The Electron Carpet (a.k.a. Experiment 78) is a shag carpet that allows one to switch bodies with others using static electricity.


Season 1

The carpet was left in a hidden room (formerly Ford Pines' bedroom) in the Mystery Shack. Eventually, it is rediscovered when Soos finds the room many years later. Dipper and Mabel accidentally discover its body switching powers when they switch with one another during one of their many fights, this time for the room in "Carpet Diem." Several peoples' bodies get switched around, such as CandyGrenda, Old Man McGucket, Soos, Waddles, Sheriff Blubs, and Deputy Durland, but they all eventually return to their appropriate bodies. Dipper finally wins the room by swaying Stan. Dipper, however, decides to get rid of it, to which Stan obliges and takes it out of the room.

Season 2

In "Scary-oke," the carpet's labelled tag reappears on "Dipper's Board of Mysteries."

In "Sock Opera," it's revealed that Stan didn't get rid of the carpet, as he merely stuffed it into the attic. It's seen among the clutter of sock puppets Mabel and everyone made, while Dipper converses with Bill Cipher.

When recounting his past in "A Tale of Two Stans," Stanley said that he couldn't sleep for the first few nights after Ford went into the portal. He was seen in Ford's room, with the carpet on the floor.

In "The Last Mabelcorn," it is rolled up in the corner in Ford's room, just before he talks with Bill Cipher in his mindscape.


S1e16 experiment 78 electric

The Electron Carpet.

The carpet is a large light blue square, and very fuzzy, excellent for conducting electricity. There is a yellow circle on the carpet and inside that circle are two yellow arrows that go counterclockwise. It has a tag attached to it, with the words "Experiment 78" on it.


It works via someone shuffling on the carpet, such as walking on it or rolling in it, and charging up static electricity. Once the subject has sufficiently charged up, anyone they immediately contact with will be the one they switch bodies with.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Whenever a character switches bodies on the carpet, the hair, eyes, and facial structure may change to match whoever is currently inside the body. For example, when Old Man McGucket is in Candy Chiu's body, the teeth, posture, and eyes slightly change.
  • It is currently unknown how, but since Ford used to live in the room the carpet was in (as evidenced by his glasses that were in the room too), the carpet is clearly a part of his old belongings, or rather, old experiments.


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