Dipper's hat is one of the main objects in Gravity Falls and one of the most recognizable objects from the series. It's a Navy Blue and White trucker hat with a blue pine tree on front of it.

The hat is important in the prophecy of the Zodiac as the pine tree on it resembles Dipper's symbol in the Zodiac. The hat is currently in possession of Wendy.


Dipper chose the hat at the end of the episode "Tourist Trapped" when Stan Pines gave Dipper and Mabel an opportunity to choose something for free from the Mystery Shack souvenir shop. After losing his original hat in the battle with the gnomes earlier, Dipper chooses the blue/white pine tree hat.

In some episodes, the hat gets damaged but is always seen fine the next time it appears. In "Land Before Swine," it's revealed that Stan has still more blue and white pine tree trucker hats on his shelf in the souvenir shop.

When Dipper and Mabel are leaving Gravity Falls at the end of the summer in Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls, Wendy takes the hat and gives her lumberjack hat to Dipper. She decides to keep the pine tree hat to remember him until he returns next summer.

Dipper's old hat

Dipper's old hat

In the episodes "Tourist Trapped" and "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality," Dipper is seen wearing his old hat; a dark brown/Navy green trucker hat with a brown star on the front.

In Gravity Falls: Journal 3, it's revealed that he considered his old hat as a lucky hat and that he had worn it since 5th grade. He also never washed the hat because Dipper believed that would ruin the luck.

While he fights of the gnomes in Tourist Trapped while fleeing from them in the Golf Cart, he loses the hat. It gets grabbed by a gnome who falls off of the cart after Mabel punches the gnome off of Dipper's face.

In Gravity Falls: Lost Legends it's revealed that Shmebulock (a gnome) has taken the hat and has added it to his collection.


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  • The hat is alongside Journal 3 as one of the most recognizable objects in and out of the series.
  • The main reason Dipper wears the hat (and his old one) is to hide his birthmark in the shape of The Big Dipper ( which he is ashamed of.
  • The hat is for sale on multiple websites and the official Disney store, although the officially licensed Disney hat doesn't match the hat from the series, as it has a darker shade of blue and has a hairnet at the back instead of a closed back.
  • On YouTube channel AwesomenessTV, in the song "I'm Pinterested" sung by Audrey Whitby and Gracie Dzienny, Audrey is wearing the hat through the whole song.
  • The hat also makes a appearance in the Disney show The Owl House.

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