Cursed Egyptian super termites are a species of insects that behave similarly to regular termites, though they are much more destructive and are glowing red in color.


S1e11 gideon cursing stan

Stan watches the termites attack Gideon.

In "Little Dipper," Gideon confronts Grunkle Stan, threatening to release a jarful of super termites to devour the Mystery Shack with Stan inside, unless he gives him the deed to his property. However, his plan fails when Stan tricks him into looking the other way, and knocks the jar out of his hand, causing the lid to fall off and release the insects, who proceed to eat the baseball bat Gideon was carrying and attack the boy. Later, Gideon swats at a shrunken Soos, whom he thinks is one of the bugs.


The termites are drawn as small ellipses, similar to regular termites, with white wings and a red glow.


Season 1



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