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Earl is an old sea captain who once captured Mermando.


Mermando captured.

In "The Deep End," as Mermando reveals the story of how he ended up at the Gravity Falls Pool, he mentions being captured by a sea captain. During the flashback, Earl discussed what to do with the strange creature with a crew-man. In the end, Earl decides that they should "feast on his flesh."


Earl is a grizzled old sea captain with an exaggerated chin and large nose. He sports a great, white beard, which wraps around the majority of his wrinkled, aged face. He wears a traditional captain's hat, adorned with a picture of a golden-yellow anchor. A simple captain's jacket warms his middle, worn over a red undershirt. To cover his old, infirm legs, he wears a simple pair of black pants, their cuffs tucked neatly into his black rain boots.


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