Ernesto is one of the many imaginary figures of Mabeland. Not having met his father since he was little, Ernesto is Soos' idealized vision of his dad.


In "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality," when Mabel explains to Dipper, Soos and Wendy what Mabeland is, she has a surprise prepared for each one of them. For Wendy, she has her friends Lee, Nate, Tambry and Thompson in a monster truck inviting her to do pranks. After Wendy leaves Dipper and Soos, Soos promises Dipper that "there's nothing in [that] world that could break [him] from [their] mission,"[1] but then Ernesto enters, introduces himself and invites him to play catch, to what Soos replies that "[he's] perfect" and that "even if it is all a dream, [he has to] play just one game,"[1] leaving Dipper alone with Mabel.

He later appears in Mabeland court when Dipper is tried for mentioning reality. When Dipper and Mabel reconcile in court, and Mabel decides to return to reality, Ernesto, along with the other imaginary creatures, turn against Mabel and chase down the twins, Wendy, and Soos to prevent them from escaping.


As Ernesto himself explains, he has "the body of a pro wrestler" and the "face [Soos] once saw on a hot sauce bottle." Thus, he's a very muscular man dressed as a mexican wrestler. His wrestler belt reads "PAPI," which is Spanish for "daddy."


Ernesto is all Soos expected from his absent father. He cares about him and likes to do father-and-son activities.


Season 2


"You don't remember what I look like, so I have the body of a pro wrestler and a face you once saw on a hot sauce bottle. I was never there for you, but in this world, I can be."
—Ernesto to Soos[source]

"Want to play catch?"
—Ernesto to Soos[source]


  • Despite real Soos' father being Caucasian, in this imaginary version he's Hispanic.[2]


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