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The Crystal Flashlight is a weapon crafted by Dipper Pines. It is a flashlight with a height-altering crystal attached to it, which gives it the ability to increase or reduce the size of whatever it shines on.

During the series finale, the flashlight would serve as Dipper's weapon of choice.


Season 1[]

In "Little Dipper," the crystal flashlight was assembled by Dipper to make himself taller after Mabel teases him for being a millimeter shorts than her. This leads him to learn about the crystals in Journals 3 and goes into the forest to search for them. Upon stumbling upon the crystals and witnessing their abilities. He takes a shard of it and puts together the crystal flashlight back at the Mystery Shack, where he first tests its abilities on a chess pawn and later himself. When Mabel discovers what her brother is doing, she tries to steal it from him, and they fight over the flashlight. When Mabel accidentally reveals its function to Gideon Gleeful, he uses it to shrink the twins and accidentally Soos. Later, he attempts use the flashlight to shrink Grunkle Stan so that he can claim the Mystery Shack, but to no avail (thanks to Dipper and Mabel's interference). Dipper and Mabel grow themselves back to their full heights and smash the crystal, but after realizing they forgot to regrow Soos, they glue it back together.

Season 2[]

In "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls," the crystal flashlight (presumably repaired) reappears as Dipper's weapon of choice in the final fight against Bill Cipher. He first uses it to enlarge a Mystery Shack snow globe, causing it to fall and shatter on the ground. Later, Dipper uses the flashlight to enlarge the cage Bill put him and Mabel in, making it large enough for them to slip through the bars. Moments later, Mabel uses it to enlarge her hand, allowing her to punch a hole in the Fearamid. She then uses it to shrink her hand back to normal size after doing so.


It is a dark red flashlight with a pink stripe around a black button. A height-altering crystal shard is attached to the lens with some bands that connect to each of its ends. The bands are also held together with two strips of tape.


Due the height-altering crystal shard attached to it, the flashlight is capable of changing the size of anything and anyone. To use it, the user has to flip the crystal to a specific side to use a different light beam. The pink light reduces the target’s size while the blue light increases it. When the desired size is reached, the user must turn off the flashlight.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]


  • It is unknown what happed to the crystal flashlight after the events of the series finale, but it is possible that Dipper still kept it with him even after he and Mabel leave Gravity Falls.
  • In one of the extra pages for Gravity Falls: Journal 3, Dipper reveals some information about the crystal flashlight.
    • It's revealed that after the events of "Little Dipper," Dipper dismantled the flashlight for the time being, but he may reassemble if he ever needs it for something important, such as getting something from a high shelf.
    • The crystal flashlight is referred to as the "Shrink Ray" or the "Growey-Shrinkey Ray," since it can both enlarge and shrink objects and people, but Dipper claims that calling it the latter is a mouthful.
    • Dipper reveals that the flashlight can also be powered by certain magical creatures, such as a "GnOHM" or a "Nickel-plated Lightning Bug."


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