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====Clone #8====
====Clone #8====
[[File:S1e7 6 luring stan.png|right|120px]]
[[File:S1e7 6 luring stan.png|right|120px]]
He was created with the majority of the other clones, helped come up with a plan B to dance with Wendy, distracted [[Grunkle Stan|Stan]]  with money, goes against Dipper, fights with the other copies and is melted by fire sprinklers.
He was created with the majority of the other clones, helped come up with a plan B to dance with Wendy, distracted [[Grunkle Stan|Stan]] with money, goes against Dipper, fights with the other copies and is melted by fire sprinklers.
====Clone #9====
====Clone #9====

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See also: Tyrone, Paper Jam Dipper, and Sev'ral Timez

Clones are genetically identical copies of a single individual, and may be made by using the cloning copy machine or through a longer process of genetic engineering.


S1e7 pjd plays with tyrone

Dipper, Tyrone, clone #3 and Paper Jam Dipper in Stan's office.

Clones make their debut in "Double Dipper" when Dipper uses the afore mentioned copy machine. After the initial creations of the arm clone (accidental) and Tyrone, Dipper seeks the latter's help in executing his complicated plan to get Wendy to dance with him, eventually producing nine more. While things go smoothly for a time, the clones turn on each other when the original Dipper deviates from the procedure by "talking to Wendy like a normal person," with clones #5 through #10 and Paper Jam Dipper disintegrating in the process. After Dipper and Tyrone realize their mistakes, they make up and opt to get some sodas, though Tyrone is melted upon drinking his. The whereabouts of clones #3 and #4 are unknown.

S1e17 you'd do that for us beef?

Mabel lets the boys out of their cage.

In "Boyz Crazy," Mabel, Candy, and Grenda learn that their favorite boy band, Sev'ral Timez, are actually a group of trapped clones created by their rich manager, Ergman Bratzman. Upon seeing that they are kept in a cage and treated like animals, they set the band free and take them back to the Mystery Shack, where they play with the group and try to teach them skills they lacked due to their prior treatment. Eventually, the girls fight over the band, with Mabel convincing them to side with her, but late come to the consensus that the boys are human despite their peculiar background and set them free into the woods.

List of Clones

Dipper clones

Copies made by Dipper Pines of himself using a copy machine in "Double Dipper," all of whom look and act exactly like him.


S1e7 hand melting

The arm was an accidental, incomplete clone of Dipper. It was seen briefly in the opening, possibly going to attack Dipper and Mabel, before it was disintegrated with soda.

Tyrone (Clone #2)

Main article: Tyrone
S1e7 tyrone thinks of name

Tyrone was the first complete Dipper clone. He helped Dipper formulate new plans, make other clones, and acts as the copies' leader when their original counterpart went against their complex plan. He was the only clone who realized it was better of Dipper to talk to Wendy like a normal person and melted after drinking soda while telling Dipper things like to stop acting like such a wimp around Wendy.

Clone #3

S1e7 copier breaks

He was created to steal Robbie's bike and did with #4, but refused to do so with Paper Jam Dipper. Unlike most of the other clones, he never melted, nor did he come back after stealing the bicycle.

Paper Jam Dipper

Main article: Paper Jam Dipper
S1e7 angry paper jam

Paper Jam Dipper was a failed attempt at a fourth Dipper clone, extremely deformed due to coming from a paper jam. He was treated like a baby, most sympathetically by Tyrone, brawled with the other clones (Less with #3.) and was melted by fire sprinklers like most of the others, saying it was "better for him" this way. The cryptogram mentioned him.

Clone #4

S1e7 3 and 4 stealing bike

He was made to assist clone #3 take Robbie's bike and never returned after carrying out his task.

Clone #5

S1e7 clone 5 thumbs up

He was made with clones #6 through #10 in order to help Tyrone and Dipper form a plan B. He pulled down the shades in the party room, was the first to note that Dipper should not dance with Wendy because he did not follow through with the plan, dragged him to the closet, stopped his original from getting help, fought with his counterparts and melted with most of the other clones.

Clone #6

S1e7 6 ringing bell

Created for the same purpose as most of the clones, he helped form a plan B, let Dipper and Tyrone know that everything was in place, dragged Dipper to the closet, told #5 not to shove others, participated in the clone fight and melted with most of the others.

Clone #7

S1e7 7 adding gel

He was made for the standard purpose of Dipper clones, re-evaluated the plan, added a pink tint to the spotlight in the party room, turned on Dipper and dragged him to a closet with clones #5 and #6. When the classic tried to leave during the clone fight, he dressed up as #7, but was exposed. #7 said "That's not me guys, that's not me!"  #7 was disintegrated by the fire sprinklers like most of the other clones.

Clone #8

He was created with the majority of the other clones, helped come up with a plan B to dance with Wendy, distracted Stan with money, goes against Dipper, fights with the other copies and is melted by fire sprinklers.

Clone #9

S1e7 clone 9 yelling
Throughout his short lifespan, he was created, revised the plan to dance with Wendy, backstabbed Dipper, fought and was melted with the other clones. He was the one to announce the clone fight.

Clone #10

S1e7 10 changing music

He was made for the standard reason and did what the other clones did: re-evaluated the plan, turned on Dipper, fought with the other clones and was melted with fire sprinklers. He distracted Soos with a laser pointer for fifteen minutes straight and put the "Wendy Mix" CD in the player. He suggested that he should get to dance with Wendy, due to the nonsensical reason of being around her the least.

Sev'ral Timez

Main article: Sev'ral Timez
S1e17 show end

(From left to right) Greggy C., Leggy P., Creggy G., Deep Chris, and Chubby Z.

A famous boy band genetically engineered through a complex process by Ergman Bratzman, the group is treated like animals while their creator gets all the profit. They are enjoyed by a widespread audience, mainly preteen girls. Its members consist of Creggy G., Greggy C., Leggy P., Chubby Z., and Deep Chris. The youngest is a fetus. All of these were kept in tubes, filled with a green liquid, and fed through their bellies (much like how unborn babies are kept in a womb).


S1e7 didn't follow plan

The clones going over their plans.

Each clone created is shown to have the same personality, knowledge and skills as the original. They seem to focus on a single task and may even turn on the original and even each other for deviations from said task; however, this may only apply to Dipper clones, due to their classic counterpart's personality. Clones that come out of paper jams have extreme mental handicaps, even to the point of not being able to speak intelligibly. But, all of the clones (except for 3 and 4) turn against Dipper, because all of the clones want to dance with Wendy.


S1e7 pjd hungry

A normal clone (left) with a deformed one (right).

If the clone comes out perfectly they will resemble the original almost exactly, albeit with small changes. For example, the Dipper clones didn't have a pine tree on their hats (Dipper drew a number on each of them with a marker in the place where the pine tree would've been). They also lack the bow tie Dipper wore every time he cloned himself. The clones have paler colors than their original (due to being made of paper). In the event of a paper jam, the clone still comes to life, but is severely misshapen.


Season 1


  • In the promo, when a clone popped up from paper, the animators appear to use screen tone, which is often used in manga.
  • Number 5 seems to be slightly more quick thinking, for he was the one that thought that Dipper shouldn't be the one to dance with Wendy if he didn't follow the plan. Also, he was the one who grabbed Dipper just before he was about to call out.
  • The clones' weakness to liquid appears to reference how liquid dissolves ink, what the clones are made from.


"Come on, you're not make me partner up with him, are you?"
—Clone #3 to Dipper and Tyrone about Paper Jam Dipper[source]

"Huh? What? You bite your tongue!"
—the clones' reaction to Dipper straying from the plan[source]

" If you're not gonna stick to the plan, then maybe you shouldn't be the Dipper to dance with Wendy."
—Clone #5[source]

"Fair point, fair point. Counter-point: Maybe I should get to dance with her because I've been around her the least."
—Clone #10[source]

"Clone fight!"
—Clone #9[source]



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