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Dana Terrace is a storyboard artist and animator[1] for Gravity Falls.


Terrace graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York during the spring of 2013, and subsequently moved to Los Angeles after getting hired as a storyboard revisionist for Gravity Falls.[2] As of the episode "Not What He Seems," Terrace had been working as a storyboard artist.[3] After this episode, she now no longer worked on the series, though there are additional episodes where she worked as a storyboard artist. She is dating Alex Hirsch.[4]

After finishing work on Gravity Falls, Terrace became a director on the first season of DuckTales. She is currently creating and executive producing her own series, entitled The Owl House, for Disney.

Storyboard revision credits

Season 2

Storyboarding credits

Season 2


S2e14 Gravity Falls writers cameo

Character based off of Terrace (on the left).

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