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|home = Mystery Mountain
|home = Mystery Mountain
|family =
|family =
|friends = [[Stan Pines]] (former)
|friends = Stan Pines (former)
|enemies = [[Stan Pines]]<br/>[[Dipper Pines]]<br/>[[Mabel Pines]]<br/>[[Candy Chiu]]<br/>[[Grenda]]
|enemies = [[Stan Pines]]<br/>[[Dipper Pines]]<br/>[[Mabel Pines]]<br/>[[Candy Chiu]]<br/>[[Grenda]]
|likes =
|likes =

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Darlene is an employee at Mystery Mountain. She is also an Arachnimorph, as well as the first paranormal being introduced outside of Gravity Falls.


In "Roadside Attraction," Stan tries to give Dipper an example of how confidence can get a girl by using his flirting techniques on Darlene. Darlene flirts back at Stan and the two go up Mystery Mountain together. When they reach a cave, Darlene shows her true nature to Stan and traps him in her web. Stan calls for help via walkie-talkie and after Darlene sees this, she reveals her true full form to him.

When Stan escapes thanks to Dipper, Mabel, Candy and Grenda, Darlene chases after them. When Candy pulls the release lever on the Trambience they are escaping in, it sets off a chain of events, eventually trapping Darlene under the giant boot of the tourist trap's statue. Darlene tries to flirt with Stan once more to trick him into releasing her, which Stan almost falls for, but he is stopped by the kids. Darlene is left stuck under the giant boot. It is unknown if she escaped.


Darlene appearance

When in disguise as a human female, Darlene has tan skin with tan marks over her eyes in the shape of her sunglasses and on her shoulders where straps were present. She has sandy-blonde hair and a brown birth mark on her left shoulder. She wears black pants, a black belt with a circular light pink buckle, a hot pink tube top and shoes, a pair of red butterfly sunglasses, a pink bracelet on each of her wrists and dreamcatcher earrings. She also wears bright pink lipstick and aqua eye shadow.


Season 2


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