Cursed Doors are a type of door in Gravity Falls, Oregon.


During his study of Anomalous Phenomena in Gravity Falls, Ford Pines noticed several doorways in the town that appeared to be cursed, observing tourists seemingly disappearing upon entry into them. His investigation led him to believe there was a connection with the luna cycle, and that any door bearing the number 13 was automatically cursed. Ford seemed especially disturbed that only the town locals were truly aware of which doorways were safe to use, and made note of writing a letter to the tourist bureau about warning future visitors.

Season 1

In "Tourist Trapped," their entry in Journal 3 appears alongside various others as Dipper flips through the pages of the journal.

Season 2

In Ford's flashback, a cursed door is seen in his room in "A Tale of Two Stans."


On the outside, they look like any other door. However, once opened, it is revealed that they emit light and have faces.


Season 1

Season 2



Game rumble's revenge cursed door

An 8-bit cursed door.

  • In Rumble's Revenge, 13 Main Street is a known cursed door that appears in the final level of the game. Dipper and Mabel use a cursed door in PinesQuest to begin the game.
  • In Face It, Mr. What's-his-face, Dipper, and Pacifica use one to get into The Crawlspace.


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