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The logo for the promotional advertisements.

Creepy Letters from Lil' Gideon is a series of promotional advertisements for the hit Disney TV series, Gravity Falls, aired on Disney XD. The promos feature letters sent from Gideon Gleeful via Gravity Falls Maximum Security Prison, usually addressing a member of the Pines family or to the town in general.

"Cease and Desist"[]

Like usual, the promo begins with a shot of Gideon's prison cell. The short is addressed to Mabel.

The letter reads:


Creepy Letters from Lil Gideon Cease and Desist

Dearest Mabel,

I truly appreciate that you responded to my correspondence. Sure, it was from a lawyer telling me to "cease and desist", but it's the thought that counts!

You can only count the 246 bricks in your prison cell so much. Did you know that you can make fruit punch in a prison toilet? And you won't believe where I can make a peach cobbler. Oh, the things that I've learned!

Hope to see 'ya real soon. I'm includin' a little 'ol piece of my hair. And some sweat. Don't forget me.

Love, GideonSignature

"Dipper Tickle"[]

This time, the letter is addressed to Dipper.

The letter reads:


Creepy Letters from Lil Gideon Dipper Tickle

Dear Dipper,

I just want you to know that when I tried to crush you with a big ol' robot of little ol' me, it wasn't personal. Bless your heart, you were just standing in my way of my quest for ultimate power!

I'll be breaking out getting out of here before you know it. Can't wait to get together with the ol' book club: you, me and Bill Cipher! Let's see how YOU like being your soul.

Love, GideonSignature


This letter addresses the Pines family as a whole, rather than an individual member.

It reads:


Creepy Letters from Lil Gideon Pine-scented

Dear Pines Family,

Prison is doing great things for me! I've been spending my days making license plates, carving toothbrushes and sculpting a manly physique. Why just yesterday, I felt a bicep!

I've ALSO been whittling bars of soap into my own little pine-scented Pines family. They're almost as enchanting as the real thing! Every day when I lather up and watch them disintegrate into nothing, I think of y'all!

You're always in my thoughts and in my crevices.

Love, GideonSignature


This letter is addressed to the townsfolk of Gravity Falls as a whole.

It reads:


Creepy Letters from Lil Gideon Revenge

Dear good people of Gravity Falls,

I would like to apologize for going a little too far protecting our town from that scoundrel Stanford Pines. Rest assured, I WILL have my revenge!

I'll be out of here in no time, hungry for delicious vengeance on the Pines family!

Love, GideonSignature

Shortly afterwords, the camera pans out of the prison and Gideon states "Oh boy! Just can't stop writing about revenge! Dump in this dirty hole with nothing to watch but Duck-tective re-runs!"


Once again, this letter addresses Mabel. It reads:


Creepy Letters from Lil Gideon Devoted

Dearest Mabel,

Prison has hardened me, but you soften my heart. The cold metal bars remind me of your braces. The graffiti on the wall stirs images of your bezazzled sweaters. The sawmill outside whispers your sweet voice.

Sure, I've been tempted. I saw lunch lady Phyllis without her hair net. Still, I remain devoted. I made a yarn portrait of you in arts and crafts, but that got confiscated. It's political.

How's that pig of your's doing?

Love, GideonSignature

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