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Deuce is an employee at the Tent of Telepathy who bears a resemblance to Soos Ramirez.


Deuce appears briefly in "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel," when DipperMabel, and Soos visit the Tent of Telepathy. Noticing the attraction's similarities to the Mystery Shack, Dipper points at Deuce and states "they even have their own Soos," prompting Soos to glare at him menacingly.



Deuce has many of the same features as Soos, but he wears a dark gray ski cap and gray shirt with a name tag. He has a full head of black hair (unlike Soos's brown hair), and no facial hair. He has a tool belt and carries a tool box. He has a double chin, just like Soos, and also has a crooked nose.


Season 1


  • "Deuce" is another word for "two," which is of course a pun toward Deuce being Soos' "double."
  • The word "Deuce" is also similar to "Deus", the Latin word for "God", which lines up with Soos' real name being "Jesus".

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