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Mason "Dipper" Pines[2] (born August 31, 1999)[20] is a smart, curious, and adventurous 13-year-old boy (12 prior to the events of the finale), and is one of the two main protagonists of the series. Alongside his twin sister Mabel, he spends the summer of 2012 with his Great Uncle "Grunkle" Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon, where he and his sister constantly encounter the town's paranormal tendencies. Armed with Journal 3 that he found in a hidden place in a tree in the Gravity Falls Forest, him and Mabel work to seek out and uncover the town's mysterious secrets.

Dipper represents the pine tree symbol associated with the Bill Cipher Zodiac, as it is present on his hat.


Early life

S1e5 picture of dipper in lamb costume

Dipper in his lamb costume.

Dipper was born on August 31, 1999.[20] His family lives in Piedmont, California. At a young age, Dipper's mother would dress him up in a lamb costume and have him perform his signature song and dance, the "Lamby Lamby Dance".[8] He and Mabel were raised secular, but celebrate all holidays at his sister's insistence.[21] Since he was young, his favorite holiday has been Halloween, of which his favorite part is trick-or-treating with Mabel.[22] He is also known to have been teased about his birthmark by other children until he started hiding it, which may be how he earned his nickname when he was no older than five.[23] He also attended Eggbert Elementary with his sister.

Arrival in Gravity Falls

Sometime during the month of June,[24] Dipper and his twin sister Mabel were sent north up the coast [12] to the small town of Gravity Falls, Oregon, to stay with their Great Uncle Stan (whom the twins call 'Grunkle Stan'.) Stan runs a tourist trap named the Mystery Shack which doubles as and was originally his house. While Mabel adjusts with ease, Dipper initially finds it difficult to get used to his new surroundings.

Opening twins arriving

A bus drops Dipper and Mabel Pines off at the Mystery Shack in the opening sequence.

One fateful day, Stan tasks Dipper to put up hanging signs advertising the Mystery Shack in the "spooky part" of the Gravity Falls Forest, where he discovers a journal written by an unknown and enigmatic author detailing the town's secrets and dangers. Dipper discloses his findings with Mabel and consecutively meets her new boyfriend, Norman, who he begins to suspect is a zombie, based on the information in Journal 3. Despite failing to find any incriminating evidence, Dipper confronts his sister on the theory, resulting in an argument. During Mabel's date, however, he notices Norman's right hand falling off on camera, which Norman suspiciously attaches back on, making him fearful that Mabel could unknowingly be in danger.

S1e1 dipper opening secret compartment

Dipper opens the compartment containing Journal 3.

Using the Mystery Cart with the keys he obtains from the Mystery Shack's clerk, Wendy, Dipper quickly heads to rescue Mabel, and, upon finding her, he realizes that Norman is actually made up of five gnomes stacked on top of each other which are residing in the forest, who planned to kidnap Mabel and force her to become their "queen". He manages to subdue the creatures and escape with his sister, but they are pursued by a large monster made of hundreds of gnomes. The two end up crashing the Mystery Cart upon arriving at the Shack and are cornered by the monster. The head gnome, Jeff, informs them that they will do "something crazy" unless Mabel becomes their queen, and in response, Mabel agrees, much to Dipper's dismay. Shortly after accepting the gnomes' ring, she uses the Mystery Shack leaf-blower to defeat the gnomes, impressing Dipper. With all the gnomes finally gone, the two make up and enter the Shack, and in an act of newfound appreciation of the twins (disguised as having overstocked the Mystery Shack gift shop,) Stan allows them each one free gift, with Dipper choosing a new hat to replace his old one, which was taken by a gnome, and Mabel choosing a grappling hook. Before going to bed, he writes two new entries in the journal, one being that a gnome's weakness is a leaf blower, and the other in a new page of the journal stating that while Journal 3 has told him to refuse trust from anyone in the town, he knows Mabel will always have his back.[3]


Season 1

S1e2 mabel soos and dipper running

Dipper, Mabel, and Soos looking for the Gobblewonker.

In the episode "The Legend of the Gobblewonker", Dipper goes fishing with Stan and Mabel as a family bonding day. When they hear that there is a lake monster in the vicinity known as the Gobblewonker, Dipper and Mabel want to find it and get proof of its existence, and avoid having to spend 10 hours on a boat with Stan while they're at it. Dipper wants to be the first to discover the beast so he can win the prize money and appear on TV. They ditch Stan and go with Soos to find it. Dipper brings 17 disposable cameras just in case they lose or break a camera. In the end, the Gobblewonker turns out to just be a mechanical creature driven by Old Man McGucket, who is looking for attention. Because they felt bad about leaving him, Dipper and Mabel spend the rest of their day with Stan to have their family bonding day.[25] At the very end of the episode, the camera pans into the water, revealing a real Gobblewonker swimming in the depths.

S1e3 toby determined on ground

Dipper and Mabel accuse Toby Determined of murdering Wax Stan.

In "Headhunters", Dipper and Mabel help Stan uncover the case of Wax Stan's murder, mainly due to Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland being lazy and calling the case unsolvable. The twins first went to interrogate Manly Dan, the lumberjack at the downtown biker joint named Skull Fracture, after finding an axe at the crime scene (with some footprints with holes in them leading to said axe.) Manly Dan then reported the ax was left-handed, while Dan's dominant hand is right, narrowing the suspects down to one: Toby Determined, who is left-handed and who's shoe has a hole in it. He then revealed he was kissing a cardboard cutout of Shandra Jimenez, the news reporter, at 10:00 PM, the time of the murder, proving himself innocent. Dipper didn't find out who murdered Wax Stan until Wax Stan's funeral. Dipper, at the funeral, uncovers that Wax Sherlock Holmes and all the other wax figures had murdered Wax Stan. The murder was mostly Wax Sherlock Holmes, because he beheaded Wax Stan, and left the holed footprints in the shag carpet along with the axe, which which were Mabel and Dipper's first clues. Dipper then battled the wax figures, successfully killing most, like decapitating Wax Larry King, whose head is still in the vents, which was revealed in the end credits. Dipper then only had to battle a Wax figure of Sherlock Holmes, the true killer. He led him to the Mystery Shack's roof, and he melted when the sun came up.[5]

S1e4 flying scissors

Gideon tries to kill Dipper.

In "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel", Dipper, Mabel, and Soos go to the Tent of Telepathy, where they view Gideon Gleeful perform. Dipper believed Gideon to be a bigger fraud than Stan. Gideon's attention is caught by Mabel's laugh while she is leaving the tent, prompting him to visit the Mystery Shack to ask her on a playdate, to which she accepts. They go on multiple playdates, and while they are viewing the town of Gravity Falls from the top of a factory, he asks her out, to which Mabel again accepts to not hurt Gideon's feelings. On that date, however, Mabel is asked out by Gideon again, and, under the pressure of the crowd formed around them, she accepts. When Dipper finds Mabel pacing the TV room, unsure on what to do, he offers to tell Gideon that Mabel isn't interested in him romantically. After Dipper tells him this, Gideon got so angry that later that day lured Dipper into a factory to attack him with the help of Toby. Dipper discovered that Gideon had an amulet that gave him the power to levitate objects. Gideon could almost control Dipper with it and came close to killing Dipper before Mabel came to save him and broke Gideon's amulet.[26]

S1e5 Dipper doing the Lamby Lamby Dance

Dipper performs his Lamby Lamby Dance to save everyone.

In "The Inconveniencing", Dipper and Mabel pretend to be thirteen so they can go to the haunted convenience store, Dusk 2 Dawn with Wendy and her friends. Dipper convinces Mabel to pretend to be thirteen so he can get closer to Wendy. Wendy, her friends, Mabel, and Dipper are all horsing around in the store when Dipper goes to get more ice to dump into Thompson's pants. He then sees a headless brain with bloodshot eyeballs staring back at him. He screams and opens the fridge door again. Surprisingly, the figure was gone. Everyone goes back to see what it was about. He distracts them by pointing out the game Dancy Pants Revolution to not get called scared. Eventually, the group stumbles upon a chalk outline of two bodies. Dipper, claiming once again on being a teenager, lays in it, causing the outlines to turn green and the lights to go out. One by one, almost all of Wendy's friends disappear. The gravity in the store then turns upside down, with the ghosts possessing Mabel. Dipper then realizes that the reason the ghosts were upset was that everyone who disappeared were acting like the teenagers that they were. He goes up to the ghost and tells him he's not a teenager; He is, in fact, only 12 years old. Dipper then asks if there's anything he can do to help his friends, so he must perform the Lamby Lamby Dance. After doing so, charmed by the dance, the ghosts let everyone free. Instead of telling the true story to her friends that she viewed, however, Wendy makes up a story in which Dipper fought ghosts with a baseball bat in order to spare him from the embarrassment of the truth.

S1e6 dipper vs multibear

Dipper vs. the Multi-Bear

After failing a manliness tester, Dipper feels that he has to prove his manliness. He ventures out into the forest and has an encounter with Manotaurs. Dipper is later sent by the Manotaurs to conquer the Multi-Bear and bring back its head, as a final test of manliness. The Multi-Bear is very ferocious and threatens to kill Dipper if he did not leave his cave. Dipper refuses and he and the bear begin fighting. Dipper ultimately wins and is going to end it. The Multi-Bear has one last request: to die listening to his favorite song, "Disco Girl". Dipper realizes that he and the Multi-Bear had something in common, and decides not to slay him. He later quits the Manotaurs' league. Crestfallen, he returns to his sister and uncle, who reassure him that, because he stood up for what he thought was right, he is his own man. He was able to grow one little piece of chest hair, but Mabel plucks it out and puts it in her scrapbook.[14]

S1e7 dipper and tyrone in attic

Dipper and Tyrone brainstorming.

When Stan hosts a party at the Mystery Shack, Dipper helps set up the party and works the ticket booth with Wendy, viewing it as an optimal opportunity to spend time with her. As he tries to enact a complexable plan to get Wendy to dance with him, he finds it increasingly difficult as unexpected obstacles (i.e. Wendy sneaking into the party and Robbie showing up). To help him revise and execute the plan, he opts to use a copy machine he had found earlier to make clones of himself, initially just Tyrone, and later Dippers #3 through #10 and Paper Jam Dipper. Dipper clones #3 and #4 (tasked with distracting Robbie), named Tracey and Quattro, remain in the forest, and are later seen in the finale credits. Dipper strays from the procedure by talking to Wendy "like a normal person", the clones deem him unfit to dance with her and unsuccessfully try to imprison him, and ultimately fight to their deaths via fire sprinklers. Tyrone is the lone survivor among the clones (excluding #3 and #4) and is the only one to realize the error of his ways (excessive planning) and proceeds to hang out with Dipper. Unfortunately, when Dipper and Tyrone have a heart-to-heart of the roof, he is accidentally melted upon drinking soda. Distraught, Dipper then rips up his plan and returns to the dance floor to spend time with his family and friends.[27]

S1e8 dipper gets president's key

Dipper receives the President's Key.

After Pacifica Northwest criticizes Mabel's silliness, Dipper thinks that someone needs to "take her down a peg". He remembers reading in Journal 3 that Nathaniel Northwest may not be the town founder of Gravity Falls. Dipper and Mabel head to the library to study the document in 3. Using a projector, they try to see if the symbol in the document is related to Egyptian, numerology, or Alchemist symbols. When he is about to light the document on fire, Mabel folds it into a secret map and it leads to the Gravity Falls Museum of History. After solving a puzzle at the museum, they then head to the Gravity Falls Cemetery. They see a statue similar to what was on the puzzle, an angel with one arm raised. After Mabel puts the statue's finger in her nose, the finger of the statue opens a secret passageway leading to where Quentin Trembley's body is found in peanut brittle. Deputy Durland finds them there and they say that all they had to do was to follow a trail of wrappers left behind by Mabel. The officers then play a video containing the history of Gravity Falls and how Quentin Trembley was elected to be the eight and a half president of the U.S. Blubs then says that they're going to escort Trembley's body and the twins to Washington D.C.. After they get free, Quentin Trembley awards him with a key that opens any door in America and a $-12 dollar bill. Dipper also tells Pacifica about Nathaniel Northwest being a fraud and gives her the secret document which proves that Nathaniel Northwest did not found Gravity Falls, but that Quentin Trembley did.[9]

S1e9 robbie comes again

One of Dipper's countless failed attempts to fix his mistake with Wendy.

When the Mystery Fair rolls in, Dipper spends time with Wendy. When the latter expresses a desire for a stuffed animal, the former tries to win it for her, albeit to no avail, instead giving her a black eye. As Dipper scampers to get some ice, he runs into Blendin Blandin, thus preventing him from reaching Wendy before Robbie and enabling him to ask her out. Dipper sinks into a deep depression, but his spirits are lifted when he learns that Blendin has a time machine that will allow him to travel back and avoid hitting Wendy, going to lengths of theft to obtain it. After Dipper tries countless times to avoid his error and fails, he re-evaluates the situation and determines a way to avoid it, with Mabel's help, costing his sister's pig in the process. The twins fight over who will get their ideal present, coming into contact with various events in the meantime. When Mabel develops a depression more severe than Dipper's previous condition, he decides that the right thing to do is sacrifice his own satisfaction for his sister. After she thanks him, she has Waddles attack and embarrasses Robbie, to Dipper's satisfaction, and Blendin Blandin momentarily confronts them, only to be arrested by the Time Paradox Avoidance Enforcement Squadron.[16]

S1e10 show rumble robbie

Dipper tries to get Rumble to fight Robbie for him.

As tension between Robbie and Dipper builds up, the former challenges the latter to a fistfight much to his horror, deciding to avoid the situation as opposed to facing it head-on "like a man". However, Dipper develops a whole new opinion of the battle when he brings a video game warrior, Rumble McSkirmish, to life to defend him, using the lie that Robbie killed Dipper's father as an excuse. But Dipper quickly loses control of his digital ally, who tries to kill Robbie, and a chase through town commences. After Soos arrives to help Dipper, the two-track Robbie, and Rumble down to the water tower, where Dipper decides to battle Rumble in an effort to fix the problem he created and save Robbie. Although Dipper loses, he still manages to get rid of Rumble, who is sent back to his game after emerging victorious. Robbie and Dipper agree not to fight in front of Wendy afterward, instead of hating one another in secret "like girls do".[15]

S1e11 tiny twins

Dipper and Mabel cower at the sight of a now huge Gideon Gleeful.

After learning that Mabel has grown a millimeter taller than himself, Mabel, much to her brother's dismay, mocks him about becoming the "alpha" twin. Driven by insecurity and jealousy, Dipper seeks out a magical way to increase his height to that of his sister and stumbles upon height-altering crystals in the forest that can do just that. After attaching a piece of the crystal to a flashlight and flipping the crystal to the side to increase, he switches on the button, flashing it on himself and he grows taller than Mabel. After gloating about being taller than her, Mabel discovers his secret and they fight over the crystal flashlight. When Gideon gets a hold of it, he uses it to shrink the twins and use them as ransom against Stan in hopes of taking over the Mystery Shack. After his initial efforts fail, Gideon decides to shrink Stan himself before taking control, and Dipper and Mabel set out to save their uncle and his business, still bickering about height along the way. Ultimately, they defeat Gideon just before he decreases Stan to minute proportions by tickling his armpits. The twins then grow themselves back to their previous heights, though they forget about a shrunken Soos.[28] Although off-screen, Mabel and Dipper supposedly glue the crystal back together, repair the flashlight, and grow Soos back to his proper height. The flashlight is pictured later in the series finale, used by Mabel.

S1e12 candy bags

Dipper and his friends trick-or-treating.

Dipper and Mabel, like the rest of the town, are ecstatic about celebrating Gravity Falls' summer version of Halloween, Summerween, and plans to trick-or-treat with his sister, Candy, and Grenda. However, his outlook on the evening changes after Wendy mentions that she thinks such an activity is more suitable for little kids and invites him to a party. He is torn, which eventually leads to a conflict with Mabel. The evening is further complicated when the Summerween Trickster threatens to eat the group if they fail to obtain 500 pieces of candy for him by the night's end, and the group sets off to get their candy, with their rate of pick-up increasing greatly after Dipper formally dons a costume. Although they manage to obtain it, Dipper accidentally pushes the entire load of candy into a stream, thus causing the Trickster to chase after them. Soos momentarily destroys the monster after driving through him, he reassembles and chases them into the Summerween Superstore. There, the twins and their friends try to escape by disguising themselves in various costumes to go unnoticed, but Soos gives them away when he plays with the cackling skulls. The Trickster reveals his past and motives the group, and Soos makes him happy by eating him after finding out he is made of candy. Back at the Shack, Dipper and Mabel run into Wendy, who had returned from her party early, and everyone watches a horror movie marathon.[22]

S1e13 that price is unbelievably cheap

Dipper the tour guide.

As Dipper and the other Mystery Shack employees grow increasingly resentful of the way Stan treats them, Dipper grows very happy when he learns that Mabel will be in charge for a few days and that she will respect her workers. He rejoices even more after Mabel destroys his hated werewolf costume and sends him off to find a real monster to display at the Shack, and he eventually returns with a goblin/gremlin hybrid, the Gremloblin. As he exhibits the beast to the tourists, he accidentally causes two to go insane, and he helps Mabel fight off the monster after he escapes. After Mabel is pushed too far and begins acting like Stan, Dipper decides to show tourists a fake attraction like his great uncle to gain money without scaring customers. He serves as an accountant in calculating the total cost of repairing the severely damaged Mystery Shack, and congratulates Mabel on her victory in her bet with Stan, but begs him not to put her in charge any longer.[29]

S1e14 car lab

Dipper gets a voice changing formula from Old Man McGucket.

After Dipper, Mabel, Stan, and Soos fall into a bottomless pit, he and the others decide to bide their time by telling stories. Dipper goes first, telling the tale "Voice Over", in which he uses a voice-altering formula, courtesy of Old Man McGucket, to change his embarrassing, frequently cracking voice into a deep masculine voice, albeit that of a commercial voice-over. He observes unexpected results as people tease him for and run away from him because of his voice, and ultimately decides that he would rather have his own voice than any other after being chased by a mob of bikers. In Soos's story, "Soos' Really Great Pinball Story: Is That a Good Title? Do They Have to Be Puns or Whatever?" he gets trapped in a pinball machine with Mabel and Soos as a result of cheating to help Soos achieve the high score on a pinball machine in the shack, and the sentient game tries to kill them for what they did. In Mabel's "Trooth Ache", he is the witness and victim of many of his uncle's lies and disapproves of Mabel's use of Truth Telling Teeth to force Stan, to be honest, getting especially annoyed when he just says whatever comes to mind. In the real world, as the four approach the end of the pit, they simply come back out the top, and Dipper deduces that it is a wormhole. When Grunkle Stan falls back in, neither Dipper nor the others express concern.[1]

S1e15 best summer

Dipper goofing off with Wendy.

On the hottest day of summer, Soos and the Pines decide to cool off at the local pool. Upon learning that Wendy is working there, Dipper gets a job as an assistant lifeguard to spend time with her and finds himself breaking many rules to have fun. When his boss, Mr. Poolcheck, driven by extreme anger, forces Dipper to work the night shift to ensure that no pool supplies get stolen or damaged during the night. As Stan, Soos, and Mabel break-in for various reasons, Dipper ends up pursuing his sister in a road chase to the lake, as she stole a pool cooler in which to transport Mermando. When he learns about Mermando and sees that he is dying of dehydration, he remorsefully obliges to his sister's suggestion of giving the merman "reverse CPR", and helps get Mermando into the lake. Back at the pool, he is fired for various damage done to pool property. Though he is sad at first, Wendy cheers him up by informing him that she, too, was fired, as she was taking too many snacks from the snack bar, and the two head out to break rules elsewhere.[30]

S1e16 mabel would lose

Dipper in Mabel's body and vice versa.

As Dipper and Mabel grow weary of sharing a room after a sleepover of Grenda and Candy's, the two stumble upon a secret room within the Shack and decide to compete to determine who should get it. However, things take an unexpected turn when the twins swap bodies. Dipper quickly figures that he can sabotage Mabel's chances of getting the room by doing stuff Stan hates in Mabel's body and tries to give Stan a rock sandwich. But, he is disappointed to learn immediately afterward Mabel is looking to sabotage him via like means. Dipper continues this but is soon thwarted by Grenda and Candy, who have come to have another sleepover with Mabel. Dipper tries to opt out by claiming he is going through one of his "irrational girly mood swings", but this is ignored. He then gets stuck reading "Wolfman Bare Chest" with the two, and is traumatized. Mabel wins the room for Dipper while she is in Dipper's body. He tries to get the key from her, but she locks herself in the room. Dipper is able to trick his way in by asking Candy and Grenda to ask their way in for what would typically be a Dipper makeover. When he gets in, lots and lots of body-swapping ensues. However, when Dipper and Mabel get back in their own bodies, they are able to obtain a cease-fire and understanding. Although, when the real Dipper goes to bed in his new room he feels lonely without Mabel, which causes him to move back into his old room in the attic with Mabel, and then gives the new room to Soos to replace his painful break room.[31]

S1e17 guys only think of themselves

Dipper realizes what a jerk he's been.

One day while working in the Shack, Dipper and Wendy are doing a running commentary on the Shack security tape's footage. Robbie comes in and talks to Wendy, asking her to go on a date with him, but Wendy is upset with Robbie for standing her up the night before. Dipper goes into the other room but still spies on the conversation they have. Dipper overhears Wendy talking about breaking up with Robbie. He is extremely happy to hear this, celebrating quietly and hugging Waddles as he does so, then quickly settles to watch the rest of the interaction. He is shocked to find that when Robbie plays a song for her, she forgives him. Dipper is convinced that Wendy is being brainwashed by the music, and tells Mabel and Grunkle Stan so. Mabel shrugs it off, but Grunkle Stan completely believes Dipper's story, relating it to when something similar happened to his old girlfriend, Carla "Hotpants" McCorkle. He helps Dipper search for a brainwashing message in the song, and when they find it, drives Dipper to where Wendy and Robbie are on their date. Dipper replays the message for Wendy to hear, and Robbie quickly says he didn't know about that message as he had ripped the song off from some band. Wendy is furious for being lied to and breaks up with Robbie on the spot. Dipper is elated that the breakup finally happened and asks Wendy if she would want to go bowling sometime. Upset, she snaps at him for being insensitive to her emotional state and tearfully runs off. Dipper feels bad, but Grunkle Stan cheers him up a little, saying that Dipper was trying to do the right thing, that Wendy would get over it eventually, and in the meantime, Dipper could always go bowling with him.[32]

In "Land Before Swine", when Waddles is snatched up by a pterodactyl on Stan's watch, Mabel leads Dipper and the other to a place filled with dinosaurs to rescue him. During this time, Dipper is infuriated by Soos, whose antics ruin their monster hunting exploits. The two reconcile, however, and by the end of the adventure, Dipper agrees to Soos' suggestion that they would be "pterodactyl bros.".[33]

S1e19 get to work Dipper

Dipper believes Stan hates him.

When Gideon sends Bill Cipher into Stan's mind to find the combination to the safe that the Mystery Shack's deed is in, Dipper, Mabel, and Soos follow. Once inside Stan's mind, Dipper is briefly discouraged after seeing a memory of Stan's where he calls Dipper "useless". Eventually, he sees the entirety of the memory and learns that Stan really is proud of him. Dipper joins with the others, and they manage to repel Cipher, but on returning discover that Gideon used dynamite to open the safe. With the deed in hand, Gideon forces everyone out of the Shack, and his father demolishes it with a wrecking ball.[4]

S1e20 water tower

The twins dejectedly leave Gravity Falls.

After Gideon steals the Mystery Shack deed, the Pines move in with Soos' Abuelita. Dismayed to see that Stan has given up on getting the Shack back, Dipper teams up with his sister to get it back themselves. They recruit the gnomes to get the deed back from Gideon, but not only does the plan backfire, but Gideon gets Journal #3. As he and Mabel take the bus out of Gravity Falls, Gideon discovers that there are three books and assumes that Dipper kept the first one for himself. Gideon comes after them in his Gideon-bot. Gideon doesn't believe Dipper when he tells Gideon that he doesn't know about the other book. Gideon kidnaps Mabel, planning to make her his "queen". Dipper manages to get inside the Gideon-bot's control room and fights with Gideon, causing the robot to fall off the bridge. Mabel saves Dipper with her grappling hook. Enraged, Gideon tries to have the twins arrested, but Stan arrives and reveals that Gideon has been spying on everyone, causing Gideon to be arrested instead. The Pines family return to the Mystery Shack. Dipper tries to show Journal 3 to Stan, but Stan takes it, claiming it could inspire new attractions. Dipper is downhearted at the loss of Journal 3, but Mabel reassures him he doesn't need the book to do great things. Dipper says he still wants the book, and Mabel is sure he'll get it back.[34]

Season 2

In "Scary-oke", Stan returns Journal 3 to Dipper. When federal agents come to the Mystery Shack to investigate strange activities, Dipper offers to help them by showing them the journal, but they do not believe him until he accidentally summons zombies from underground. After defeating the zombies alongside Mabel and Stan, Dipper falsely promises Stan that he will stay out of trouble.

S2e2 true form

Dipper and Wendy's encounter with the Shape Shifter.

In "Into the Bunker", Dipper tries to confess his feelings for Wendy but can't work up the courage, and instead asks her to tag along on his next investigation which she happily goes. They find the author's hidden bunker. Mabel fools around and pushes Dipper, who triggers a trap that closes in the walls. Dipper looks to the journal and points out a way to escape and they barely made it. Dipper's vest ended up being jammed in the closed-in-walls to which Mabel gets it for him. When she pulls it out, a love letter that Dipper intended to give to Wendy falls out. Because of this Mabel locks him in the closet with Wendy so he'd have no choice but to confess his love, but the two of them stumble into a secret laboratory, where they soon get chased by a giant insect-like creature. They run into a dead-end but are saved by who is believed to be the author of the journals. But this is later revealed to be a lie and that he was a Shape Shifter. After escaping its grasp and regrouping with Mabel and Soos they formulate a plan to stop it. By the end, the Shape Shifter says to Dipper that he will never find the author and something terrible is going to happen in Dipper's future. Also, Dipper finally admits his crush to Wendy. She gently turns him down, saying she is too old for him but tells him how much she values their friendship, saying she would probably throw herself into the bottomless pit if they ever stop being friends.

In "The Golf War", Dipper encourages Mabel to have the Lilliputtians help her to cheat in the mini-golf tournament so she would win no matter what against Pacifica Northwest. However, this backfires when the Lilliputians try to kill Pacifica and Mabel must help save her. Dipper drives the course's golf cart to help everyone escape.

S2e4 sure thing sis

Bill Cipher in Dipper's body while Dipper is a ghost.

In "Sock Opera", Dipper is excited to figure out the code to the laptop with Mabel's help and is disappointed when she instead decides to put on a puppet show. However, he helps her, as she promises to help him with the password afterward. Every night he types in random words on the computer and hopes they work, with no success. After a few nights of this, Bill Cipher offers to help, but Dipper, knowing that Bill would try to trick him, declines. The next morning, Dipper tells Mabel of this, and she tells him that she will help him with the password. However, she becomes convinced that she must work harder on her puppet show, causing Dipper to be angry with her. He tries again with the laptop, and it announces that there were too many failed entries, and it would erase all data in 5 minutes. Bill returns and re-offers his help, saying that he wants a puppet in return. Dipper, feeling desperate, accepts. However, Bill takes Dipper's body and stomps on the laptop and tries to find Journal 3. Dipper, now a ghost, tells Bill that he will never find it, but Mabel comes in and tells him that she took the journal for her puppet show. Dipper follows Bill and his family to the Theatre Time Theater, where Mabel's puppet show is being performed. He uses a puppet to tell Mabel that Bill is using his body and that she must stop him. Mabel makes Dipper take over the puppet show while she fights Bill and forces him out of his body. Dipper returns to his body and they go home.

In "Soos and the Real Girl", Dipper and Mabel try to help Soos find a date, and later they are attacked by .GIFfany along with Soos and Melody.

S2e6 run out door

Dipper and "Smart" Waddles run off to put their brains to work.

In the "Little Gift Shop of Horrors" story, Abaconings, Dipper tries to figure out a puzzle toy. Finding difficulty and wanting to become smarter he looks to the journal to locate Percepshrooms that would grant him that. After retrieving it, he places it on his forehead as the journal suggested and went to sleep. Waking up the next morning with the thought of it working, only proved himself wrong as Waddles had eaten it off his head and he instead gained genius intelligence, even making an electronic device to allow himself to speak the human language for him. Loving the new Waddles, he and Waddles work together on a few things, the most significant thing being the Smarticle Accelerator. However, when Waddles presses a switch that destroys the machine to be normal for Mabel's sake and himself, Dipper was dispirited.

S2e7 creeping hands

Dipper and Soos unknowingly about to be caught.

In "Society of the Blind Eye", Dipper continues research on who the author could be. That is when Mabel points out a clue on the broken laptop, to which Dipper indicates that the author must be Old Man McGucket. He, Mabel, Wendy, and Soos go to the junkyard to confront him. McGucket explains that he doesn't recall anything about the book but when Dipper flips to one of the pages with a strange symbol on it, McGucket panics, revealing that the symbol belonged to an unknown group who possibly did something to his mind. With the last thing McGucket remembered many years ago involved the History Museum, the gang heads off there along with McGucket. After chasing a suspicious person who was inside, they lose track of the person, finding themselves in a seemingly normal room. Dipper figures out that a hidden button was in it, opening a secret passageway, where they watched as the Blind Eye Society erased Lazy Susan's memories with a ray gun. When the coast was clear, they split up, leaving the girls to keep lookout. The boys find a mysterious room called The Hall of the Forgotten where tubes of various townsfolk memories were stored in. When they were spotted, they hid but were ultimately caught. The Blind Eye Society members revealed themselves as fellow townsfolk and planned to erase everyone's memories until McGucket intervened. In the end, Dipper and the gang were able to stop the Blind Eye members and erased their memories. Also, McGucket got his memories back, revealing that he isn't the author.

S2e8 tron wheelie

Dipper and Mabel taking on the challenges.

In "Blendin's Game", he and Mabel decide to throw a surprise party for Soos' birthday, only for Soos to displeased about it. They take Soos to laser tag to cheer him up. He and Mabel then walk into a portal and are challenged to Globnar by Blendin Blandin. They steal a time travel device and go back to the year 2002 where they meet Toby Determined trying to be a dancer, toddler Wendy (who thought Dipper was cute with him blushing in return) and toddler Tambry riding their tricycles, Robbie who soaks them with a water gun, and 12-year-old Soos, who misses his father (which explains why Soos hates his birthday in the future). They willingly let themselves get caught by Lolph and Dundgren to win the time wish for Soos. While in Globnar they complete in a series of challenges before the Time Baby finishes his bottle. Ultimately, he and Mabel win and return to the present to give Soos their time wish. He then wishes for Dipper and Mabel to be all fixed up, and to have an infinite pizza slice, telling them that if his father truly cared about him, he'd be here.

In "The Love God", Dipper continues to try to play cool to hang out with Wendy and her friends, shrugging off Mabel's suggestion to comfort Robbie (who is still depressed over his break-up with Wendy), saying the social structure is good as it is. However, when Mabel uses a love potion on Robbie and Tambry to make them date, it ends up splitting up Wendy and her friends, forcing Dipper to help Mabel to undo what she did by getting an antidote so the gang can get back together.

S2e10 disappointed

Dipper looks for advice on handling a category 10 ghost.

In "Northwest Mansion Mystery", Dipper is visited by Pacifica at the Mystery Shack, asking him for his help in getting rid of a ghost that has inhabited her house. He at first refuses but accepts on the condition that Pacifica gives Mabel, Candy and Grenda tickets to Northwest Fest. After capturing the ghost, he accidentally lets him loose after he tells Dipper the story of the Northwest Manor, and returns to the mansion, bringing the taxidermy animals to life and turning everyone into wood. This breaks his newfound friendship with Pacifica. After seeing everyone turned to wood, he seeks out Pacifica’s help to recapture him, but is ultimately turned into a wooden statue. After Pacifica opens the gates, he is brought back to life. Over the course of the adventure, he develops a new friendship with Pacifica.

S2e11 shocked

Dipper, Mabel and Soos shocked at the revelation.

In "Not What He Seems", Dipper and Mabel are taken in by child services after the government arrest Stan. They escape custody to prove Stan's innocence, but quickly discover that there's more to Stan than they realized. After getting into his lab, Dipper, along with Mabel and Soos, discovers that Stan had the journals this whole time, and he grows very angry. Soon after, they find a way to shut off the portal, and just as Dipper is about to press the off button, Stan interrupts them saying that he shouldn't press the button, and to trust him. The portal causes Dipper, Mabel, Stan, and Soos to get pushed to the walls of the lab, but Mabel is the closest to the button. Dipper tells her to shut it down, but Stan convinces her not to, much to Dipper's distress. Dipper and the others then watch as the author of the journals emerges from the portal, and is revealed by Stan to be his twin brother.

In "A Tale of Two Stans", Dipper is overcome with excitement when he meets Ford Pines, shrieking with delight when the journals are mentioned and almost throwing up, to which he is eager to ask Ford lots of questions (Stan sends him and Mabel to their room before he can). In the end, before he goes to sleep, he promises Mabel he will never fight with her as Stan and Ford did and that they will always be friends.

S2e13 better be something protective

Dipper and Ford in real-life Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons.

In "Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons", Dipper receives a copy of the titular game in the mail. He tries to persuade Mabel and Stan to play with him, but they refuse. After he accidentally falls into the basement and Ford sees Dipper's 38-sided die, they begin playing together. Their game takes over the house, much to Stan, Mabel, and Grenda's annoyance. After Stan accidentally rolls the infinity sided die and releases Probabilitor the Annoying, Ford and Dipper are captured by the wizard and taken to the forest. Later in the episode, the others arrive, Probabilitor shrinks Ford and Dipper, turning them into characters for the game. With Stan and Mabel's help, they defeat Probabilitor. After the adventure, Ford shows Dipper what he's been doing in the basement; not only did he destroy the portal, he also contained an interdimensional rift created by the portal. Dipper promises to keep the rift's existence a secret.

In "The Stanchurian Candidate", Dipper uses a mind-control tie given by Ford to make Stan win the election for mayor of Gravity Falls against Bud. Dipper then reveals this to Stan out of anger which makes it so Stan doesn't wear the tie. At the debate, Dipper and Mabel use the tie on Soos so Bud doesn't win. They soon figure out Gideon's been controlling Bud so he can win and get out of prison. Gideon then traps Dipper and Mabel inside the statue of Mayor Befufftlefumpter, planning to later kill them in the explosion of fireworks. Stan then notices and saves them and by doing that he wins the election. After Stan is disqualified and Tyler wins, they go vandalize his new mansion.

S2e15 Trust no one

Dipper threatens to erase Ford's mind after being convinced that he's possessed by Bill.

In "The Last Mabelcorn", Dipper and Mabel are looking for board games to play when Ford calls for a family meeting. When they gather around the table, Ford shows the twins a symbol of Bill Cipher and asks if they recognize it, which they immediately do. Dipper tells his and Mabel's experience with Bill and Ford warns them that the fact that they have dealt with Bill is gravely serious. While Ford sends Mabel to find unicorn hair, Ford brings Dipper to his private study. There, Ford tells Dipper if they cannot Bill-proof the shack, then they will Bill-proof their minds and Dipper is put into the Project Mentem which reads all of his thoughts so it can encrypt Dipper's mind. When the encryption takes too long, Dipper becomes curious about Ford's relation to Bill so he puts the Project Mentem on Ford's head, and sees Ford making a deal with Bill. Ford wakes up and Dipper (thinking Ford is possessed by Bill) takes the rift and the memory-erasing gun to defend himself from Ford. He fires the gun, but the beam ricochets off Ford due to the metal plating in his head and destroys the machine. Dipper apologizes and Ford decides to finally tell Dipper about his history with Bill. When Dipper learns about Bill's true plans, he becomes increasingly worried. Ford tells Dipper that there should be no more secrets between them. Dipper smiles but worries again because he broke the machine, so they have no protection against Bill. Mabel then comes in with a lock of unicorn hair. Afterward, Dipper is seen helping Ford Bill-proof the shack by sticking the unicorn hair around the outside of the building.

S2e16 awk

Stan's dating advice begins to backfire for Dipper.

During "Roadside Attraction", Mabel realizes that Dipper is still not over his crush on Wendy; so Soos suggested going with them on Stan's revenge trip to help him move on. When they reach their first tourist trap to prank Dipper tries talking to a girl but completely fails in doing so, Stan then calls Dipper to help with his prank. After feeling embarrassed about his attempt to talking with girls, Dipper is given advice by Stan on how to talk with girls. They go to their next tourist trap to prank and Dipper tries once again to talk to a girl, this time taking Stan's advice and he succeeds. Dipper gets more contact info from the girls he meets using Stan's advice. As they travel to their final tourist trap to prank, the Mystery Mountain, Mabel, and Grenda take the opportunity and get Dipper and Candy to sit together. Dipper panics after Candy asks him on a date and Stan tells him to go on a date with her. When Dipper and Candy go on their date, the girls that Dipper previously flirted with were coincidentally on the same tourist trap as they are, ruining Dipper and Candy's date. Dipper looks for Stan to get more advice, however, Stan is caught by Darlene, an Arachnimorph and Dipper goes to the girls for help. The girls are furious at Dipper for what he did but he tells them they can kill him later as they need to help Stan from Darlene. They climb the mountain and free Stan, however, they are chased by Darlene but they manage to escape thanks to Candy. After the unfortunate turn of events, everyone heads back to the RV and leaves the place. Stan admits to Dipper that he is actually bad with girls, however, Dipper says he is also just as bad but Stan's advice helped him move on from Wendy. Dipper then gives Candy an apology pamphlet and tells her he's sorry. Candy tells Dipper after seeing him scream from Darlene, she lost interest in him which Dipper says he deserved. When they return, Dipper admits feeling bad about the pranks but Stan says everyone loves his pranks, however, when they return to the Mystery Shack, they see all the other tourist trap owners vandalizing the place.

S2e17 dip and ford handshake

Dipper agrees to become Ford's apprentice.

In "Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future", Mabel wakes Dipper up and tells him that their birthday is coming up. The two become excited as they are finally going to be teenagers, Stan and Soos join in the excitement for the upcoming week. Mabel, Dipper, and Soos begin planning for the twin's birthday party but Stan tells them they can't due to their previous party incident. Ford yells for Dipper's help to get his attention quickly and Dipper runs to Ford to help. Ford shows Dipper the interdimensional rift case slowly cracking and shows him what will happen if Bill fulfills his plans. Ford decides to take Dipper along with him to help seal the rift but Dipper worries about helping Mabel, Mabel overhears their conversation and allows Dipper to go with Ford, giving him her support and walkie-talkie so they can talk to each other. Dipper and Ford then set on their mission to find an adhesive to seal the rift and at the weirdly shaped cliff in Gravity Falls, Ford shows Dipper how the cliff was formed. Ford then takes Dipper into the abandoned UFO buried under Gravity Falls and Dipper becomes excited. As they venture further down, Ford questions Dipper about his future plans, Dipper tells his plans and Ford eventually offers his great-nephew to become his apprentice. Dipper worries about school but Ford tells his nephew of his 12 PhD's., Dipper then worries about Mabel but Ford believes Mabel will be fine on her own. Finally, Dipper worries about his own capabilities as he couldn't even operate Ford's magnet gun but Ford sees Dipper accidentally finding the adhesive they need to seal the rift. Dipper and Ford are then confronted by two UFO security droids and Dipper panics, causing the droids to attack. Ford gets captured by one of the droids but Dipper acts quickly in order to stop the droid going further. When the other droid confronts Dipper, the droid self-disassembled after detecting a calm Dipper. Ford once again tries to convince Dipper to be his apprentice and Dipper accepts. At home, Dipper sees Mabel sad as she overheard Dipper accepting Ford's apprenticeship and Mabel runs out of the house. Dipper goes to Ford's lab and Ford sees that Mabel didn't take Dipper's decision well. They try to seal the rift with the adhesive but Mabel accidentally took Dipper's bag. As Dipper and Ford run outside, they witness Bill fulfill his plans.

S2e18 Dipper being rude

Dipper narrowly manages to escape from The Horrifying Sweaty One-Armed Monstrosity.

In "Weirdmageddon Part 1", Dipper and Ford witness more of Weirdmageddon as creatures of Gravity Falls flee the area. Ford tells Dipper that Bills is getting stronger the longer the rift is open and the two set out to stop Bill once more. The two go to the clock tower and Ford attempts to shoot Bill but gets distracted and misses. Bill blasts the clock tower and Ford gets stuck, telling Dipper to escape with the journals. Dipper confronts Bill when Bill turns Ford to gold but Dipper fails to do anything. Bill then tells 8 Ball and Teeth to eat Dipper. After 3 days, Dipper avoids capture and eventually meets Wendy at the mall. The two share their stories about their experience and the two head outside. Dipper feels down due to being unable to do anything without Mabel but Wendy encourages Dipper to find his sister so they can stop Bill again. Dipper and Wendy along with Toby Determined go to the abandoned Automart and attempt to take a car but they get surrounded by Gideon Gleeful and his fellow inmates. Dipper and Wendy manage to escape Gideon's gang and steal a car to drive to Mabel's bubble. They are chased by Gideon and manage to escape. They meet Soos near the bubble but Gideon and his gang surround them once more. Dipper tries to reason with Gideon about Mabel and Gideon eventually agrees to help stop Bill. Dipper unlocks the chains of Mabel's bubble and along with Wendy and Soos, they go into Mabel's bubble together.

S2e19 sincere sibling hug

Dipper and Mabel embrace in a sincere sibling hug.

In "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality", Dipper, Wendy, and Soos drive into Mabel's bubble, in order to rescue her. When they reach the ground, Xyler and Craz meet them and take them to Mabel's tower. The group raids the tower to save Mabel but when Mabel wakes up, she reveals that she created the place called Mabeland. Dipper attempts to persuade Mabel to leave her imaginary world but Mabel instead shows she created a more supportive brother, Dippy Fresh, in replacement of Dipper and prefers to stay. When Wendy and Soos get distracted due to Mabel granting wishes for what they desire, Dipper leaves Mabel's tower and contemplates the situation. Wendy joins him in conversation, telling Dipper that if Mabel changed Dipper's age, he can finally date her but when he sees Wendy wink, he realizes it was fake. Dipper shouts wanting to return to the real world and he is quickly arrested. Mabel saves Dipper from banishment but Dipper is tried in court for Fantasy vs. Reality. Xyler and Craz present Mabel's case, showing Dipper and Mabel's unfortunate events through their years but Dipper counter argues that Mabel simply wanted to escape reality because she didn't want to grow up. Dipper shows that even through their tough times, they were there to support each other all the way through and Mabel accepts the truth, giving Dipper a 'sincere' sibling hug. When they pat each other, the creatures of Mabeland go against them but the twins, Wendy, Soos, as well as Xyler and Craz, escape from the bubble. Mabel apologizes to Dipper and tells him if he can be Ford's apprentice if he wants but Dipper instead tells Mabel he will go with her since he doesn't wanna miss her teenage years. The group returns to the Mystery Shack after seeing the town deserted. The group proceeds to raid the Shack after hearing noises only to be met by Stan and his resistance group who are taking refuge inside the Mystery Shack.

S2e20 Rumble still can't stay still

Dipper and Mabel rally the survivors into rescuing Ford and fighting back against Bill.

In "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls", Dipper reunites with Stan and most of the town's survivors in the Mystery Shack. Dipper is frustrated at Stan's unwillingness to fight back against Bill and manages to rally the survivors by telling them Ford knew Bill's secret weakness. He helps McGucket build the Shacktron and pilots it as it fights off Bill's henchmaniacs. As Bill fights the Shacktron, Dipper is with the rescue team charged with getting into the Fearamid and rescuing Ford along with everybody captured by Bill. Once Ford is rescued, he tells everybody about the Zodiac and how it can destroy Bill. Dipper represented the Pine Tree and the wheel is almost successful. However, Stan and Ford break into an argument and the wheel doesn't work right when Bill returned.

S2e20 last view of Gravity Falls

Dipper and Mabel look out the window of the bus as they leave Gravity Falls.

Bill changes all but Dipper, Mabel, Stan, and Ford into tapestries and threatens the children if Ford doesn't tell him how to destroy the barrier surrounding Gravity Falls. Mabel distracts Bill by putting spray paint in his eye as she and Dipper attempt to escape while Bill furiously chases them. Bill recaptures them after they get to a dead end and see the townsfolk in the Shacktron trapped by Bill's henchmaniacs. Bill threatens to kill one of the twins when Ford agrees to let Bill into his mind in exchange for letting Dipper, Mabel, and Stan go. When Bill enters Ford's mind, he realizes he was tricked as he actually entered Stan's mind which Ford would erase with the Memory Erasing Gun to destroy Bill once and for all. After the plan works and Gravity Falls is returned to normal, Dipper and the rest of his family grieve over Stan sacrificing his memory to save everybody. Their attempts at jogging Stan's memory appear to be fruitless until Waddles jumps on Stan and he starts to remember everything about him eventually recovering his entire memory. Later in the week, Dipper and Mabel celebrate their 13th birthday with the town. When asked to make a wish, Dipper replies that he already got everything he ever wanted that summer. As Dipper and Mabel prepare to depart Gravity Falls, Wendy takes Dipper's hat while giving him hers as something to remember her by along with a letter for the next time he misses Gravity Falls. As the bus drives away with Dipper and Mabel, Dipper opens the letter, which is a note that says "See you next summer" signed by all of the friends Dipper and Mabel made while they were in Gravity Falls.


Opening dipper with runes

Dipper exploring a cave.

Dipper is intelligent, compassionate, self-conscious, and rational, and sometimes, overly judgmental, and can't wait to grow up. An adventurer at heart, Dipper can't sit still and is always looking for the next riddle or mystery to solve. His scrupulous attention to detail is useful when he is attempting to solve mysteries but sometimes his over-zealousness can leave others questioning his credibility. Dipper is shown to be extremely "genre-savvy". Knowing that in most movies, nobody has a camera when they see the monster, or that the camera malfunctions, he brings along 17 cameras with him to take a photo of the Gobblewonker. He is wise and intelligent beyond his years, and his refusal to sit still when there are puzzles to be solved often leaves him restless in everyday situations. In "Carpet Diem", he has a habit of clicking his pen repeatedly when in deep thought. He also seems to get very irritated when people think he's “cute” or “adorable”, as he wants to be taken seriously as a grown-up from people around him as at most times Dipper is more mature than others. He began glaring at his twin sister Mabel when she commented that he "Sneezed like a kitten" in the episode "Headhunters".[14] When Dipper and Mabel (and Soos at times) are on their adventures Dipper is the one to act as the leader mostly because he is shown to be very brave and smart. He is somewhat protective of his sister,[9] whenever she is in danger he is always there to help and will do anything to get her free.

S1e16 cereal

Dipper, in Mabel's body, pretending to be mad.

He can sometimes be selfish and is not above using Gravity Falls' mysterious elements to his advantage. He can also be ruthless in the pursuit of his goals such as not apologizing for attacking Soos in "Not What He Seems" unlike Mabel who apologized prior to grappling him but ultimately he always does the right thing and has the right motivations. It is also well mentioned that Dipper is paranoid and has had trust issues since the beginning when the journal warned him to "Trust No One" and has been skeptical about people and/or situations. For example, in "The Last Mabelcorn", he fearfully backs away from Stanford Pines who he mistakes for being possessed while holding a memory gun pointed at his head, muttering the phrase "Trust no one" repeatedly to himself. With his experience in Gravity Falls as well as his knowledge in the mystery novels that he reads, Dipper thinks much like an actual detective, as seen in "Headhunters".

Despite his brave and serious personality, living with Mabel Pines his whole life (who is famous for her silly and fun-loving attitude) has caused him to indulge in childish activities with her. Such as when both he and Mabel made puking noises whilst spraying silly string onto each other's faces in "Double Dipper". At the beginning of the episode "Headhunters", he and Mabel are seen watching Duck-tective. When a video was displayed in the future detailing the twins' current positions in "Blendin's Game", it showed Dipper and Mabel hitting each other with soft bats while laughing. Whilst playing miniature golf in "Carpet Diem", Mabel states that his shot is out of bounds, to which he responds by poking her with the golf club and shouting "YOU'RE out of bounds!", ending up with both twins poking each other. In the episode "Not What He Seems", Dipper and Mabel play with water balloons, enjoying classic summer fun.

He also seems to not mind breaking the law in order to have some fun. For example, in "The Stanchurian Candidate", when Stanley Pines asks Dipper and Mabel if they want to vandalize the new mayor's house, they both follow their uncle while cheering for joy and Dipper even yells "Yay! Vandalism!". In "Not What He Seems" Stanley, Mabel, and Dipper are seen on the roof of the Mystery Shack bonding by exploding fireworks. When asked by the police if they have a permit, Stanley responds with "Do you have a permit for being lame?" to which they all laugh. In a "Fixin' it with Soos" episode, Soos tells Dipper and Wendy to hit the nitrous boosters that he installed onto the golf cart. Dipper asks "Aren't those illegal?" and Soos responds with "You bet your life they are baby!" All three of them then laugh with joy as the golf cart drastically speeds up.


S1e7 Dipper's Birthmark

Dipper's hidden birthmark.

Dipper wears a dark moderate blue and white baseball cap with a dark moderate blue brim and a dark moderate blue pine tree on the front. He has somewhat messy brown hair and relatively pale skin, and his nose is a bit darker than the rest of his face. His eyes are brown,[35] like Mabel's, with noticeable bags underneath.[36] He wears a navy blue vest, (which has inner pockets on both sides) a reddish-orange t-shirt, gray shorts, white knee-high socks with a red stripe, black sneakers with white soles, and a sometimes visible gray digital wristwatch. He is sometimes seen with a green backpack. He has a birthmark on his forehead shaped like the constellation, the Big Dipper, hence his nickname "Dipper", which he hides under his bangs. He is exactly one millimeter shorter than his sister, Mabel Pines[28], however, he grows taller than her throughout the show. His only other clothes seen on the show are the hat he arrived in Gravity Falls with, his lamb costume in "The Inconveniencing", the peanut butter costume he wore in "Summerween", the wolf costume that Grunkle Stan made Dipper wear for an attraction at the Mystery Shack and, later, his tourist guide clothes in "Boss Mabel", the white shirt, red swimsuit and red and white hat he wore as a lifeguard uniform in "The Deep End", a V-neck and full-length black pants he wore for the Woodstick Festival in "The Love God", and a tuxedo in "Northwest Mansion Mystery". As of "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls", he receives and wears Wendy Corduroy's lumberjack hat.

His nightwear or comfortable outfit for hanging around the Mystery Shack is the same as his regular outfit, but without his hat, vest or shoes.


Mabel Pines

S1e4 dipper mabel hug

Dipper's always got Mabel's back.

Dipper considers Mabel his "Closest Ally and Best Friend".[37] Being siblings, they have been close throughout their entire lives. Despite getting on each other's nerves, contrasting personalities, and frequent sibling bickering, the two love each other regardless. They often engage in various recreational activities and enjoy having fun with each other, and they constantly investigate their summer home's mysterious secrets side by side. Dipper and Mabel give one another advice and are willing to sacrifice much for the others' sake, albeit not always initially, and have risked their lives more than once to help each other. However in "Not What He Seems", it's hinted that Dipper's relationship with Mabel may have been broken, due to her trusting Stan over him but in "A Tale of Two Stans", Dipper held no grudge towards her for trusting Stan but Mabel is left unsettled about their future relationship due to Stan and Ford's dysfunctional relationship. He does, however, hint in "Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons" that he may still be carrying some ill-feelings after Mabel and Grunkle Stan's numerous taunts at his interests, though they were never meant in bad faith.

In "Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future", Mabel overhears Dipper accepting Ford's offer to become his apprentice and is so terrified and upset at the thought of her and Dipper not growing up together that she runs off crying into the forest. She does not wish to see summer end and have to leave Gravity Falls, leading to her inadvertently handing the portal's rift to Bill Cipher. However, in "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality", Dipper convinces Mabel to leave her perfect prison bubble by promising her that he won't take Ford's apprenticeship and will always be there for her, having realized they can get through anything together, leading the twins to reconcile.

Stan Pines

S1e6 laughing at Dipper

Stan laughs at Dipper.

Stan does not take his role as Dipper's summer caretaker very seriously, often irresponsibly allowing and/or forcing him and his sister to do dangerous and sometimes illegal things. Stan frequently enlists Dipper in his plans to make a quick buck, with the latter frequently paying the consequence of the former's actions. The two do not always see eye-to-eye, often about Stan's illegal activity or Dipper's "immature" behavior and qualities. Nonetheless, the two share mutual compassion for one another, and they enjoy each other's company. Dipper has also been shown to be willing to take potentially fatal risks for his uncle.[28] In "Dreamscaperers", it's revealed that the reason Stan is hard on Dipper is to toughen him up so that when the world fights, Dipper will fight back. However, as of the events of "Not What He Seems", Dipper has lost trust in Stan but in "A Tale of Two Stans" Dipper apologizes for distrusting him and Stan forgives him and understands his distrust. Dipper sometimes finds it irritable when Stan and other characters make fun of him for how he does things and what he likes, but Dipper does enjoy spending time with him.

Soos Ramirez

S1e18 High five!

Dipper and Soos on the same wavelength.

Dipper and Soos are generally good friends. They usually relate well, with them doing some "guy stuff" together,[26] and Soos often gives Dipper guidance.[3][15] Additionally, Soos frequently acts as Dipper's and Mabel's sidekick as they investigate Gravity Falls' mysteries, and may take charge on occasion. However, Soos' childish antics sometimes irritate Dipper, as they have a tendency to mess up whatever mission that Dipper is on. For example, in "Land Before Swine", Dipper was very annoyed when Soos destroyed the pictures of the pterodactyl he took, and Dipper didn't trust Soos on the mission of going to rescue Waddles.

Wendy Corduroy

S1e9 wendy and dipper

Dipper and Wendy hanging out at the Mystery Fair.

Wendy and Dipper are on friendly terms and like to hang out together for the fun of it, often breaking rules in the process. Dipper has a huge crush on Wendy,[8] though he does not necessarily believe they will be together because of their age gap.[30] Regardless, he attempts to impress her and frequently finds himself in sticky situations as a result. He will sometimes mutter certain things to himself under his breath, thinking that Wendy can not hear him (though she actually can and does). Since Wendy is three years older than he is, Dipper tries to come across as mature and capable of being around Wendy's other friends. Dipper resents Wendy's relationship with Robbie, due to his jealousy. After Dipper reveals his feelings to her, Wendy gently lets him down and gets him to admit he always knew a relationship couldn't really work between them, but tells him its important to her that they can still be friends, and he readily accepts that.

Robbie Valentino

S1e10 robbie challenges dipper

Robbie taunting Dipper.

Robbie and Dipper are arch-rivals, primarily driven by both wanting to win Wendy's affection. While Robbie views his relationship with his crush as a victory for himself, he fears Dipper will appeal to her. Robbie likes to make fun of Dipper, is very condescending in his remarks, and has even resorted to attempts at physical violence to prove his point. Dipper, on the other hand, is angered and annoyed by Robbie. Even though they are initially more vocal about their dislike of one another, they eventually agree not to brawl in front of Wendy, due to fear that they will both lose her if she sees them fight.[15]

During the events of "The Love God", Robbie blames Dipper for Wendy dumping him and announces a hatred towards every member of the Pines family for "ruining his life". By the end of the episode though, it's unknown if Robbie and Dipper still hate each other since they have both given up on trying to win Wendy's affection.

In "Weirdmageddon Part 3: Take Back The Falls", Robbie is seen playfully chanting "one of us" after Dipper and Mabel blow out the candles on their cake and his signature is seen alongside many other signatures on a note that was given to Dipper by Wendy as a parting gift so that Dipper can remember them all. This indicates Robbie and Dipper have reached a truce after recent events.

Gideon Gleeful

S1e20 Stop hitting yourself

Gideon vs. Dipper

Gideon views Dipper and his family as a nuisance, feeling that they prevent him from accomplishing his goals (i.e. winning Mabel's love[26] and taking over the Mystery Shack[28]). So, the evil boy often tries to rid himself of the Pines, while Dipper combats him, usually successfully with his sister's aid. The two have been known to underestimate each other at times, but still, see each other as great threats.

Despite disliking Gideon, Dipper agrees that Gideon has an "admittedly beautiful singing voice".[37]

In "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls", Dipper shows concern for Gideon after discovering his punishment by Bill for helping Dipper. After Bill is defeated, Gideon is shown at Mabel and Dipper's birthday party and thanking the twins for convincing him to turn over a new leaf. Gideon's signature is seen alongside many other signatures on a note that was given to Dipper by Wendy as a parting gift so that Dipper can remember them all.


S1e1 parents taking away toys

Dippers' parents prepare the twins for their summer away from home.

Not much is known about Dipper's relationships with his parents, though he does at first seem upset by their decision to have him spend his summer in Gravity Falls and regrets the "Lamby Lamby Dance" Mrs. Pines used to have him perform.

Candy Chiu and Grenda Grendinator

Short10 grenda talking

The trio try to help Mabel plan.

Candy and Grenda are primarily Mabel's best friends, but Dipper seems well-acquainted with them, seeing them both as allies (though he admits this is partially because he wouldn't want to get on Grenda's bad side, considering how strong she is[37]). He is fairly welcoming of his sister's best friends and accepts their eccentricities, some of which may come in handy for situations handled as a group. However, he is bothered by the boisterous sleepovers they sometimes have with Mabel that force him out of the room for the night. In "The Love God" he is also seen as a wooden figure while Mabel is matchmaking next to Candy, implying that Mabel considers Dipper and Candy to be a possible future match. However in "Dungeons Dungeons and More Dungeons" Grenda is willing to let Dipper and Ford be killed by the Wizard so that she, Mabel and Stan can watch Duck-tective. In "Roadside Attraction", Candy harbors a crush on Dipper during their trip when he commented on her glasses and how shiny they were. This progresses throughout the episode until she loses interest when Dipper runs away from Darlene.

In "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls", their signatures are seen alongside many other signatures on a note which was given to Dipper by Wendy as a parting gift so that he can remember them all.

Pacifica Northwest

S2e10 trying to understand

Dipper tries to talk to Pacifica in a time of need.

Due to her history of relentlessly teasing his sister Mabel, Dipper showed hostility toward Pacifica from the get-go. Despite Mabel and Pacifica overcoming their differences, Dipper remained reluctant to accept her, often reminding others that she's "the worst". He enjoyed any opportunity to get back at Pacifica for this, such as revealing to her that her ancestor wasn't the real founder of Gravity Falls as she had thought and convincing Mabel to beat her in mini-golf by cheating. It was only until the events of "Northwest Mansion Mystery" that the two really began to see eye to eye and were actually amiable after a series of bickering. Though initially, he assumed Pacifica confirmed herself to be the worst by lying to him about the mansion's haunting, Dipper later realized that Pacifica regretted lying to him, was ashamed of her family and herself and was sympathetic to her situation. He apologizes and reassures her that she doesn't have to be like her parents and that her ancestors do not dictate who she is as a person. Later, upon seeing Dipper turned to wood by the ghost, Pacifica overcomes the will of her parents, saving him and the other guests. After the incident, they are seen enjoying each other's company, having moved past their animosity and become friends.

Their relationship is mentioned in the Conspiracy Corner segment, "Relation Shipping", where McGucket seems to imply that the two may have a romantic relationship or are romantically interested in each other. However, this is followed by a clip of Dipper and Mabel recoiling in disgust.

In "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls", Pacifica is slightly less aggressive to Dipper in comparison to her interactions with Mabel but she is still aggressive to him during Weirdmageddon by threatening to sue him and other resistance members if she dies during the rescue. But after Bill is defeated, she is seen in Dipper and Mabel's birthday party, having brought presents for them and regarding that, she wrapped them herself. Afterward, her signature is seen alongside many other signatures on a note which was given to Dipper by Wendy as a parting gift so that he can remember them all.

According to Gravity Falls: Journal 3, Dipper reveals that he thinks Pacifica looks nice in a dress and that she smells like champagne and flowers. He then remarks on "some vibe" that he just felt. However, this sentence is crossed out, similar to earlier sentences about Wendy. He also draws a picture of Pacifica in a similar style to a drawing he made of Wendy earlier in the Journal.[38]

In Don't Color This Book! It's Cursed!, Mabel draws some "Future Matchmaking Projects", one of which is Dipper and Pacifica. Initially, Dipper is hesitant about the idea, but when Mabel clarifies that she means after they cured her "rich-kid ails", Dipper doesn't deny the possibility.

In the Gravity Falls: Lost Legends story "Face It", Dipper becomes angry with Pacifica when Mr. What's-His-Face takes Mabel's face after Pacifica uses Journal 1 to summon him. Later, after they get captured while trying to save Mabel, Pacifica reveals that she's under a lot of pressure from her parents, believing that without her looks, she isn't sure who she is. Dipper reassures her that she is more than just a pretty face and that she shouldn't care about what her family thinks, after which she hugs him. Shmebulock comments on this, saying that Dipper "learned that the best place for romance is in a burlap sack". He also "intercepted" a text exchange where she tells Dipper that she was just wiping monster drool off on him, which could mean that the two are texting each other, however she realizes that he does not have a phone and she is texting Mabel who teases her about the hug, to Pacifica's annoyance. After she gives up a chance for Mr. What's-His-Face to improve her looks, instead choosing to save Dipper and Mabel, they all escape and Pacifica thanks them for helping her realize that she shouldn't worry about her looks.[11]

Ford Pines

S2e13 nerds unite

Ford and Dipper both playing Dungeons, Dungeons, and more Dungeons.

Even before learning of his identity, Dipper held the author of the journals in high regard, hoping to one day meet him. When he finally learned the truth, Dipper tried to question Ford on his work but was stopped by Stan. In "Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons", Dipper asked Ford if he could help with his work, but following a private agreement with Stan, Ford turned him down claiming that it was too dangerous. Later in the episode Dipper and Ford bond over their favorite board game, Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons. After they defeated Probabilitor the Annoying together, Ford decided to trust Dipper with the knowledge of a dimensional rift he sealed away, swearing Dipper to secrecy. Dipper has shown a liking for Ford since he does not make fun of him like Mabel and Stan tend to do. In "The Last Mabelcorn", Ford and Dipper try to work together to prevent Bill from getting inside their minds, but Dipper is curious about their history that Ford refused to share until Dipper used his machine to read his mind and learn about their past. After some misunderstanding, Ford decides to be honest with Dipper about Bill tricking his and Bill's dark plans. Ford promises to Dipper that he will be honest with him from then on. They seem to be very trusting towards each other and even see each other not only as a family but also as friends. Ford even asked Dipper to stay in Gravity Falls and become his apprentice, showing how far his faith in his great-nephew went. As revealed in Journal 3, Dipper also entrusts Ford with his real name, showing that he trusts Ford enough to keep it a secret.


S1e9 dipper doing math

Dipper's complex math equation.

Dipper's best skills are his mental intellect and persistence. During the mysterious situations Dipper and Mabel get into, Dipper has shown to be the one to lead them out using his quick and clever thinking.[3] He is shown to think very logically and rational compared to those around him and displays a high level of intelligence and maturity. Even though Dipper is thought not to be physically adept, he is capable of defending himself when it comes to fights, as he was able to hold his own when he sword-dueled against Wax Sherlock Holmes and fended off the Summerween Trickster alongside his friends. Dipper has also shown to be able to take part in hand-to-hand combat such as when fighting against Gideon and has brought down the mighty Multi-Bear, as well as surviving being pummeled by Rumble McSkirmish. He also completed 49 of 50 ritual trials undertaken by the Manotaurs. He is better than his sister at most games, including chess, checkers, ping pong and croquet. He can also play the sousaphone, as revealed in "Tooth".

Dipper has displayed a great level of academic intelligence, as shown in "The Time Traveler's Pig", when he is able to complete complex math equations in a short amount of time, creating the perfect angle at which to throw a ball. He is also known to be resourceful; In "Little Dipper" when he was unable to reach high enough to grab the journal, he was able to kick the shelf it was on, in order to have it falls into his arms as well as using some items to help him and Mabel get back to the shack while shrunken. Dipper has also shown the ability to outwit others, such as in "Dipper vs. Manliness", when he tricked the Manotaurs into teaching him, and again in "Dreamscaperers", when Dipper was the first to figure out how to fight against Bill Cipher and beating him at his own game using his imagination to conjure various weapons and abilities to use against Bill.


Season 1


Season 2



"Ah, summer break; a time for leisure, recreation, and taking 'er easy... unless you're me. My name is Dipper. The girl about to puke is my sister Mabel. You're probably wondering what we're doing in a golf cart, fleeing from a creature of unimaginable horror. Rest assured, there's a perfectly logical explanation."
—Dipper's opening monologue[source]

"Mabel, I have very keen powers of observation. For example, just by smelling your breath, I can tell that you have been eating... an entire tube of toothpaste?"
—Dipper Pines[source]

"She's not much for first impressions, unlike this guy! ...This guy..."
—Dipper making a first impression[source]

"Yes! Time to show Grunkle Stan how a real mystery hunter does it. Dipper out!"
—Dipper Pines[source]

—Dipper's last words if Stan had not arrived to help defeat the zombies[source]

"You're the worst."
—Dipper to Pacifica[source]

"Bill thinks there's no heroes in this world, but if we work together and fight back, we can defeat him. You wanna be Mabel's hero? Stand up to Bill, and let us save her!"
—Dipper Pines, to Gideon[source]

"If you've ever taken a road trip through the Pacific Northwest, you've probably seen a bumper sticker for a place called Gravity Falls. It's not on any maps, and most people have never heard of it. Some people think it's a myth. But if you're curious, don't wait. Take a trip. Find it. It's out there somewhere in the woods, waiting."
—Dipper's final narration[source]


  • Dipper is based on Alex Hirsch who, like Dipper, was interested in conspiracies', mysteries and other abnormalities.[39]
  • "Dipper" is actually a nickname, given for the Big Dipper-shaped birthmark on his forehead.[27] This was formally revealed in "Double Dipper" when Wendy mentions it after learning how he got the name Dipper. As seen in Mabel's Guide to Art, he had it by at the latest the time he was five years old.[23]
    • Dipper's birthmark was inspired by one of Alex's high school classmates "who had horrendous acne". Alex would map "out his face like constellations". One day, when doing this, his classmate "had the perfect Big Dipper on his forehead".[40]
    • Jeff Rowe jokingly tweeted that "Dipper's real name is Llamanic. Like Dominic, but tragically misspelled since birth."[41]
    • In "Between the Pines", Hirsch revealed that Dipper's name "has a similarity" to Mabel's, much as Stanford and Stanley Pines were given similar names, but he didn't say exactly what it was.
    • Though it is never revealed in the series, in Journal 3, Dipper tells Ford that his real name is Mason.
      • The name "Mason" means "Stoneworker". This fits, as "Stanley" means "Stone Clearing" and "Stanford" means "Stony Meadow".
      • "Mason", may also tie into the Masonic Eye of Providence imagery used throughout the series in reference to Bill Cipher.
    • Dipper dislikes his real name, calling it "kind of a dumb name", so he exclusively uses his nickname around others, guarding his real name in secrecy.
    • Due to Mabel's non-speaking apperance in "Weirdmageddon 1", Dipper is the only character to appear (along with Mabel) and speak in all episodes.
    • Ford, in Don't Dimension It, forces Stan to reveal that even he doesn't know Dipper's real name, he just guessed it was "Diptholomew". It is unknown whether nobody told him, or if Mr. and Mrs. Pines told him and he simply forgot. Other characters, like Wendy, know that "Dipper" is a nickname, but Mabel is likely the only other character in the series who knows his real name.[27][11]
  • Gravity Falls Series Pitch Bible-02

    Dipper in the series Pitch Bible

    In the original pilot pitch bible for the series, Dipper has several differences to his final in series version...
    • He is referred to as "A big thinker trapped in a small body."
    • Dipper has an above average intelligence beyond his years, as opposed to his average level that he has in series.
    • He is a lot more restless, nervous and awkward, as well as biting anything near him as opposed to just pens.
    • He's meant to be the most rational character in the show.
    • Him and Mabel's sibling relationship is a lot more tense than in the final series. The two fight constantly, but agree to a truce to survive the summer.
    • Dipper was born 3 minutes after Mabel, instead of 5 minutes in canon.
    • He is an anagram master, Rubik's cube aficionado and can drink black coffee without wincing.
  • Dipper has been to the County Jail with Mabel and Stan, due to them making counterfeit money during a "family bonding day".[25]
  • Dipper was born five minutes after Mabel. She brings this up occasionally, using this as an excuse to "tell him when he is older", much to his annoyance.[20]
    • When Dipper was born, his face was apparently blue due to oxygen deprivation of nearly being strangled by the umbilical cord.
  • Dipper has always wanted to be named Tyrone.[27]
  • Dipper and Mabel have allergies that act up around the same time.[42]
  • Alex Hirsch said at the 2014 Comic-Con that Dipper and Mabel collect the items they discover on their adventures.[43]
  • In both episodes in which Dipper handles ice ("The Time Traveler's Pig" and "The Inconveniencing"), he spills it.
  • Despite Dipper's supposed lack of athletic ability, he can pitch a baseball with enough power to bounce it off a wall and hit Wendy in the eye.
  • Dipper writes about his adventures and confrontations with the paranormal for the Gravity Falls Gossiper. They are published along with other readers' letters in the "home and garden section" of the newspaper. [44]
  • His and Mabel's middle names are their parents' first names,[45] as is the case with Alex Hirsch and his sister Ariel Hirsch.
  • In a canceled episode that parodied Labyrinth, it was to be revealed that he has a fear of puppets; however, in "Sock Opera", he appears to have no particular problem with them.[23][46] It could've been scrapped when the episode was.
  • Dipper's favorite band is a nerd rock band called "The Bad First Impressions". He also secretly listens to Top 40 hits, and the girly Icelandic pop group, BABBA, a parody of the Swedish pop group ABBA.[47][14]
  • Dipper is secretly envious that Mabel has better social skills than him.[47]
    • This is contrasting to Mabel, who is jealous of Dipper's intellectual skills.
  • Dipper has written a theme song for himself, which he regularly sings in the shower.[37] The lyrics to that theme song were revealed in the full version of Disco Girl, which was released as part of the Gravity Falls Vinyl Set.
  • According to Mabel and Soos, Dipper tells terrible jokes.[48]
  • Dipper has a habit of chewing pens until they break while lost in thought.[49]
  • Dipper had never been to a concert before the events of "The Love God".[50]
  • He is represented by the pine tree on the Zodiac.[51]
  • Dipper is ambidextrous, but tends to use his right hand more than his left.
  • In "Sock Opera", it is revealed that, on occasion, when Dipper stays awake for too long, he unknowingly chews on his own shirt.
  • Dipper is the only character who has spoken in every episode of the series. This is due to Mabel not speaking in "Weirdmageddon Part 1" and Stan and Soos not appearing in "Northwest Mansion Mystery".
  • Dipper plays the sousaphone, as shown in the short "Tooth".
  • Dipper had worn his old hat, the brown one with a star on it, since fourth grade. He believed that he couldn't wash it because it would have ruined the luck.[52] Though mildly distressed when he initially lost it, he quickly moved on and replaced it with his signature pine tree hat.
  • As he confesses in "Society of the Blind Eye", he sometimes uses "big words" whose meanings he doesn't know.
  • Alex Hirsch said at the 2014 Comic-Con that Dipper and Mabel collect the items that they discover on their adventures.[53]
  • Dipper has been a finalist in three Spelling Bee competitions held at his middle school.[54]
  • In "Mabel's Scrapbook: Petting Zoo" it is revealed that he and Mabel once won a dogsled race against a space lizard
  • Dipper gives the first and last lines of the show, both in narration.


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