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|name = Emmit and D'Shawn
|image = Short17 Emmit! D'shawn!.png
|first = [[Mabel's Scrapbook: Petting Zoo]]
|voice =
|occupation = Farmhands
|friends = [[Sprott]]
|quote = "Ughh."
|alliance = [[Petting Zoo]]
|enemies = [[Stan Pines]]<br>[[Dipper Pines]]<br>[[Mabel Pines]]<br>[[Soos Ramirez|Soos]]<br>[[Wendy Corduroy]]}}'''Emmet and D'Shawn'''<ref>[ Spelling from storyboard test.]</ref> are two farmhands that work at the [[Petting Zoo]].
[[File:Short17 halfhearted fist wave.png|thumb|left|Indifferent reaction]]
Emmet and D'Shawn attempt to foil [[Dipper Pines|Dipper]], [[Mabel Pines|Mabel]], [[Stan Pines|Stan]], [[Soos Ramirez|Soos]], and [[Wendy Corduroy|Wendy's]] escape with [[Octavia]] in the [[Shorts|short]] "[[Mabel's Scrapbook: Petting Zoo]]," mainly by closing the gate to the petting zoo. Despite their efforts, the Pines family escapes, causing them to grunt and shake their fists at the getaway [[Soos' pick-up truck|truck]].
Emmet is a somewhat fat, short man with brown hair and a crooked nose. He is shown wearing a straw hat, plaid gray shirt, and brown overalls.
D'Shawn is a tall man who has brown hair, a thick brow, and a larger red nose. He wears a green shirt with a blue, partially unbuttoned jean overalls. {{Clear}}
[[ru:Эммит и Ди'Шоун]]
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[[Category:Minor characters]]

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