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This page is for the episode. For the arcade game, see Fight Fighters (video game).

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"Fight Fighters"[3] is the 10th episode of the first season of Gravity Falls. It premiered on September 14, 2012 on Disney Channel.

Official Overview[]

After being challenged to a fight by Wendy's boyfriend, Robbie, Dipper is shocked when his favorite Fight Fighters fighter, Rumble McSkirmish, comes to life to defend him, but Dipper soon loses control of Rumble and has to find a way to stop him from seriously injuring Robbie.[4]


S1e10 third wheel

Robbie glancing threateningly at Dipper while holding Wendy.

The episode begins with Soos showing Stan and Mabel the Arcade games. He explains that he learned his daily life skills from them, and walks over to Old Man McGucket, who is seen playing a dance game that is out of order. Stan inserts a coin into a machine and wins immediately, but realizes the game is a scam when it then tells him to insert another token. Dipper and Wendy are then seen playing a game called Fight Fighters; Dipper wins the round, and Wendy playfully insists that he cheated. They start another round, Wendy saying that she is going to punch the ref and Dipper saying he would help. The latter gets annoyed when Robbie enters the room, showing Wendy a flier for his band. Then he pushes Dipper out of the way, and plays against Wendy himself. As the two are competing against each other in Fight Fighters, Wendy tells Robbie that she is going camping with her father, but Robbie doesn't listen due to the fact that he is too busy focusing on the game. He then puts his arm around Wendy and glares at Dipper with suspicion and contempt.

S1e10 grunkle stan interrupts

Robbie picking up Dipper.

Back at the Mystery Shack, Mabel, Dipper, Soos and Stan are playing a card game. Mabel wins, and Stan complains that she doesn't even know what they're playing, and Mabel's guess is 'Go Fish'. They soon hear an electric guitar being played outside, which Soos thinks is a radio station inside his head but is actually Robbie. Stan asks if Robbie is the twerp who is always making 'goo-goo eyes' at Wendy, and Soos adds that Robbie called him "Big Dude" once, which hurt his feelings. Mabel then asks if Dipper wants her to sic Waddles on him again, but Dipper tells her he'll handle it. Once outside, Dipper informs Robbie that Wendy is out camping with her family that day, which surprises Robbie although she told him the day before. Dipper then says Robbie doesn't pay attention to her under his breath. But Robbie hears him and gets furious. He tells him that he knows that Dipper likes Wendy, and pulls out his phone, threatening to call her to tell her. Panicking, Dipper slaps the phone out of Robbie's hands, accidentally breaking it. He hurriedly says he would buy Robbie a new one, but Robbie picks up Dipper and tells him that he's "not gonna get off that easily." Stan then opens the window to tell them to stay right there and that he knows a fight when he sees one. Robbie then throws Dipper on the ground telling him to meet him at Circle Park at 3:00 before walking off, upsetting Stan. Dipper gets scared and says he needs to hide but Stan says he can face him like a man or hide like a wimp. Dipper choses to do the latter at the Arcade.

S1e10 mabel with clover sweater

Mabel decides to test Stan to see if he has a fear of heights.

Meanwhile at home, Mabel and Waddles are watching a TV show called "Why You Ackin' So Cray-Cray?" and Stan was fixing a jackalope and goes to get glue for it from a shelf but can't reach it. Mabel asks if she could get a ladder, but Stan gets worried and tells her that ladders are more dangerous than a loaded gun, and he tells her he owns ten guns. Mabel thinks that he has a fear of heights and tries to test him.

At the Arcade, Soos is playing a game call NORT, a parody of Tron. He then wonders what it's like to go inside a real video game, so he unscrews a side panel and climbs inside.

S1e10 rumble appears

Rumble comes to life.

Dipper is then seen playing, and then losing, a game of Fight Fighters. His next quarter falls out of his hands and rolls next to the game. When goes to pick it up he notices a code "to unleash ultimate power." Dipper enters the code because "he likes things that are ultimate." The game shuts off, which he thought meant that it didn't work, but then a beam of light fires out of the machine. The game asks Dipper to "select a character," Dipper picks Rumble McSkirmish, and Rumble then leaps from the video game, surprising Dipper. Rumble smashes a change machine and tells Dipper he needs power-ups.

S1e10 stan afraid of heights

Stan's fear of heights is revealed.

At home, Mabel tries to figure out if Stan has a fear of heights by giving him high-heels. Stan tells her that he doesn't have a fear but when he sees a skydiving show he realizes he does. In the kitchen, Dipper gives Rumble a half-eaten taco for a power-up. Rumble declares he must defeat the world's greatest Fight Fighters, then asks Dipper to take him to the Soviet Union. Dipper says that going to the Soviet Union would be tough for a number of reasons, and instead suggests that he could fight Robbie, and lies when Rumble asks if Robbie killed his father.

S1e10 robbie will wet pants

Dipper and Rumble walking down the street.

Rumble and Dipper then walk through town when Rumble asks Dipper his opponent's special moves. Dipper replies he doesn't need to worry about that, because after he sees Rumble he's gonna wet his pants. Rumble then says that his wet pants will be no match for a pipe that he got from punching an oil drum. Dipper tells him just to give Robbie a good scare. Rumble pulls out a sword and says "Yes! With this!" Dipper then says that the street they are walking down has dangerous litter.

S1e10 rumble with barrel

Rumble attacks Robbie.

Mabel then asks Stan if he wants to go for a walk while wearing a blindfold, he agrees and she takes him to the top of the water tower. In the meantime, Dipper and Rumble approach Circle Park and see Robbie. Dipper tries to call the fight off but Robbie disagrees. Dipper then sends Rumble out. Rumble tries to kill Robbie, but when Dipper tells him to stop, he says he won't stop until Robbie is dead. Dipper then goes to Barrels & Crates, Incorporated. Robbie escapes Rumble, who still won't stop. Soos, with bits of the NORT game still stuck on him, gives Dipper a ride.

S1e10 fight starts

The fight between Dipper and Rumble starts.

At the water tower, Stan takes off his blindfold and immediately grabs the rail because he is scared. Robbie then climbs the water tower to get away from Rumble. Dipper tries to get Rumble to stop, but he doesn't listen and knocks Robbie off of the water tower. He catches him and nearly kills him, but Dipper interrupts him and reveals he lied. Rumble believes Dipper is the bad guy he needs to fight. Dipper decides to be a man and enter the fight. Rumble uses his special move, "Super Power Ninja Turbo Neo Ultra Hyper Mega Multi Alpha Meta Extra Uber Prefix COMBO," severely injuring Dipper. Rumble gloats in victory, but is erased when the "Game Over" sign appears.

S1e10 wendy hairbrush

The Cold War Pact.

Stan finally gets over his fear of heights and confirms it with a cocky dance, however Mabel now has a fear of heights. Dipper allows Robbie to beat him up, but Robbie decides not to. Wendy, who has returned from camping, asks the two if they were fighting. Dipper tells her that they were trying to stop two other people from fighting, and Wendy affectionately calls them "her boys." Dipper and Robbie then agree to hate each other in secret.

S1e10 8-Bit Gravity Falls Animated

Retro Gravity Falls (click for animation).

In the credits scene, a pixelated version of Gravity Falls is shown, and the player can select Dipper ("I have shorts and determination!"), Mabel ("It's-a me, a-Mabel!"), Stan ("I'm slower, but I jump higher"), or Wendy ("Pick me or whatever"). Soos's head, enlarged to the size of the others, then appears and eats all the characters. Soos then wakes up from dreaming, then goes back to sleep. Lastly in the credits there is a cryptogram.


Production notes[]

See also: List of allusions and List of goofs.

Revelations & significant events[]

  • The main characters are only seen in the arcade once.
  • Soos reveals to Dipper that teenager's hormones turn into killing machines and are considered dangerous.
    • He also reveals that he has a cousin named Reggie, who once got beaten up by a teenager that broke both arms and legs.
  • Rumble McSkirmish is seen outside of his game for the first time in the series.
  • Dipper is revealed to have anthropophobia, which means fear of fighting.
    • However, he manages to face his fear of fighting when he fights Rumble.
    • Also, due to continuity error, he has gotten into a fight with a character like Gideon as seen in "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel".
  • Stan is revealed to show delight when he sees someone fighting.
  • Robbie is revealed to have anxiety when Wendy is not in the Mystery Shack.
  • Mabel learns that Stan has acrophobia, which means a fear of heights, because he doesn't have any ladders inside the Shack.
    • However, near the end of the episode, he overcomes his fear of heights and now Mabel begins her acrophobia.
  • Manly Dan is revealed to be Wendy's father.
  • Dipper and Robbie learn to secretly hate each other to avoid losing Wendy.

Series continuity[]

  • Many references from the previous episode:
    • The arcade in this episode was seen in that episode, when Blendin Blandin tries to escape Dipper and Mabel and his suit briefly displays an image of the arcade.
    • Robbie and Wendy continue their relationship, which started in the same episode.
    • Mabel mentions Waddles attacking Robbie again as he did in the same episode.
    • Waddles now resides with the Pines' family after the events of the same episode.
  • Robbie's water tower graffiti that Dipper had mistaken for a muffin in "The Inconveniencing" appears once again.

Songs featured[]


  • Viewership: This episode was watched by 2.943 million viewers on its premiere night.[2]
S1e10 Ultimate Power Code
  • The pixel sprites were animated by Paul Robertson, who also designed the sprites for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game,[5][6] and Fez.
  • The code Dipper uses to unleash Rumble McSkirmish differs from the code written on the side of the arcade machine. Dipper's code goes as follows: back, back, hold, forward, back, forward, down, hold, quarter circle forward, triple punch. The code written on the machine reads: back, back, punch, punch, forward, back, down, kick, kick, quarter circle forward, triple punch, kick.
  • At the barbecue restaurant, Rumble destroys the Pizza Guy's grill, which he was using to grill pizza.
  • When Soos is showing Stan and Mabel the arcade, the unnamed hillbilly is seen playing a game with Bill Cipher on it.
  • When Mabel switches from the four leaf clover sweater to the Scouts Honor sweater, her headband and skirt switch colors to match her new outfit.
  • When Rumble wins in his fight with Dipper, he shows a Japanese symbol on his back ("屁"), which translates to "fart".
  • Irony: Mabel helps Stan conquer his fear of heights, but ends up getting it herself.


S1e10 soos ending sleeping
  • During the end credits of this episode, there was a cryptogram that read "HLIIB, WRKKVI, YFG BLFI DVMWB RH RM ZMLGSVI XZHGOV." Once decoded, it reads "SORRY, DIPPER, BUT YOUR WENDY IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE." This refers to Super Mario Bros. games, in which, upon defeating a fake Bowser, Toad says to Mario, "Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!"


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