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"Eyes"[1] is a segment in "Old Man" McGucket's Conspiracy Corner Marathon.


Old Man McGucket points out how many people in Gravity Falls have only one eye, including: Lazy Susan, who always has one eye closed, Stan Pines, who covers one of his eyes with an eye patch, Blind Ivan (who he refers to as "the baldy feller,") Bill Cipher and the lumberjack, who is missing an eye. He suggests that these people might all be connected.

McGucket explains that he told this to a skunk, but the skunk told him that he is a "sap head." Still, McGucket says that he believes they are all connected.

Episodes referenced


  • This short aired during the showing of "The Love God."
  • This is the only Conspiracy Corner segment which can't be found on the Disney Video website.


  1. This segment has no official name, but is referred to as "Eyes" in the article for the sake of convenience.

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