The Cyclocks is a dangerous creature from the year 207̃012.


In "Blendin's Game," Dipper, Mabel, and Blendin Blandin face off against the creature in a round of Globnar.


Its body is a dark purple burgundy, with the exception of its underbelly and palms, which are a lighter purple, and its knees, which are a darker purple. It is rather big, and has a glowing purple clock for an eye. The minute hand is at four, while the hour hand is at six. Its right arm is muscular with a spiky wrist band, but its left arm is very scrawny compared to the other arm. It only has two lower teeth. However, they are large and sharp.


When Dipper and Mabel are first brought to Globnar, another monster, which has the same clock for an eye, but seems to be made out of gelatin, is seen eating a competitor whole.


Season 2

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