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|quote = "Wiggity wiggity wazzup, dude bros? I'm Dippy Fresh!"
|quote = "Wiggity wiggity wazzup, dude bros? I'm Dippy Fresh!"
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is the [[Prison Bubble|Mabeland]] version of [[Dipper Pines]] who was created by [[Mabel Pines]].
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is the [[Prison Bubble|Mabeland]] version of [[Dipper Pines]].

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Dippy Fresh is the Mabeland version of Dipper Pines.


In "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality," Dippy Fresh first appears in Mabel's office when Dipper and Mabel begin to argue. He was created by Mabel as backup Dipper with a more supportive attitude in case the real one didn't agree with her. He entered as the twins were talking about escaping Mabeland, stating he likes skateboarding, supporting Mabel, and punctuating every sentence with a high-five (which Soos does with him). Dipper develops an instant and intense hatred for him.

He later appears in Mabeland court when Dipper is tried for mentioning reality, with Dippy Fresh set up as a replacement for Dipper if Dipper should lose the trial. When Dipper and Mabel

S2e19 out of this dippy

Dipper hates Dippy

reconcile in court, and Mabel decides to return to reality, Dippy Fresh, along with the other imaginary creatures, turn against Mabel and chase down the twins, Wendy, and Soos to prevent them from escaping.


S2e19 dippy true form

Dippy Fresh's true form

Dippy Fresh looks like Dipper, but with major differences. He dresses in heavily 90's-inspired attire and the same t-shirt and hat as Dipper, but Dippy's hat is backwards and his shirt is tucked into his pants. He wears grey jeans, a fluorescent green belt, green and pink high-top sneakers with blue lightning bolts and red flashing lights, a blue vest with yellow lightning bolts, and a pair of visor-like green sunglasses with purple lenses. He sometimes also wears a purple helmet with a blue stripe down the middle. His outfit is based off of Kid Vid from BK Club.


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