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David "Dave" Wittenberg is an American actor, writer, and artist best known for his work as a voice actor for anime and video games, for which he has over one hundred title credits for. He voiced Lolph and Time Baby on Gravity Falls.


Wittenberg got started off working in college radio, and took a job at WBCN in his home city of Boston three years later. He worked for WBCN for several years before getting a contract with an LA station. When the station switched to Spanish programming, he turned to Internet radio to broadcast music he enjoyed. He also been a writer for Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect, Dennis Miller, and Craig Kilborn. In addition to his writing, he works as a comic artist and has acted in several live action films, but is probably best known for his work as a voice over artist, especially in anime and video games. Some of his well known anime roles Kakashi Hatake in the Naruto series and Henry Wong in the Digimon series (for which he has also been a writer for several episodes). Among his famous video game roles include Sora in the .hack games and Michael Lee in Xenosaga.

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