Emma Sue is a girl who toured Oregon with her parents.


In "Roadside Attraction," she is a tourist attending Upside-Down Town at the same time Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, Candy, and Grenda are there. Dipper flirts with her and she gives him her email, "kewlgrl@jeemail-dot-crom." She has to leave the attraction shortly after, as her mother goes into labor and her father says that the family must rush off to Canada for her to give birth.

She is later seen at Mystery Mountain, after her mother has given birth. She and the other girls Dipper flirted with over the course of the trip find him on a "date" with Candy, and confront him, asking which one of them he likes. When Dipper explains that he was just trying to learn how to talk to girls, and didn't actually like them, Emma Sue and the other girls leave, upset with him.


Emma Sue appearance

Emma Sue has freckles and wears a white tank-top covered by a light pink crop top, red shorts, and short brown boots. Her hair is light brown, worn in pigtails held up by pink scrunchies.


"So gross!"
—Emma Sue when her attitude toward Dipper changes.[source]

"Who are these girls?"
—Emma Sue when she sees the other girls Dipper has flirted with.[source]


Season 2


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