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Dancy Pants Revolution is a dance video game that appears in "The Inconveniencing," inside the abandoned Dusk 2 Dawn. Dipper refers to it as "the game that tricks people into exercising."


In "The Inconveniencing," Thompson plays the game during the teens' visit to the Dusk 2 Dawn. When Ma and Pa Duskerton appear, they trap him inside the game, where he is buried by the falling arrows. While playing, the machine would say encouraging things to make you keep on playing the game. When Thompson is trapped inside it says, "You're a dance machine!" which he replies, "No, you're a dance machine!." Thompson seemed to enjoy the game before he got trapped inside of it.

In "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls," the control panel for the game is used as part of the Shacktron.


It is a purple and pink arcade game with a small platform and a handrail. It has an angled screen with a sign that reads: "DANCY PANTS," with light five bulbs above it.


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