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Ergman Bratsman[2][3] is a famous record producer, who created and managed the popular boy band Sev'ral Timez.


Early Life

Bratsman genetically engineered Sev'ral Timez to be the perfect boy band, and became rich off of their success. However, he kept them in cages to keep them naïve to the world and consequently dependent on his care. Should any members rebel against his authority, Bratsman keeps extra clones to replace them.

Season 1

"The goat did it!"

Bratsman first appears in "Boyz Crazy" angrily berating the band for a "terrible" performance, except for Leggy P., who he thought was on point, and threatening to replace the rest of them with new clones if they fail to shape up. 

After learning the boys have escaped during their concert in Gravity Falls, Bratsman follows their trail of frosted tips to the local Mystery Shack. There, he questions Soos about any sight of the boy band, who unhelpfully answers the question while Gompers chews off his limousine's rear license plate. Suspicious, Bratsman leaves for the time being, vowing to find the boys even if he has to turn the town upside down. 

He is soon pulled over and arrested by Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland for missing his rear license plate, blaming Gompers for being responsible. The story is broadcasted by the local reporter, Shandra Jimenez.


Bratsman is a greedy, cruel, mean and heartless man. He's business savvy but inhuman, treating his creations as nothing but business commerce, locking them up in hamster cages for his own benefit. While possessive, he's shown to compliment his band when he believes they've done a good job. And he also claims to love them. It can be inferred he's extremely intelligent, having genetically engineered the "perfect boy band" and cloning them over and over again.


Bratsman appearance.png

Bratsman is a short, fat, bald man. He wears a white long sleeved shirt, green pants, and gold suspenders. Also, he has a visible gold tooth on the front set and carries a golden cane. He also has tiny facial features except for his mouth and chin.


Season 1



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