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Disney Channel - Snowman-O-Rama is a game on the Disney Channel website using a few elements from its then current run of shows during its release.



  1. Make a snowman using the blocks on the right.
  2. To clear the level, make the snowman bigger than the green line.
  3. Decorate the snowman using the tools, which can be obtained by clicking the presents falling from the sky.

Gravity Falls Tools

  • Dipper's eyes looking up
  • Dipper's hat
  • Mabel's eyes
  • Mouth made out of beads
  • Stick-hand with a camera
  • Stick-hand with a grappling hook


  • The logo used for Phineas and Ferb is instead Phineas y Ferb, which is the logo for the Spanish dub of the show.


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