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The Enchanted Forest, like the Gnome forest, is a hidden area of the Gravity Falls Forest. It is home to the local unicorns.


The forest has beautiful scenery. The grass is healthy and green, with flowers all around and a river running through it.



Gnasty's is a gnome tavern located in The Enchanted Forest, adjacent to the bad side of the forest and the fairy nail salon. The entrance is in the base of a tree, with the tavern's name on a board above the door. Hanging outside the door is a lantern, and a sign that says "Squirrel parking in back." Inside, the bar is a log, the bar stools are toadstools, tables are tree stumps and the other chairs are rocks.

Home of the Unicorns

Home of the Unicorns.

Within the forest is a secret home for the unicorns of the area. What seems to be a place that takes on the appearance of a stonehenge is only the base of their home, as their home is hidden within the grounds. Once an ancient chant is droned, a large door rises from the ground. Behind the door is a large foresty-looking area, with lots of rainbows, streams and trees. It is about one hour's walk from the Mystery Shack.


The Enchanted Forest was a place which Ford Pines discovered during his research of the supernatural in Gravity Falls years ago. During his research, Ford found out that the only way to get there is by performing an ancient chant droned only by the deepest-voiced druids of old. The chant then will rise the of the home of the unicorns.

Home of the Unicorns

In "The Last Mabelcorn," Mabel, Candy, Grenda and Wendy go to the forest in order to find the unicorns so they can get a lock of a unicorn's hair for Ford to use to protect the Mystery Shack from Bill Cipher. When they find the place, Grenda volunteers to bellow the ancient chant, accessing the golden doors to the home of the unicorns. When the unicorn, Celestabellebethabelle, refuses to let her have her hair for not being pure of heart, Mabel sets off to prove herself by doing one thousand good deeds.


In "The Last Mabelcorn," Wendy, Candy, and Grenda enter Gnasty's in search of someone who knows how to take down a unicorn. Inside they meet a gnome who gets the girls two bags of fairy dust in exchange for a jar of butterflies, even though butterfly trafficking is illegal in that part of the forest. The GPD Gnome Police later arrest the dealer.




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