Duck-tective is a show that Mabel and Dipper Pines watch at the beginning of "Headhunters." It is a TV show involving a crime-solving sleuth duck, very similar to Sherlock Holmes. The titular duck speaks only through a series of quacks which are translated in the subtitles though the constable that he is speaking to seems capable of understanding him at certain points. The animals' limbs move not by choice but by sticks taped to them. It is said by Stan to have humor that goes over kids' heads and a great mystery element, referencing Gravity Sorry, I just wanted to get rid of this since I felt like it. Have a great day!

Stan Pines watches it later and calls the duck stupid, despite Duck-tective having just solved the case of the murder. The constable is heard in "Little Dipper," telling the duck that he's gone too far this time. Mabel thinks of the duck as a genius, whereas Dipper feels he could outwit the Duck-tective and that it's easier for the duck to find clues because it's closer to the ground.


In "TV Shorts 2," a clip of an episode is shown as Stan flips through the channels on Gravity Falls Public Access TV.

In "Mabel's Scrapbook: Heist Movie," it seems the series has been adapted into a 3D-stereoscopic live-action film, as a poster at the local cinema reads Duck-Tective 3D.



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