts down the fire escape)
Rumble (breaks through the wall with a barrel and throws it at Robbie) AHA!!
Robbie (ducks to avoid the barrel) Chill out man! Just chill out!
Dipper Please, Rumble! You gotta stop!
Rumble (throws down barrels at Robbie as in Donkey Kong, then continues chasing him)
Dipper (chasing them) Rumble wait!
Rumble Punch punch punch! (A "Go!" sign appears)
Dipper (Running) You don't have to do this! At least pace yourself...(Starts to slow down as he gets a cramp in his side) You might get a cramp- (Stops) Ah!
Cut to a man giving his son a key of a car.
Son I love you, dad.
Robbie runs by, and Rumble chases it. Then the car changes to Rumble's bonus round destroying it. Rumble gets a perfect score. The boy drops down.
Son (His words appear above him as he says them) Oh! My car.
Unnamed rich man We'll just buy another one.
Son I love being rich.
Rumble (Chases Robbie through an outdoor barbeque) ALL YOU CAN EAT! (smashes grill)
Dipper (Chases them, then stops and pants)
Soos (pulls up in his truck)
Dipper Soos! Where you been?
Soos Uh, (Gestures to the NORT frame around his neck) long story, man. Dude, you see that video game guy tearing up everything in sight? Ha ha! That's crazy!
Dipper Yeah, I kinda sorta brought him to life to be my bodygaurd. But now I have to stop him before he kills Robbie!
Soos You need an amiable sidekick with a pickup truck?
Dipper You know I do. (gets in)
Cut to water tower. Mabel and Stan (wearing blindfolds) are on it.
Mabel Take off your blindfolds... now!
Stan (removes his blindfolds and sees the great height he's at) Yeah, that's pretty much what I was expecting.
Mabel You're doing better than I thought! Now let go of the handrail...
Stan (with a death grip on the railing in a high-pitched voice) Nope.
Mabel Hey, do you smell anger and hormones?
Robbie (Runs up the water tower) Finally! I'm safe!
Mabel Hey, Robbie! Get your own water tower!
Robbie SSSHHHHH! Keep it down! He'll find us!
Robbie (Screams in fright)
Soos (Pulls up in his truck. To Dipper:) Time to save the day, dude.
Dipper (Runs up to Rumble) Rumble! This has to stop! Please! Listen to me!
Rumble (kicks the water tower, making it lean)
Mabel What's happening!
Stan Oh boy...
Mabel We're safe, right?
Stan Of course not! This thing is on stilts! High high up!
Robbie (falls off water tower)
Rumble (catches him)
Game Announcer FINISH HIM!
Robbie No no no, don't! Don't finish me!
Rumble (gathers up fireball, which is vaporized when a coin hits his head) HWUUUUAAAAAAAAA??!!??
Dipper RUMBLE! (Throws aside two black planks he was using to make a cutscene effect) Rumble! I have something to tell you! Robbie... Robbie didn't kill my father.
Dipper What? No one. I-I lied to you.
Dipper I guess I kinda am...
Rumble (hangs Robbie from a tree by his hood. Cut scene:) My entire journey, a lie! My honor has been disgraced! Sensei warned me not to join the path of evil... the boy has led me astray! If Robbie V. is not the last stage, then it must be... (to Dipper:) YYYYYOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! (START button appears next to Dipper)
Soos (runs to Dipper) Don't fight him, man! That guy's got like a black belt wrapped around his black belt. You could get killed!
Dipper I have to. I started all this and I've got to at least try to stop it.
Soos You sure you wouldn't rather hide like a wimp?
Dipper (hits START)
Soos Fight like a man it is.
Game announcer READY?
Dipper and Rumble's health bars fill up.
Rumble (Assumes fighting position)
Dipper (Changes his position to match Rumble's)
Game Announcer FIGHT!
Rumble (Charges at Dipper) AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGHH!!!!
Dipper (runs at Rumble) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Rumble FIREBALLTHROWLIGHTNINGBALLTHROW!! FIRE!!!! (Throws it... and misses Dipper. Kicks him, making his health go down)
Dipper Urr! (runs and uppercuts Rumble in slow motion) AAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Soos (in slow motion) DUUUUUUUUDE!
Rumble (falls on ground)
Dipper Yes! (Rumble's health goes down by 1%). Oh no. (Runs away from Rumble) HWAAAA!!
Soos (climbs tree and waves arm in front of Rumble's health) Eh. Eh. Well, it was worth a shot.
Rumble (throws another fireball and misses)
Dippr (climbs a tree)
Rumble (paces around under him) NO! I HAVE NO LOOKING UP! ANIMATION! (tries to look up) AAAAAAAAAAA... (Falls flat to the ground)
Dipper Ha ha! (jumps down) So, what should I do, roll him up and put him on my wall?
Soos Dude, we should rock paper scissors for him!
(A small twinkle of light appears on a black screen, then a mushroom cloud shaped like a fist appears)
Dipper (beaten up) You, sir, truly are the greatest fighter ever.
Game Announcer RUMBLE WINS!
Dipper I wouldn't be to sure about that, man.
Game Announcer GAME OVER!
Rumble (disintegrates) HEH?! NO! NOOOOOOO!!!
Dipper Game over, old friend. (collects points and writes "DIP" into the high score entry in the air)
Soos Heh! Nice one, dude!
Back to the water tower, where Mabel and Stan are hugging it.
Mabel I'm sorry, Grunkle Stan!! I thought this would help, but I was wrong! So wrong!!
Stan I-I survived! I survived and I feel great! Wait, let me do a cocky dance just to be sure: Alala-loo-doodly-doo-doodly-doo! HAHA! DEAL WITH IT WORLD! STAN PINES HAS CURED HIS FEAR OF HEIGHTS! (starts down ladder) You comin', kid?
Mabel Uh-uh
Stan What's the matter, YOU got a fear of heights, now? Haha! (Pause) Uh-oh.
Robbie (unhooks his hood from tree branch. To Dipper:) What? Who-who-who was that guy?! Why is it that whenever you're around, there's always ghosts or monsters, or whatever?!
Dipper I don't know, man.
Robbie That guy almost broke my neck! You know how mad I am right now?!!
Dipper So I guess you and I have to fight now, huh? Go ahead, man. Do your worse. I just want to get this over with.
Robbie Oh, man! I am so gonna enjoy this! (raises his fist) Aren't you gonna run?
Dipper Nope.
Robbie ... Are you sure?
Dipper (nods)
Robbie (pauses) Pffft! It's not even worth it! I play lead guitar so I gotta save my hands.
Wendy (comes up) Hey guys! I heard some crazy screaming back here.
Dipper and Robbie Wendy?
Dipper You're back!
Wendy Yeah, man. Whoa! What the heck happened here? Freak tornado or something?
Dipper and Robbie Uh, yeah, sure.
Wendy And why are your faces all jacked up? You guys weren't fighting each other, were you? I hate it when guys fight.
Dipper No! Fighting?
Robbie Why would we be fighting? Never!
Dipper Yeah, we actually fell over trying to stop two other guys from fighting each other.
Wendy Cool! It really makes me happy to see my two boys hanging out. I got some unpacking to do. I'll text you guys later. (kisses Robbie and pats Dipper, then leaves)
Dipper Did you hear that? She called me one of her two boys!
Robbie She was looking at me, though.
Dipper Look, Robbie, If we're stay at each other's throats, we're both gonna lose Wendy. We need to make a cold war pact.
Robbie Okay. What's that?
Dipper We need to learn to hate each other, in silence.
Robbie You mean like, what girls do?
Dipper Yeah, exactly! What girls do.
Cut to Mystery Shack. Dipper, Robbie, and Wendy are at the cash register.
Wendy (brushing her hair) So, then I told Thompson, "Hey, save some for the rest of us!"
Dipper and Robbie Ha! Good one, Wendy! That's great!
Wendy (drops her brush) Aw, man. Just a sec. (tries to find it)
Dipper and Robbie (Growl at each other)
Wendy (finds it) So as I was saying...
Dipper and Robbie (Agree with Wendy)
Dipper, Stan, Mabel, and Wendy are shown in front of the Mystery Shack in video game graphics
Dipper I'm Dipper I have shorts and determination!
Mabel It's a-me! A-Mabel!
Stan I'm slower, but I jump higher.
Wendy Pick me or whatever.
Soos (Eats them like Pac-man, wakes up on Gift Shop counter) Alas. Twas not but a dream. (Lays back down on the counter) Om. Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom. Eating my friends. Nom. Nom.
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